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  1. I suppose I mean he deserved to be recognized and appreciated by the industry more. He deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too.
  2. If there is any time left, I'd love to have a few minutes with Richard Gere when he played in Officer and a Gentleman. Debra Winger was really a lucky gal. Perhaps Guy Madison might be a good selection. Nobody else chose him, so he's all mine.
  3. I wouldn't say for sure that producers didn't wish to cast him in their films. I think he liked tv work better as it was steady income. Some people prefer tv to movies. In any case, I think he was a mighty fine actor and deserved so much better.
  4. Johnny Depp is definitely hammy. So was Brando and Depp was friends with Brando.
  5. I don't get many Final Jeopardy questions right, but that question the other night was simple for me. Soon as I heard the name Brock Peters, I only knew him from To Kill a Mockingbird, so I knew the answer was Gregory Peck. I thought it was an easy question and was surprised none of the contestants got it right.
  6. I think James Arness and Peter Graves were brothers, although I saw not a scintilla of similarity.
  7. I remember the film now. It was called "GLASS HOUSE" from the 1970's. Morrow played the leader of the gang in jail. He was really good at playing those vicious characters. I also think Alan Alda was in this film too. I have a feeling it's not out on DVD. Morrow was a helluva actor. He was very, very good, and highly undervalued.
  8. Interesting thread. After some thought, here is my lineup for SUTS: Richard Jaeckel James Garner Howard Keel Joseph Cotten William Holden Thelma Ritter Bette Davis Joan Crawford Dana Andrews Yul Brynner Peter Sellers Gene Kelly Frank Sinatra Vic Morrow James Cagney Hedy Lamarr Rita Hayworth Elizabeth Taylor Marlon Brando Richard Conte Paul Muni Louis Jordan Lew Ayers Brian Ahearn Frederic March Burt Lancaster Richard Widmark Sidney Poitier Gregory Peck Paul Newman Richard Basehart Vincent Price
  9. Why thank you Lavendar. We seem to have the same taste in men. Perhaps I can free up some time for you with Richard Conte, Joseph Cotten and Howard Keel. I'll have to check my schedule, as I'd have them visiting in "shifts".
  10. I'm not that patient to "wait my turn". Garner's "okay"...but you can have him. I've decided my choice would be either Richard Conte, Howard Keel or Joseph Cotton. I still would like William Holden, but I suspect he was selected by so many others, he wouldn't have the time. If all else fails, I'll have to choose basically anyone, except Mickey Rooney, Charles Laughton, Sidney Greenstreet, Dan Duryea or Victor Mature. Edited by: twister on May 23, 2013 8:39 PM
  11. I think it was some type of made-for-tv type film. They used to have a lot of those in the 1970's. I think he made a lot of those type of films. I think in Blackboard Jungle, Morrow was like Brando. I think it was called Method acting.
  12. Lavenderblue, you mean I can't have James Garner? You have so many guys, you've got to share too! Otherwise, I'll have to settle for Charles Laughton and Sidney Greenstreet. Unless, of course, you want them too! Lonesomepolcat - glad you liked my choices!
  13. I had a few more possibilities for a romantic evening choice: James Garner, John Derek, Dana Andrews, William Shatner (when he was very young of course)
  14. Aside from Blackboard Jungle and Combat, can anyone suggest any other good films with Vic Morrow? I saw some film with him that was really good, but that was a long time ago and I quite frankly forgot which film it was.
  15. It looks like John Denver. If it's not him, then maybe it's George Bush.
  16. Hello. I was just looking through all the threads here. I was pleasantly suprised to find this one. I just wanted to add that Vic Morrow was a really sensational actor. I'm glad others feel the same way.
  17. Howdy everyone. I am recovering some surgery, so I'm just coming back to TCM boards after a while away. I enjoy this thread in particular. I like some classic stars who aren't the "mega" stars, but I wonder if anyone has any photos of these film stars: Peter Graves Richard Jaekel Martin Balsam William Frawley Rick Jason Ralph Meeker
  18. I just watched Blackboard Jungle and it was really a very good film. I like Glenn Ford and I also thought that Vic Morrow played the part well with that scowl on his face.
  19. Oh that's not too good photo of Grace Kelley and appears she has a huge bunion on her foot too.
  20. I see that Blackboard Jungle is coming on TCM in 2 hours. I've seen this movie before, but not in quite a while. As I recall, it had a great cast and some excellent acting. I think Glenn Ford was supberb in this film - probably his best movie role. Would you rate this film highly?
  21. HI it's been a while, I read some threads, but this thread is most interesting and entertaining. These photos are fabulous. Has there been any "candids" posted of Richard Basehart, Yul Brynner, Marlon Brando, William Holden, Lee J. Cobb, Vincent Price and Vic Morrow?
  22. Barbara Stanwyck pretty? No way. I never thought she was attractive, she was more on the manish looking side to me. Maybe in her younger days she was okay, but not very feminine. I think she was an "okay" actress though.
  23. Is anyone planning to watch the Fugitive Kind tonight? I wanted to watch it, but my cable hasn't been working for 2 days already - they can't seem to fix it...I'm so disgusted. Anyway, I think this might be the 1st time TCM is playing this film. I would have taped it - but I can't watch it. Is it a good film?
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