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  1. I think Joe happened to pull his car into the driveway of this fading former bigtime silent movie actress. She became nuts and thought she's living in the past and is still relevant. A handsome guy comes to her house and she thinks he's the undertaker to bury her deceased monkey, and then she takes a shine to this handsome younger guy and decides this "boy toy" would be great to help edit her script for her film and lavishes him with a place to live, rent free, plus nice clothes and other material things and fringe benefits - seems plausible to me. I don't think many guys in his situation
  2. I liked East of Eden. My only qualm with it was the casting of Julie Harris. While she was a terrific actress, I felt she was too old to play the love interest for Cal Trask and the brother Aaron. I felt like she was James Dean's mother in the film.
  3. I think I saw that film and I read somewhere that Holden and Olson were in a love in real life too...I think most of Holden's female co-stars fell in love with him. I think he and Audrey Hepburn were in love too.
  4. Hmmm, I never thought of it that way MissWonderly. I thought maybe it was ad-libbed and not scripted. The way Joe is leaving the house and the chain to the pocketwatch gets caught on the door knob. Seemed like it wasn't supposed to happen, but William Holden was good ad ad libbing some things. I like your description though...makes sense!
  5. Hi, a few questions about this film that perhaps someone can answer. I loved the film, but why did Joe bother to invite Betty over to Norma's house only to send her away??? I thought he liked her. I just didn't understand that part too much. Secondly, the part wher Norma slapped Joe at her New Year's party and then Joe went out in the rain to be with "people his own age". He puts his raincoat on and as he's leaving, the chain for his pocketwatch gets caught on the door...was this scripted or a mistake? I also think the part where Joe and Norma on dancing on the floor Valentino danc
  6. I guess you could say he was a cad, but what lady wouldn't mind having that cad around their house!
  7. Fred, yes, I know. I think Norma knew if she paid Joe in cash, he'd hit the high road, and she wanted to keep him as her "boy toy". So instead, she gave him nice clothes, and other material things. I think Joe was only paid .17.
  8. I don't know what to make of Joe - but he was mighty fine to look at. I think he was a cad in the film, but then he softened when he went back to Norma after she tried to commit suicide. He realized she treated him well. I think he originally got into something to reap some benefits, but didn't expect to go so entagled in a web he couldn't get out of.
  9. Hi, I'd like to start a discussion on Sunset Boulevard. I recently watched the film on DVD and thought it was very, very good. It must be ranked as one of the best films made. I thought the performances were outstanding. What are your thoughts of this film? Did you like it or not? How would you rank the film? Also, are there any scenes or lines in the film that you like best? Thank you.
  10. I saw William Holden and Richard Widmark in Alvarez Kelly on Movies Network channel. Not a very good film, but Holden and Widmark are always worth seeing.
  11. Respect your opinion, but disagree. Don't want to turn this into a Vic Morrow debate, as this is a thread for Shirley Jones. Morrow was in several films and TCM should try to get a hold of some of the earlier films of his from the 1950's. He was the "lead" in several of them. Additionally, he had quite a few films where he wasn't just a "bit" player - certainly enough to fill a day with SUTS. Given some of the stars who are character actors or actors/actresses in "b" films in which they weren't the "lead", I feel Vic Morrow should get a day of his films for SUTS. The guy was phenomena
  12. I always liked Shirley Jones hair, but that's about it. She should be ashamed of herself for writing that utterly repulsive autobiography. Also, some of the "B" rate stars who got a day devoted for SUTS - such as Hattie McDaniel and Martin Balsam and several others this month - many of them weren't the "lead" and had lesser roles in many films. Same for Vic Morrow - so I don't see what's so wrong with devoting a day in the Summer for his films. He was a great actor - much better than half of the so called "actors" who received a SUTS day.
  13. Holden was a terrific actor. He was very "natural" in all the type of roles he had. It was effortless and he was very, very good.
  14. Looking forward to the William Holden day of films today on TCM. I was wondering why they don't show his 2 best films - Sunset Boulevard, and Stalag 17? There are some other films I wish they would have shown - like Bridge over Toko-Ri and Network and Golden Boy (although I've seen Golden Boy on TCM before). I think Holden had a great voice and was so handsome. Wow.
  15. New saw that film. Speaking on another thread about Summer Under the Stars, here's an actor that should get a day devoted to him. Vic Morrow made several films that could fill up a day for Summer Under the Stars.
  16. Summer Under the Stars is "interesting", but I wonder why they do this every year. I'd think they lose viewership because people will only watch the films of those actors/actresses they like. The days they are playing movies of those someone doesn't care for, they won't watch TCM that day. Additionally, some of these stars are shown so much throughout the year, why bother to have a whole day devoted to them again in August?
  17. Nice thread. Beautiful photos of Holden. He was so rugged and handsome looking. I thought he was a good actor, made lots of films, but the ones that stand out to me are Sunset Boulevard, Stalag 17 and Bridge on the River Kwai. I saw the Carson interview with Holden. He looked much older than his age. Very sad. I wonder why he couldn't keep his original last name which was Beedle? If we can have a "Brad Pitt", why not a William Beedle?
  18. I'd like to chime in here. I love the Honeymooners - and I don't get METV. I get Antenna tv but they don't show the Honeymooners. I don't know if it would fit into TCM's theme of playing classic film - but it would be a nice change - like maybe once a week they can devote an hour or two to "classic tv" or something like that. That being said, I have another great idea. I've been watching, and enjoying, classic game shows - particularly "What's My Line"....and I love the part at the end of the show where the "mystery guest" signs his/her name on a blackboard and the panelists are blind
  19. Terrific thread. I like all 3 actors - but I'd say Cagney is my favorite and most versatile.
  20. Just a discussion on Brando. I have often read that he was considered the "greatest American actor of all time". So here are some questions I have: - do you consider him the "greatest"? If so, what makes him so great? If not, what don't you like about him? - what is your favorite Brando film? - If TCM would have an all-day Brando salute - what would your film line-up be? - Did you think the young Brando was the best looking actor? (I think I do) - Brando was eccentric. Do you have any interesting quotes or stories that you've heard about Brando?
  21. What a fabulous idea. I hope TCM does this. I would love to see all these old shows with various guest stars who became, or were, famous actors/actresses at the time, or later on. I miss those type of shows. Bonanza was great too. I saw quite a few of those shows. Actually, I think Vic Morrow was on that show a few times as a guest star as well. I think he was friends with Michael Landon.
  22. I like Jeopardy, but Alex Trebek needs a muzzle. I can't stand when he talks to the contestants way too long and then they don't have enough time to finish the last round and leave too many questions on the board. Also, they have too many categories where the question is too long, or they have these women traveling all over the world to read a related question to where they were sent. Why do they need to do that? It takes up too much time and is unnecessary.
  23. Vic Morrow apparently did a few Untouchables episodes. One of them that I think I saw was where he guest starred with Patricia Neal. That was a great show.
  24. I liked Steiger. He was good in several movies. That story with "On the Waterfront" was interesting. Steiger and Brando did not get along. When Brando signed on to do Waterfront, it was written in his contract that he could leave at 4:00 p.m. each day to go to his shrink. So it was 4:00 p.m. and he left like banker's hours and got out of the "cab" in the middle of Steiger's lines, and went to his shrink. Steiger never forgave him and, as you said, spoke about it for many years. Brando said it was Steiger's fault cause he claimed Steiger held up the scene and they had to do repeated takes
  25. Ten Commandments Wizard of Oz Gone with the Wind On the Waterfront
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