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  1. I can never look at adorable Shirley Temple in the same way again when someone says she resembles Rosie O'Donnell. Bob Hope and Kelsey Grammer? I never saw that resemblence. Can someone post photos of them?
  2. I think I so Picnic many years ago. I don't really remember it though.
  3. I love Guys and Dolls - but Marlon looked like his legs were too heavy in that tight suit...
  4. I like Brando - he deserves more recognition cause his films and acting were the most influential in film history. Nobody can top his performances in On The Waterfront and Streetcar Named Desire - he was an awesome talent, but squandered it after the 1950's - but I enjoy most of his films. I also think Johnny Depp is a great actor and has often been compared to Brando. My thoughts of the most overated person(s) in film are: Meryl Streep - I think she's a one-dimensional actress - always has the same, pained expression her face and I cringe just watching her. I can't see what all the
  5. Hello Everyone - it's been a while so I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I like this thread - and I will give a great big YEAH to Johnny Depp who is one of the best actors out there today. He plays a diverse amount of roles and is very versatile. I just saw him in Sweeney Todd and he was wonderful. I liked him in Finding Neverland, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Don Juan DeMarco, Benny & Joon, Sleepy Hollow, Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few. I think Johnny Depp is fabulous and he's even good in films that weren't a big hit. He has a certain charisma and is exciting
  6. Can someone post more baby photos??? I love this thread!!
  7. Charles Chaplin: never saw his films John Wayne: High and Mighty (?) Marilyn Monroe: Some Like It Hot Ingrid Bergman: Casablanca James Stewart: Rear Window Cary Grant: North by Northwest Henry Fonda: 12 Angry Men Greta Garbo: never saw her films Errol Flynn: RobinHood Ginger Rogers: never saw her films Audrey Hepburn: Sabrina James Cagney: Yankee Doodle Dandy Sidney Poitier: Blackboard Jungle James Dean: Rebel Without a Cause Gary Cooper: High Noon Sean Connery: don't know Rita Hayworth: Gilda Humphrey Bogart: African
  8. Don't you think they should have made Streetcar Named Desire more realistic by adding a scene like that Mongo? I think Stanley Kowalski would have done something like that.
  9. Mongo - do you have a photo of that - ROFLMAO...that sounds like something Brando would do. I think I can't look at any of these guys anymore - ugh.
  10. thanks filmlover - I'm not surprised - they never play his films.
  11. I still get a blank screen and clicked on refresh - I'll check in a few days - maybe it will come up someday.
  12. I get a blank page when I click on this link - what should I do?
  13. ROFLMAO - just read movielover's Preparation H post!!!!!!! Oh man, I can't look at this guy anymore.
  14. I never heard of John Payne - but he sure looks good. I think he looks a tad like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky in that boxing photo. He looks like he's "all-man" in the photo - movielover - take a closer look - he doesn't look like he has any "shortcomings" to me - your posts were making me laugh though.
  15. In a Brando biography he said the current actors he liked best were Sean Penn and Johnny Depp.
  16. My choice would be Linda Darnell.
  17. I never heard of the film Arizona either.
  18. Yankee Doodle Dandy with James Cagney is one of my favorite films. I love it just the way it is - in Black and White. I always think it ruins the originality of the film when they start colorizing the classic movies...it starts to look very fake and unnatural.
  19. Yankee Doodle Dandy with James Cagney is one of my favorite films. I love it just the way it is - in Black and White. I always think it ruins the originality of the film when they start colorizing the classic movies...it starts to look very fake and unnatural.
  20. My choices would be: On The Waterfront Streetcar Named Desire 12 Angry Men Blackboard Jungle
  21. 1. What classic actor had the nicest smile? Marlon Brando (wish he would have smiled more though - he had a mischevious, boyish grin that lit up his whole face) 2. What classic actors would you cast as the 3 stooges? Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis and Lou Costello. 3. What classic actor would you love to see wearing a kilt and blowing a bagpipe for St. Patrick's Day? Buster Crabbe 4. What classic actor would you love to share the world's longest kiss with? William Holden 5. What classic actor would you love to pour a bottle of beer on? Cary Grant - I've never seen him disheveled - so
  22. Movielover, thanks for this post. I don't have much more to add than what you've said. Brando was a great proponent of helping different people and got involved in many social causes. I think it's very commendable and wish people would look at the many nice things he's done instead of focusing on the more unpleasant aspects of his personal life.
  23. Cinemascope - speaking of Paul Muni - that was Brando's favorite actor. He didn't like many actors, but he always thought Muni was great.
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