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  1. I'm not surprised you picked Tyrone Power for lots of your answers. How come you wouldn't want to see him as a Chippendale dancer Chandler????
  2. I once saw an Ingrid Bergman love scene - I forgot what movie it was - but her nose appeared to get stuck in the eye of her co-star.
  3. Kate Winslet is a good choice - she has a rather "old" looking face. She reminds me of Thelma Ritter
  4. I like your answers Chandler - glad that we are doing these "question" posts again too!
  5. I don't think this request has ever been made - but would it be possible to post some photos of an actor whose very rarely mentioned....Rutger Hauer?
  6. My selection would be the incomparable Rutger Hauer - he is so underated, and such a fine actor - always giving top-notch performances. I'm sure he would have done great in classic movies.
  7. Metsfan - thanks for the Ralph Meeker and Vic Morrow photos. They look a little a like. I just saw Ralph Meeker in Kiss Me Deadly - love the movie and he's so handsome - don't you think so? Where did you find the Vic Morrow photos? These are really great photos. Thank you again for posting them. I thought the photo of Vic Morrow with the hat was actually Richard Widmark - had to look really close - but it's Vic Morrow because he had a very small right index finger - that's how I know it's him. The color photos are great.
  8. Good point Peggy - although I have seen Robert Osborne on a clip from the old Dinah Shore show which had to be 30+ years ago and he spoke the same way. Maybe he enunciates unusually - but he does have some type of lisp when pronouncing certain words. I like him though and hope he stays at TCM a long time.
  9. I think Maltin is okay or whoever they pick. I do like Robert Osborne, but he does have some type of speech impediment - whether it's a "lisp" or not, I can't discern.
  10. Was Ralph Meeker ever in the "spotlight"? I don't know much about him and he seems to not generate a lot of time of the TCM boards, although I think he was an exceptional actor. Just a thought to maybe "spotlight" him someday.
  11. I saw Kiss Me Deadly recently. I think Ralph Meeker was quite handsome and unknown - can it be possible to post his photo here?
  12. I like the quiet type guys - but I don't want him to cower in a corner cause he's too afraid to confront someone if he has to. I do like a combination of strong and sensitive and in the movie business, the actor who could do that best was indeed Marlon Brando. I would also include James Dean who was somewhat macho but also had a very shy, sensitive side as well.
  13. I love these type of posts. thank you for the questions. What classic actor/actress would you like to interview about their life story? I would like to interview Paul Newman. He seems like he'd have a good life story. What classic actor could you see playing Don Vito Corleone in the Godfather other than Marlon Brando? For me, Brando is the one and only Don Vito Corleone What classic actress would you cast as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz other than Judy Garland? I can only picture Judy Garland in this role. What classic actress made your favorite classic film? Vivien Leigh for Stre
  14. Luckydan - that's Barbara Stanwyck??? Great photos...thanks for posting. I also just posted on the Vic Morrow thread - I wanted to thank you for posting that link to Youtube.com of the Avenger episode of Bonanza with Vic Morrow and the little boy....I loved it.
  15. I respect your viewpoint, while "balance" is great in some areas, I don't see why it is essential for TCM to have 4 or 5 hosts for "balance". Can you explain why this is essential? I suppose maybe a woman has a different perspective on a film than a man - but why isn't Mr. Osborne adequate? I just don't seem to understand why this would be necessary at TCM.
  16. But really, isn't that all that Robert Osborne and Josh Mankiewicz do is read the teleprompter? I don't see why anyone couldn't do the same job. Now, if they are going to have a discussion with another person about a certain film, then I'd say they need to be knowledgeable, but just to introduce a film, I would say a child could do it just as good.
  17. I'm all for letting the best qualified individual have a certain positions - but not just giving jobs to certain people to get a good "balance" - they have to be qualified....jmo
  18. They shouldn't have Liza Minelli and Robert Osborne on the same time. Imagine if he didn't agree with her opinion??? She'd reach over and bop him over the head with the nearest lamp.
  19. Yes, maybe if we have a "female perspective" we can finally see films like STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE on TCM.
  20. I think James Lipton from INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO would be good. Message was edited by: twister
  21. I might have a nightmare if Liza Minelli is a host on TCM. Message was edited by: twister
  22. I would have loved to see what other types of roles James Dean would have played if he had lived - other than the "rebel" roles - eventually he would have grown to old to play that type of role. It would have been interesting to see if he would have been a versatile actor playing different types of characters. Can you picture him in a musical, a western, a science fiction thriller?
  23. that's funny Filmlover. I'm not Paul Newman if you're not Robert Osborne! I wouldn't mind playing the game "Twister" with Paul Newman though
  24. I have no problems with Robert Osborne - so Filmlover is Osborne? i didn't realize that!!!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!! Makes you wonder what other classic film stars and notable people we're all corresponding with!!!! I think the best replacement for Robert Osborne would be none other than Paul Newman. I love him and would tune in to TCM just to watch the beginning of every film!!! (is any one of these posters actually Paul Newman)??
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