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  1. 1.Meet me in St.Louis 2 Harvey girls 3.The clock
  2. Well, I know about 50 other people must have said this already, But i LOVE lassie. Most likely because i have a collie myself! . But I also loved the cheetah in 'Brining' up Baby". I think it was a cheetah, .... I'm really not sure! Its been so long since I watched it!
  3. Well have seen a few of her silent films. I must say, my favorite from her is "The Grand Hotel" I loved her as the Ballerina. Being a dancer my self and being in one of my towns local Ballet company's ( Sadly, I don't get paid for being in the company.. too young! But i Sure love doing it.) I think she did a great job. Yeah, I try to have some of my friends watch old Gene Kelly movies like " an American in Paris" but they are just not into it! What can I say, I tried right? Yeah, one day they will find out what they are missing!!
  4. Well, I have no grand story of how a movie shaped my life, or great afternoons spent w/ my grandmother in nice movie theaters. Mostly because i'm still Very young. You see, i'm only 15 years old. But I LOVE classic movies more than you can know. The first one I ever saw was "a Stolen life" w/ Bette Davis. Ever since then I just love classic movies. Some of my Favorite Actors are: . James Stewart, Bette Davis, Judy Garland, Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, Greta Garbo, Bogart, Gene Kelly, Fred Astair, Ginger Rogers etc. I'm (sadly) the only one of my friends that love classic mov
  5. Hey guys! Well, I LOVE Gene Kelly and I have so many favorites... but here is Just a few 1. Singing in the Rain 2. An american in Paris 3. Anchors Away
  6. Well, I'm a HUGE fan of musicals. My Favorites would have to be 1. Singing in the rain 2. An American in Paris 3. The wizard of Oz 4. Gigi 5. Gold diggers of '33 6. The Bells are ringing 7. Anchors Away 8. 42nd Street 9. In babes Arms 10. The Harvey Girls 11.Meet me in St. Loui That's all I can think of for now. I don't think I have a least Favorite...
  7. To be honest, i don't really like Angela Lansbury''s films. I only liked her in 'Harvey Girls' w/ Judy Garland. I think her style is better for the stage. She does have a great voice though. I Personally don't think she should have been Star of the Month.
  8. Hi everyone! Here's mine... 1. Its a wonderful life! 2 Harvey 3.Mr Smith goes to Washington 4. Vertigo 5. The man who knew too much
  9. Kelly all the way for me!!! I LOVE almost everyone of his films. Astair was good too. You have to remember they have two different styles also. Kelly is more of the street performer w/ his tap and Astair is more straight laced and kinda more or so toned down than Kelly. But, being a Tap dancer myself (which I have been all my life) I just must say it, Kelly is better to me. Technique wise thought.. if i may say so myself, Astair takes the cake!
  10. I have to agree w/ GarboManiac she was GREAT w/ Flinn!!
  11. 1. A stolen life 2. All about Eve 3. Now Voyager 4. Another mans poison
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