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  1. I like to watch films that I enjoy over again - but I will wait for a few months before viewing it again. Some films I've seen dozens of times, but only a select few.
  2. I'm laughing at Bradtexasranger's post. I thought Marlon looked like he needed a respirator from trying to sing. But I think he was a better singer than Frank Sinatra.
  3. I think "On The Waterfront" is one of the best movies - it certainly is one of my favorites. I watched it the other night on TCM and although I've seen this film many times - there is always something new I discover. Each time I watch Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront, I feel like I'm watching the very best acting performance there ever was. Ever movement of his eyes, his facial expressions, his walk, his shrug of the shoulders - just magnificent. Brando was an acting genious for sure....
  4. All the photos are great. I saw some really good ones of Gary Cooper and Errol Flynn. There was one photo of Vivien Leigh that was spectacular. Brando's photos of course were great as well. Thanks for submitting all these pictures - it's nice to look back on all these wonderful actors and actresses. mythoughts, the photo of Vic Morrow in "Combat" television series was great. He was indeed a very macho, rugged, handsome type guy. I watch "Combat" and he is so appealing to watch - what a great program.
  5. Awesome thread. I'm fairly new, so I didn't get a chance to look at the hundreds of photos. I'm sure my favorite actor, Marlon Brando's photo must have been posted. To save time, could someone post a photo of him (from his sexy days in the 1950's). I'd also like to see Hugh Beaumont - a.k.a. Ward Cleaver from Leave It To Beaver. He was a movie actor before that t.v.show. Bet nobody mentioned him here.
  6. We can only select one person??? I'll choose Marlon Brando
  7. I'm too old to "swoon", but I would have to say that the young Marlon Brando would make females of any age "swoon". He was one sexy beast.
  8. Oh my goodness - isn't Marlon Brando GORGEOUS????? Thank you for posting that photo!
  9. Hi there. I just wanted to say this is a FABULOUS thread. I can't look through all 900 posts in this thread - but these are great photos. I don't know whether anyone posted these, but I'm hoping someone can post a photo(s) of Dirk Bogarde and that young, hunky Marlon Brando.
  10. Thanks everyone for a spendid welcome. Looks like a great group of people. I look forward to participating. I know everyone has their own like and dislikes, that's what makes the world go round. I don't know what a "TCM Challenge" is, but it sounds interesting.
  11. I like Hedy Lamarr. She's beautiful and looks something like another attractive actress: Vivien Leigh.
  12. Thanks so much for this nice welcome. I see there are some many categories and posts, it will take some time to read through them all. I've only been in this "general discussion" page and I see there are other categories too.
  13. I recall the accident with Vic Morrow and the two small children. It should have never happened. More care should have been taken and certainly a helicopter flying six feet over someone's head was too dangerous a stunt to be undertaken. I wonder why Vic Morrow didn't request a stuntman/double to do this. The whole thing was heartbreakingly sad. He was a great actor and I remember him well. While it's sad the the two children passed away, to say that their deaths were more tragic than that of Vic Morrow is really unfair. I feel all their lives were valuable and this was a tragedy o
  14. There aren't many I dislike, but Tom Cruise leads my list of actors I can't stand.
  15. Does everyone like or dislike James Dean? I want to make sure I'm politically correct here.
  16. Well, thank you. Just curious as to who all your favorite actors or actresses are.
  17. Well, I love older movies - and James Dean is okay - am I allowed to like him?
  18. I don't think I can recall a memorable movie theater experience except I do remember when I was very young that my family went to the theater and I never could see the film screen if someone tall or wearing a hat sat in front of me. So, I recall putting a big, almost empty tub of popcorn on the seat in front of me and a rather obese, tall woman sat right on the tub of popcorn and sat through the movie like that. I couldn't see a thing and when the film was over, she got up and tub of popcorn was stuck to her butt.
  19. Thank you Ken for the nice welcome!
  20. Well, this is my 2nd post. There are so many interesting threads here. My thought on this subject is since we don't really know anyone personally, it would be hard to know if they had an inferiority complex. We would have to depend on what we read about these actors/actresses and much of that is questionable because basically sensationalism is written to sell books.
  21. I like TCM and classic movies and stumbled onto this forum. I'm looking forward to joining in your discussions of classic movies.
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