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  1. I just watched To have and have not, and I just don't know what I missed. Lauren Bacall calls Bogart Steve and his name is Harry. Everyone else calls him Harry. It's been a long time since I saw this movie and I am just curious to know if I missed something. I am sure some one out there has the answer. Thanks
  2. > I would add to that not minimizing the ending credits > to tell about stuff coming up. Not always interested > in the credits, but I like to have the choice of > seeing them if I want to! I agree, I prefer to watch credits roll by. It is fun to see names of those, who in the future, became well known
  3. > ok TCM is rele awesome > i was watching a movie on another station tonight and > i realized for several reasons why TCM is so great > 1.) they dont cut the movie-- on the other station > they cut half of the scenes in the movie which makes > me sad and angry cause some of them were my favorite > scenes and then they replaced the time missing with > commercials which brings me to my next point... > 2.) NO COMMERCIALS -- argh commercials are rele > annoying -- i LOVE just watching the movies straight > through and finally > 3.) TCM shows only the best and nothing less- > For these reasons and several more i find that TCM is > the greatest of the great channels out in tv land. > I LOVE YOU TCM > ok im done now and feel better that TCM knows how > great they are (as if they didnt know before) > bye bye I agree with you on all points. I cannot watch a movie on stations with commercials that are inserted after every scene, I completely lose interest. I really enjoy TCM, even though I have to chuckle to myself when I watch a movie that I absolutely loved when it first ran and now 40 50 yrs later, I wonder why I loved it so much. of course, some are still favorites after all that time.
  4. I absolutely love Angela Lansbury. I enjoyed private screening and she is as nice as I thought she would be. I did not watch Murder she Wrote in it's first run, but have seen all of them that are rerun now, twice daily, in my area. She is a gracious lady and I have enjoyed all of her movies. I think she is more beautiful at her age now, than she was when she was younger.
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