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  1. I feel sorry to say that I've never heard of Betty Hutton or seen any of her films.
  2. I never saw Network. Love William Holden though. I think he was romantically involved with Stephanie Powers towards the end of his life and they had some kind of animal sanctuary in Africa. It's a shame he was such a big drinker and wound up hitting his head on a nightstand and passed away.
  3. LOL Otterhere - I almost wet my pants. I don't think Brando would need any help in that department.
  4. Now this thread is much more interesting to me. Of course women notice these type of things - I'm glad I wasn't the one to bring up about Brando's Mr. Wiggly. Why else do you think I liked Streetcar Named Desire?
  5. That's funny John. I used to watch Hollywood Squares years ago and saw that Wally Cox was one of the "squares" (no pun intended). I never thought he was funny and couldn't stand the lisp and greasy hair with the thick glasses. I never saw Mr. Peepers - it was before my time. But the idea of Wally Cox being with that gorgeous Brando was absurd until I read it in so many books and Brando even said he would have married Cox if he were a woman. I'm not making funny of his lifestyle choice, but I just find his choice in men a little odd - they were like complete opposites.
  6. Daylight Savings Time is happening too early this year - it will be pitch black outside in the morning when kids have to go to school and people have to drive to work. The plus side is it will stay lighter longer.
  7. That is a funny thought Mythoughts. I think Marlon Brando and Wally Cox together is a weird combination, but I have heard that they were "together". I think Brando had a voracious appetite for women, but it makes me wince when I think of his voracious appetite for Wally Cox.
  8. I'll second that - can't wait to see this documentary. My favorite Brando scene is when he "clears the table" in Streetcar Named Desire. He was so sexy in this film and had animal magnetism. I'm looking forward to seeing this film on TCM.
  9. Thanks movielover11 for restoring some order to this thread. I look forward to watching the Brando documentary. I think they are going to show some rare footage. Plus, they are showing lots of Brando films before and after the documentary - some are very rarely shown films like The Men and Streetcar Named Desire. I think lots of people will watch this documentary. I heard there will be yet another book out on Brando in June. Has anyone heard about this? Also, I'd like to know what everyone's favorite Brando scene is...it can be any Brando movie - but list a particular phrase or sc
  10. Sorry stoneyburke - I really haven't read the entire thread, so I don't know what's going on. Sorry if I spoke out of turn - I guess I shouldn't get involved in this fray. I hope everyone can make up though.
  11. Thank you. In the scheme of life - there are so many serious problems in the world these days - let's not "sweat the small stuff" - and try to keep the boards an enjoyable place to discuss classic films. I'd love to see everyone shake hands and make-up - don't like to see people not getting along. I'm sure each of you are wonderful folks.
  12. Whatever - maybe I'll come back later - I wish everyone could get along - I think the board is great and everyone is entitled to their opinions - but it seems like this whole thread is ruined because of some kind of dispute between a few posters. Others, like myself, would like to join in - but I really don't want to get in the middle of this scuffle.
  13. Okay - can everyone here apologize to one another and maybe the thread can continue in a respectful way about Marlon Brando. I don't like all these insults being thrown around - it isn't nice.
  14. It's a shame this thread about Brando was ruined by this offensive garbage that's being posted. Could we please get back to the topic?
  15. Have you ever seen a young Johnny Carson? He was so boyish and adorable with the upturned nose and cute smile. I always thought he was a very handsome man. Time for me to visit Omaha, Nebraska.
  16. I think Brando's made more than enough good films to enjoy - especially in the 1950's. Of course I would have liked to see him make more films, but I think he raised the bar so high after Streetcar and On The Waterfront, that even he couldn't surpass that. In regard to him being handsome - I think Marlon Brando oozed sexiness - the man makes me weak in the knees. I couldn't care less how many marbles he had in his mouth - I'd take him any day of the year. I can't wait for this TCM documentary - it's about time TCM honored this gorgeous, talented great actor appropriately. (ther
  17. What is your favorite Glenn Ford movie?
  18. Cinemascope - I liked Glenn Ford and felt a lot of his performances were so good, they deserved at least to be nominated...Blackboard Jungle, A Stolen Life, Cimmarron...tons of great performances...these were just my favorites. But, you know, it's not what you know but who you know - so to speak. I can't even remember who won Best Actor the last few years - that's how bad it's gotten...LOL
  19. True Cinemascope. I think it's a rather silly award - too much politics and hob-nobbing with the right people are usually the folks who win - not necesarily the best actor or actress. At least that's the way I see it. I'm thinking of Glenn Ford - who passed away before he could ever win an award or even be nominated. He was a great actor too and was certainly deserving. Could you imagine these legendary actors/actresses who are still alive and haven't won an Academy Award having to watch the award program and see what type of garbage wins these days?
  20. I can't remember - but I think it might have been some Disney movie like Bambi.
  21. I once read that Richard Widmark was asked a few years ago if he wanted an honorary Oscar and he said he wouldn't appreciate it at this late date. I can't say I blame him for feeling that way.
  22. Nice photos - I'm not familiar with Warren William - he looks a great deal like Danny Kaye.
  23. I generally don't care much about the Oscars, but I always watch the awards show. I don't feel the current films, actors or actresses compare to those of the classics. I watch the Oscars only to see the fashion and who wears the most outrageous looking outfit. I also like to see/hear the speeches and watch how the music often cuts those off who ramble too long. Since Ellen DeGeneres is hosting it this year, I'll have my remote close at hand to press the "mute" button when she starts to speak.
  24. On the Waterfront is a great film. I have the DVD. I would say it rates up there amongst the top 10 of all-time best films. The cast, acting, story were all exceptional.
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