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  1. I felt the same way. The role of Cal Trask was made for James Dean.
  2. Why doesn't TCM show Portrait of a Mobster? And when will it be out on DVD?
  3. Helen Mirrin must have loved when Prince William said he should call her "granny".
  4. Wow, this is great, nice photo! I don't know many of the people in the photo but #1 looks like James Garner in Maverick. #3 looks like Robert Mitchum, #7 looks like Glenn Ford, #23 is Jay Silverheels and #25 is the Lone Range, was his name Clayton Moore? Is #10 Jack Palance? I'm really not good at this...but I know Chuck Connors, James Arness and a few others must be in there, but don't know which one they are.
  5. Just read that Vic Morrow would have been 85 years old today. Can't believe that. He was a great actor. I still watch re-runs of Combat television show. Do you have any favorite movies or tv appearances that Vic Morrow made?
  6. My list would be - William Holden Richard Basehart Ralph Meeker James Cagney Edward G. Robinson Marlon Brando James Dean (they can have a 1/2 day of his films and documentary) Paul Newman Vincent Price Vivien Leigh Laurence Olivier Vic Morrow - don't recall them ever giving him a SUTS day Bette Davis Dana Andrews Lee J. Cobb Gregory Peck Jeanne Crain Frank Sinatra Burt Lancaster Richard Widmark Steve McQueen Martin Balsam Clark Gable Lucille Ball John Garfield Glenn Ford
  7. I found him very compelling. I'd say he was great and probably would have been even greater had he lived longer.
  8. I think she is very beautiful, and originally, I never even noticed the prominant nose except when she turns to the side.
  9. I liked the part in East of Eden with the birthday scene. I think this movie was his best. I didn't much like Giant or Rebel Without A Cause - but I think Dean was a very good actor in these films.
  10. Forgot to mention, I like Kay Lenz in Breezy with William Holden. Other than that, I only know her from being married to David Cassidy.
  11. Giada is pretty facing frontwards - but from the side, she has a schnozz like Jimmy Durante
  12. I had to put it on mute. The song was awful as was the singer. Perhaps they should just have complete silence while showing the wonderful people we lost this year.
  13. Here is my list: 1. From Here to Eternity. 2. On the Waterfront 3. A Patch of Blue 4. A Streetcar Named Desire 5. Sunset Boulevard 6. Pick-Up on South Street 7. Sayonara 8. The Wizard of Oz 9. Stalag 17 10 The Great Escape
  14. Yes very good post. Just a question on East of Eden. Why was Aron so upset over finding out his mother was actually alive? I understand she didn't have an upstanding profession, but why would that bother Aron so much and cause him to go off the deep end? Also, when Cal asks Aron if he has a minute so he could show him something (he wanted to bring him to see his mother), did Aron actually go on top of the train to get there, as Cal had done on previous occassions? Did Aron actually climb on top of the train with that suit on?
  15. Natalie Wood Shirley Jones James Dean Marlon Brando Paul Newman William Holden Hedy Lamarr Elizabeth Taylor
  16. Looks like either Rutger Hauer or an old Tony Curtis
  17. Is Blackboard Jungle on the schedule? I didn't see it listed there and they usually play it.
  18. Would you call James Dean an icon, a legend or neither? I find it amazing that he is so revered after making only 3 films (albeit, terrific films), and having such a short career....and 58 years after we lost him, he is still so popular. I think East of Eden is my favorite James Dean film. What a terrific actor - such a shame that we will never know what could have been and how he would have evolved as he got older by taking more complex, varied roles. He was a good actor and very handsome as well.
  19. I keep thinking of Hal March playing the "doctor" on I Love Lucy who tells her she has the "gobloots"
  20. Vic Morrow as Rhett Butler Bette Davis as Scarlet O'Hara Lee J. Cobb as Ashley Wilkes Shelley Winters as Melanie That's an interesting cast.
  21. There are plenty of reasons for a pitcher to have vaseline in his glove. One of which is that he might have a hemorrhoid. Seems plausible to me. Why should they pick on him?
  22. I think Norma should have paid Joe a hefty amount to wear those leopard swim trunks. He was a nice guy to go along with wearing that ridiculous looking bathing suit.
  23. I think perhaps 40-50 years from now, TCM can show films from the '70's, 80's, '90's, etc. When I watch these films, I feel like I'm watching current stuff. Classic film should be films that are way older than that.
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