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  1. Does anyone remember his television program Not for Hire? I read about it recently having never heard of it.
  2. Yes! It was Jerry. Would you know if he's still out there?
  3. HI Ginnyfan. I try to keep up with your thread as I'm able. You really do a great job here. Keep up the good work! I wanted to thank you for remembering Jimmy Butler. I don't think many do. I had been in touch with his son, but before I was able to send him some of his Dad's films, we lost touch. Anyway, thanks again for remembering him.
  4. I've added info to many films and tv episodes already there. This problem is adding a film that is not there. And yes, musicalnovelty, it is A Watch for Joe. I'll give Ralph a shout. Thanks
  5. I have tried to add a film to the Internet Movie Database without luck and hope that some of the professionals here can help me. I spent a very long time putting all the info in and then it wouldn't let me submit it. At the bottom it says Re-check the updates. I am unable to submit. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Hope everyone is having a Happy easter!
  6. And at least half of those Flynn movies mentioned from the 50's are pretty good films.
  7. I can't quite recall tears, but Cagney went berserk in jail in White Heat when learning his mother died. Anyone recall if he cried. And another can't quite recall, but Bogart put his face in his hand, I think, in Dead End either after learning what became of his old girlfriend or after his mother rejected him. Geez, you'd think I'd remember for sure about Dead End!
  8. Well, after watching the film, and going through it quickly by way of the dvr, Billy Halop is not in this movie. Either he never was or his part ended up on the cutting room floor. But I have another question. Does anyone know what kind of car Dick Powell was driving? Nice sporty little number!
  9. A Watch for Joe was an 'industrial film'. It was a film made by one of the unions in 1951. It ran less than an hour and Jordan was the star.
  10. Thanks molo. There is one credit I've been trying to cancel, but so far it hasn't worked. Very interesting about Reformatory. I'd watch a silent copy just to see it! I have a friend in the Chicago area who had Reformatory and Military Academy. He had them on vhs. He said they weren't in very good shape and had sent them somewhere to see what could be done with a transfer to dvd. Well, the guy he sent them to disappeared along with the tape. Been searching for them a long time. I'll just keep looking. A Frankie Darro film called On the Spot was considered lost but a print showed up so
  11. Thanks. Yes, I know it's not listed there. If he's in it, it's probably an unbilled bit. I've corrected a large number of fellow DEK Bobby Jordan credits and also added a few. (Been trying to get A Watch for Joe listed there without success.) Guess I'll have to wait until the 9th!
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing tis next, but thought I'd check too. Does anyone know if Dead End Kid Billy Halop has a small role of a waiter in this film?
  13. And the possibly forgotten, supposedly lost Reformatory, 1938, starring Jack Holt and Bobby Jordan and Military Academy, 1940, starring Tommy Kelly and Bobby Jordan.
  14. Corky was supposed to be run on the 7th at 6:30pm. No some interview with Stephen King is scheduled. Anyone know what happened?
  15. Well then, it must have been me. Thanks Valentine
  16. I thought I had it scheduled on my dvr. Was this film run?
  17. Starting watching Kidnapped last night. Yep, it is a good one. Looking forward to Sepia Cinderella too. He was a good actor. Always seemed very natural with his male adult costars.
  18. Thanks very much, again, Eagle Eyes! Been waiting for a rebroadcast of this one.
  19. Thanks very much! I'll be on the lookout for it. I was watching for the other Jacquie Lyn, Jackie Lynn Taylor actually, when I was abruptly staightened out. I'll bet there are other films she appeared in and didn't receive any credit. I believe it was a common practice at the time.
  20. I finally found the time to watch this film tonight. I go along with all the Ann replies. Liked her in everything I've seen whether the film was good or not so. Musicalnovelty, I was very pleasantly surprised to find Jacquie Lyn in this film. Took me a bit to recall who that little kid was. Enjoyed your story. What a find to be able to be friends with her. You mentioned a seventh film she did. What was the title?
  21. Caught Heavnly Music. Thanks very much for the heads up!.
  22. Remembering Billy Halop on the 92nd anniversary of his birth.
  23. Reformatory is considered a lost film. So is his 1940 version of Military Academy, both Columbia features. I've been searching for both for quite some time. If you ever run across either, please say so!
  24. TCM is the only place I've ever seen it shown. They've played it a couple times. A 'B' for sure, but I think it's pretty decent. Pat O'Brien and Joan Blondell get top billing, but it's definitely a starring vehicle for Bobby Jordan. Keep checking the schedule. It may turn up!
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