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  1. Is anyone from the Philadelphia area planning on going to see *Pitfall* on Sat. 10/30? Maybe we could carpool??? --- Mary
  2. I believe the man peering at left is screenwriter Gene Markey. Markey was married to Joan Bennett, and later to Myrna Loy.
  3. I can't wait to see *Zoo in Budapest*, *Family Honeymoon*, and and all those Will Rogers movies. Thanks, TCM!!
  4. Miriam Hopkins is amazing in *The Story of Temple Drake*....
  5. I think that Dennis Morgan was a real ****. And he could sing, too! What a combination....
  6. Thanks again, Mongo -- you are the BEST!! Hugs and Kisses, Mary
  7. Mongo, would you happen to have a photo of Anne Baxter and John Hodiak together? I always thoughts that they were a great couple, too. Again, many thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us. It takes you back to what must have been a wonderful time.
  8. Mongo, Thank you so much for the lovely Denninger family photo. You are a sweetheart!! (Moviesrgr8 is my other sign in for the website) - Mary Edited by: mrs0321 on Aug 15, 2010 1:05 PM
  9. I always liked Redford and Streisand together in *The Way We Were* myself...
  10. I love *The More the Merrier* from 1944. It is my favorite comedy from the 1940s. Charles Coburn is so good in this, with all his bits of business. This is a must-see.
  11. I highy recommend *84 Charing Cross Road* (1986) with the wonderful Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins. It is very charming and really captures the flavor of wartime NYC and London. Also on my list is the wonderful *Close to my Heart* (1951) with Gene Tierney and Ray Milland. They play a married couple interested in adopting a child. This is now available on DVD from the new Warner Bros. archive!! My copy arrived a few days ago. Another movie I adore is *The Blue Veil* (1950) with Jane Wyman and Joan Blondell. A real winner, but sadly unavailable on DVD.
  12. Welcome to the Boards, Fes!! Here are a few of my suggestions: **Musicals**: A Song is Born (1954), Good News (1947), Singing in the Rain (1952), Top Hat (1935), Follow the Fleet (1936), Wizard of Oz (1939), Cover Girl (1944), Moon over Miami (1940), Meet Me in St. Louis )1944), The Sound of Music (1965), Young at Heart (1954), Easter Parage (1948), On the Town (1949), My Fair Lady (1964), Mary Poppins (1965), Victor/Victoria (1982), An American in Paris (1951), Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) *Dramas**: Casablanca (1942), Mildred Pierce (1945), Gaslight (1944), The Country Girl (1954
  13. Don't forget *Eve Arden* and *Jack Carson* on this list... Mary
  14. I would love to see Deanna's movie, *Nice Girl?,* from 1941. Would anyone know where I can obtain one? Thank you for any help you can provide! Mary
  15. I must admit that I am obsessed with finding out all the information I can about classic Hollywood. I would love to talk to the children of my favorite stars, like Tyrone Power, James Cagney, Don Ameche, Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, Joan Bennett, Zachary Scott, Eve Arden, etc. Wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of directory or database with their email addresses and you could write them and ask them questions??? Has anyone else ever wished this same thing? Thanks for your input, fellow cinephiles..... Mary Message was edited by: mrs0321
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