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  1. Thanks guys for pointing me in the right direction. And fuster, I think the reason why some of the VHS releases of classics like this one are more expensive is because they're no longer made. While most new movies are still released onto VHS in limited quantities, classics are no longer released in VHS format. I think the ones we see for sale are just the ones that are left that haven't been bought yet. I was at a local closeout/warehouse type store, and noticed a whole bunch of Universal VHS releases from years ago, still in their shrinkwrap. They must've been sitting around for a long time,
  2. Casonet, that's a lovely letter, and very well written. I'm sure she was very taken with it. And it's really great that you received a response! But what a shame that she's put her career completely behind her. I'm sure folks would love to see her at movie conventions, and film festivals and such. And if she wrote an autobiography, I'm sure it would do well.
  3. Hi Mongo, I was wondering if you could give us some info on Polly Moran. The IMDB has a nice little biography for her, but I was wondering if you would have anything to add. I'm curious to know more about her after watching the movies she did with Marie Dressler. Thanks for anything you can find.
  4. That would be GREAT if they did. Perhaps tcmprogrammer could let you know. I'll hold the cue cards for Robert Osborne anyday!
  5. If the computer I was using had speakers, I would most definitely listen to this scream. I'm so curious to hear it now. Like Mary Lou, I also love to watch for continuity in a film, and spot the scenes where things didn't "flow" quite right. And like you therealfuster, I also love to watch the credits. I especially like reading the list of what songs were used in the movie, since there's always at least one that I either don't know the name of, or the artist who sings it. I find this a lot in Woody Allen movies. He uses so many great Big Band standards, that I wait to see which great band
  6. Lolite, how did you come across this movie? Did you get it on DVD or VHS? I don't think I've ever seen it anywhere. But I'd really like to see it now, based on your great review. You mentioned some great Hitchcock "touches" that I really love in his movies! And I've never been a big fan of Robert Young, but it sounds like he was excellent in this, and I'll definitely pay attention to his performance. Thanks Lolite!
  7. Just last night I had the chance to watch "Prosperity," one of the Dressler/Moran movies shown during last months comedy festival, and it was great! I liked it even more than "Politics," and "Reducing." Dressler is in top form as always in this, and she's funny and heartbreaking at the right moments. The scene where she's signaling to her grandson to keep his hat on made me crack up! (Those of you who've seen it probably know which scene I'm speaking of). And the ending was suspeseful, heartbreaking, and even had a little comedy thrown in. I won't give it away for those who haven't seen i
  8. Richard, thanks so much for the heads up on the Norma film at MOMA. I haven't even checked their June schedule yet online, or even received it in the mail. I'm gonna try and go myself, but I don't know if I'll be able to because of work. I wish they'd schedule it on the weekend!
  9. Gypsybangles, I think I found it. Go to the General Discussions forum, then go to the "search forum" feature and type in Joan Fontaine. The entire thread about the two sisters will come up. And it's about 11 pages long, so there should be a lot of good information there about them.
  10. I have to agree with you Kyle, I love the TCM promos. Another favorite of mine, in addition to the ones you mentioned is the lead in to "Star Stories" with the 40's music, and the scenes of the old newstand guy surrounded by classic movie mags.
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed it Larry. In fact I thought of you earlier when they were mentioning it on CNN. Just getting to SEE the Queen must be a thrill, and now you can say that you dined with her as well!
  12. DUH! I just saw in the "Ask Mongo" thread that he and Larry already pointed you in the right direction to read about the sisters. Sorry!
  13. Hi gypsy - There was a discussion a couple months ago about these two legendary sisters. I can't remember the exact title of the thread, but scroll through and you'll probably find it. There was some interesting info in there about them. Actually, now that I think of it, I also know that we discussed them in the "Famous Hollywood Feuds" thread, which is somewhere here on the boards.
  14. Dan, I didn't realize you were privy to the Fox Channel website, and I'm glad you are! Yeah, I know what you mean about the scrolling. Personally I think it's a lousy set up for their schedule, they should do it like TCM does. Anyhow, I could swear I saw "Sergeants 3" on T.V. someplace, and this was within the last year or so. So keep your eye out, you never know. And that's funny what you said about "Skinemax" - that channel's very pornographic nowadays, but like you said, they do show obscure classics, usually in the morning. I've also noticed a lot of classics on the HBO "Signature" st
  15. Edg, I agree with you completely, but, tcmprogrammer once said (and it may have been on this thread) that a lot of these people have been asked, and have declined. Now, I doubt they asked Ann Rutherford or Marsha Hunt, since they probably don't consider them famous enough to be interviewed for Private Screenings, but I'm sure they've tried to get Shelley Winters, who I'd LOVE to see, as well as Ann Blyth. Another great one would be Jean Simmons. The one star I want to see interviewed before she dies is Joan Fontaine. She's one of my all time favorites, a true living legend, and for some r
  16. I didn't get to see it in the theater, but being a Bobby Darin fan I should have. Along with Sinatra, I think he's the best male singer of all time. I was wondering when it was gonna make it to DVD, and thanks guys for the great reviews of it. I'll be sure to catch it now.
  17. Dan, I think "Seargents 3" has been on the Fox Movie Channel, or perhaps Encore. I know I've seen it on one of the movie stations. And "Hangover Square" is a Fox film, so perhaps the Fox Movie Channel will play it sometime, if they haven't already. They have a website, I think it's simply foxmoviechannel.com.
  18. Speaking of Pre-Code screenings, the Film Forum in N.Y. is having a month long festival of Paramount Pre-Codes during the month of June. For the folks who live in and around N.Y., it's a great opportunity to see some great classics, and all of them screened as double features. Go to www.filmforum.com for more info. And you guys are lucky to have seen the original version of "Babyface." I didn't even know the steamy one we've seen on TCM was censored! The original must be a real scorcher. And edg, "Mandalay" is not too rare. I think TCM has played it before, and I know PBS has. I tape
  19. Ken, you were born in 1934. Here's two from my birth year - Apocalypse Now Kramer vs. Kramer
  20. I also have to pick and choose, because you really have to be rolling in dough to buy every set that comes out. I had passed on buying the Film Noir set and the Marx Brothers set from Warners, and then one day on DeepDiscountDVD they had them for like 50% off, cheaper then they normally are on the site - I just couldn't pass them up. I think I paid $30 for the Noir set, which is a real bargain. I had to buy the Comedies Collection, since it has "Bringing Up Baby," and "Dinner at Eight" in it, two of my all-time favorites. And I have a few others, like the Gangster set, the Cary Grant
  21. Thanks Path for the heads up - I'll definitely be taping it.
  22. WOW casonet - that's fascinating! She's so elusive nowadays, I'm surprised you even found an address for her. And it's great that you received a reply! I think I'm gonna write to her myself. I got a similar response like that when I wrote to Ann Sothern when I was 16. Her secretary wrote me and said that she rarely sends a note back to a fan, but that Ms. Sothern really enjoyed my letter, and was impressed with the fact that I even knew her work! It was such a thrill to receive it, since I'm a big fan of hers.
  23. Richard, how did you find this out so early? She was recently on Larry King, and was very interesting. Just hearing her talk about all the people she's known is fascinating. And no doubt Robert Osborne is a MUCH better interviewer then King, who should retire in my opinion. I'm sure he'll ask her a lot of great questions.
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