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  1. Just posted this in the "Upcoming Shorts" thread, also, but to cover the bases (and possibly more appropriately): Well, they FINALLY showed "Kelly the Second," so that we could see for ourselves whether it was cute or dreadful or demeaning to Charley or whatever. I'd say, a little of all by moments. No worse than some of the shorts, but not a gem. Now, if they'll just get around to Lyda Roberti and Kelly, at least the whole Pitts/Todd/Kelly/Kelton/Roberti series will have been shown. Taxi Boys, where are you? And more of the Charley Chase shorts, of course! Bill
  2. Well, they FINALLY showed "Kelly the Second," so that we could see for ourselves whether it was cute or dreadful or demeaning to Charley or whatever. I'd say, a little of all by moments. No worse than some of the shorts, but not a gem. Now, if they'll just get around to Lyda Roberti and Kelly, at least the whole Pitts/Todd/Kelly/Kelton/Roberti series will have been shown. Taxi Boys, where are you? Bill
  3. I don't know about shorts, but last November they showed the original "Penrod and Sam" movie (they had shown it also a year or so earlier), then the later ones. Bill
  4. [/b] ...it appears as if the claim that this was a TCM premier in the films write up was actually from a few years back...[/b] Like you, I'm pretty sure I recorded it earlier - maybe on DVD-R - but did it again, just to be sure. Have gotten around to watching it in the past week and liked most of it; the music is better than SOME of what's been foisted off on us more recently. (IMHO) If you look at the VERY end of the credits, it shows 2001 for the copyright. So the 19-year-old Jesse (Jessie?) would now be 26 or so, at least. Still, quite an accomplishment; and praise be for tran
  5. Glenn Close did do a film version, not a stage version. Nellie Forbush is a naive, very young "cockeyed optimist". Someone in their 50s would have been around the block a few times. Film, videotape - whatever.... It was made for TV, not theatrical release. Mary Martin, chosen by R&H for the Broadway original cast, was 35 when she started; but then, people (before the days of TV) have gotten away all through history "playing young" onstage. She was between 42 and 47 when she played "Peter Pan" on TV, and nobody seemed to think anything of it. The only thing necessary to conside
  6. no... it's the verdict of YOUR history and nothing more. Deconstruct the film as much as you want so you can be all comfy and cozy with your contemporary (and implied superior) sensitivities. I'm still trying to figure out what part of my post you're responding to, in what manner, and for what reason(s). What I said was, same as others have said, that the movie depicts acts that most likely did happen. Griffith lived through the end of that time; he would have known. Certainly Dixon, in writing "The Klansman," was writing a version of what he saw or had been told. In today's Sou
  7. There are not two sides to it, the verdict of history is that it's a racist film that had a negative societal impact for several decades. Griffith was a racist. And, just as with so many of the cartoons from the '30s and early '40s, there is a great lesson to be learned from this and other films - but only when they are shown with someone/something to give context. Otherwise young and/or na?ve people will be taken in and think both that the movie (being so old and closer to the times, of course!) must be historically accurate and that the feelings one feels (at Griffith's direction) m
  8. I wasn't sure what you meant by TCM notes. Maybe he meant to PM (private message) him. Bill
  9. Forget bold and italics ... the menu above doesn't work for that, although there are ways to do it but I keep messing it up. Follow the following method, using b for bold, i for italics, u for underline: [x] message [/x] . Or I guess you could type it in Word, then copy/paste it into here (not sure). But it would be so much nicer if the pages would do what they say they will! Good luck. Bill
  10. ...who is Glen Daum? Has He written any actual Silent film scores? Do you know? IMDb has very little on him. Two movies. But he apparently has been writing music for "Sesame Street" for a good while, nominated for Emmy several times for it. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1194253/ Does anybody know him, to add more? Bill
  11. Thanks for the heads-ups! Still no shorts at all on the official TCM schedule for the week (except the F/Shorts program, of course). Talk about dropping the ball........ Bill
  12. No - to me, at least, anything from a one-reeler, to 50 minutes, to full movie-length that concentrates on a particular subject: That's a documentary. Not a 3-minute "spot," of course, but longer than that, yes. Whether it's part of a series or a one-off on a particular subject. They all qualify. Bill
  13. Well, here it is, Monday late afternoon - still no shorts listed for the whole week to come. Blast! I'm sure there will be several shown, but which, and when? I surely hope nothing has happened to whoever chooses/posts them. MGMWBRKO, where ARE you? Bill
  14. Possibly "Murder in the Music Hall," from 1946 - Vera Hruba Ralston? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0038758/ Bill
  15. The Blackhawk Films link (adjacent posting) leads to lots of pages. I was suprised in my (not-yet-completed) investigation to find a page with many titles (features) I haven't heard mentioned anywhere. Yes, I know almost all these are truly silent (no scores) in the form offered, but.... Here's a link to a specific page, and one can then click others from the bottom of that page: http://8mm16mmfilmscollectibles.com/8mm1.htm Bill
  16. I'm not following my own advice lately (been luck), but.... Be sure to highlight and click "copy" before posting. That way, if it's not there when you check it's simple to paste it and send again till it DOES appear. Bill
  17. My best guess would be that whoever has been posting the shorts to the schedule is either out of the office (sick or whatever) or has (God forbid) been let go/reassigned. After I finally got next week's schedule to come up (it didn't want to, for 4 tries), there are none listed. So, unless somebody comes in over the weekend as a special thing, we won't know anything till at least sometime Monday. And, yes, there are several "appropriate" gaps before then, including around 30 minutes after the first silent tomorrow night. I second the cry, "Come back, MGMWBRKO!" Uttered with the
  18. You can't delete the fact that you made a post, but (since you obviously already know how to edit) go back to it and edit out everything; but you must leave one character of some sort - punctuation, or whatever. It cannot be completely erased. Bill
  19. I thought for sure that TCM had shown "Marlene" at least once in the past couple of years, since I've been doing DVD-Rs. I've GOT to get my database completed/updated. But I did buy the VHS years ago - maybe so long ago that I belonged to the RCA Video Club (very early '90s). ..... Well, I went hunting through all the ones I can get to (don't even try to imagine my housekeeping) and, voila!, there it was (on the third try). Embassy Home Entertainment 1344, Hi-Fi Mono, 96 minutes, issued by Embassy in 1987. If the (various) dates on the box are any indication, it was made in '83 but not
  20. I wish TCM would show Ever Since Eve. I'm pretty sure they showed it at least twice last year. It turns up for Davies days and Montgomery days. It won't be long before it's on again, no doubt. Then, again, I do tend to get it mixed up with "Cain and Mabel." I like both of them better than most people seem to. Bill
  21. From many postings since I've been coming to the forums (more than a year and a half), the "precode era" seems to be specified as 1929 to 1934 (and July of 1934, at that). Following the other form of "logic," Edison's "The Kiss" would be considered precode - NOT! Bill
  22. The other movie I am interested in has to do with West Point, it may have been a musical and I remember a song about a girl Berrnadean or Bernadett? Pat Boone could have been in it. Or could you be remembering (and/or confusing with "Bernardine") "Mardi Gras"? There are military school guys going to - guess where/what? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0051908/ Bill
  23. Movie has man who is divorced and has a child with his ex (little girl) and remarries. He and his new wife endure the meddling of his ex and his wife is ostracized when they go to what looks like a country club ... Sounds somewhat like "And So They Were Married," with Melvyn Douglas and Mary Astor, which showed a couple of months ago on TCM - though I haven't looked again at the movie for specific plot points. There certainly were kids (her daughter, his son) who plotted and plotted against the adults (so cute!!!!), and a lot of it took place at a lodge. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt002
  24. Have been checking imdb.com with keywords, but coming up short. Sounds vaguely familiar, like this has been asked before, but ... Is this a truly old movie (like early '30s), the '40s, or more modern (from the way it looked)? Can you name ANY of the stars or character actors? Anything else to help? Bill
  25. Does anyone know if any of the Dogville movies were put on video or DVD? According to everything I've been reading, the only one officially available is "Dogway Melody" on the "Broadway Melody" DVD. You may find them on some unofficial sites (with variable quality), or someone might "PM" you with a source, but they're not officially available (yet). There are several that get shown fairly regularly on TCM (especially "Trader Hound" and "So Quiet"), but others haven't been shown in a long time. I've waited "ages" for "Love Tails" and then missed it the other night. Boo-hoo. That
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