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  1. > I'd just like to quietly say that "It's a Mad, Mad, > Mad, Mad World" never made me laugh. It had al > those great comedians, and Mickey Rooney.and my > favorite actor Spencer Tracy....but the scenes with > Ethel Merman I could not take! And so.....I may > have watched it through a long time ago when I was > younger....I can never make it through it again. > Did I say I'm not an Ethel Merman fan?? That's funny, I think she and the guy who plays her son are the funniest parts of the movie. I think they're both hilarious. To each his own, as they say :
  2. > Why would you look up a review to determine what it > would be like to see the film when it came out? How > does a review do that? Films are a current medium. > They are as current as when they are being watched. > Don't you have an opinion of your own? No, sorry, she seems to be incapable of forming her own opinions about anything that is not validated somehow by one of her all mighty critics. It's really sad, actually, that she doesn't feel free to use her own mind.
  3. > To be honest, I don't think there was much that could > have helped that musical... it is probably one of the > worst movies of the 60's. What!!!!? You're actually saying a movie is bad? Let's mark the calendar, this has to be a historic moment :-)
  4. I don't think spinoffs are such a great idea. MTV and VH1 have done it, but I don't see TCM doing it. I think they show an excellent variety of movies as it is.
  5. > But certainly you must realize that in the middle of > the week you had around 4,800 posts; now it's nearly > 5,600. That's 800 posts in less than a week; I > joined three weeks before you did and have not quite > 600 yet. That's downright sick and bizarre. There's no way she could have any kind of life. We should all be leery of her....................
  6. > I love so many. Pretty much anything by Brian De > Palma (except Scarface and Bonfire of the Vanities) > or M. Night Shyamalan would top my list. Of course, > not limited to those two, though. Oh yeah, I would have to put Sixth Sense on my list too.
  7. > Well if some people's objection to devoting all day > to a single person is that they might not like the > actor/filmmaker in question, then maybe it could be > split between morning, afternoon/evening and the > "graveyard shift"? Well, they really kind of do that as it is, to a certain extent. There's lots of times they show 2 or movies in a row featuring a certain actor. Last month they devoted almost a whole Saturday to John Wayne films.
  8. I'd have to say Brokeback Mountain, Match Point and Pulp Fiction off the top of my head are a few of the best modern movies.
  9. Sorry, I'm not crazy about that idea at all. Every once in a while devoting a day to a single actor is one thing, but every day is way too much. Like others have said, if you don't care for a particular actor, you're just out of luck for that day. Better IMO to leave things as it is, having a variety of movies on all day.
  10. > Usually alone in my room. I'm a lot like Woody > Allen's character in Annie Hall in that he feels he > needs to watch a movie exactly from beginning to end, > and so do I. > > "Cause I'm ****."-Alvy Singer, Annie Hall Don't worry, I'm just as **** as you are :-) It really bugs me if I can't see a movie from the very first second and watch it all the way through.
  11. > Good News...I'm just so in love with June Allyson and > the Varsity Drag number is one of the best. OMG, I love that movie too! It's so charming in every way. It makes me smile just to think about it :-)
  12. > Just because she played a dumb blonde doesn't > mean she was one. To clarify, I really wasn't trying to say she was dumb, I was just saying that was the reputation she had. I don't know why I never knew she was in All About Eve, that makes me even more interested in seeing it :-) More motivation to get back on my feet :-)
  13. This may be a silly question. But that won't stop me :-) I'm doing a Word Search book right now and one of the puzzles is Marilyn Monroe. And one of the clues is All About Eve. I've never seen it, but I've never heard of her being in it. Could this be true? Another clue is "intelligence" which also had me scratching my head. She may not have as dumb as she came off but I didn't think she was ever known for her intelligence. Comments, anyone?
  14. One of my guilty pleasures(that's kind of the theme of this thread?) is definitely There's Something About Mary. Not one redeeming quality except that it's hilarious! :-)
  15. > Big time. > > I doubt you're a senior, but have you looked into > going to one of the seniornet.org locations to use > their computers? They seem to be a very friendly > group of folks. I've never heard of them but I will look into it. Thanks. Do you know if you can stay on the computer as long as you like or if there's set sessions?
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