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  1. The Pip From Pittsburgh airs at 4:08 e.s.t. on TMC according to their schedule. Looking forward to it!
  2. Thanks for the tip. Great to get the info straight from Charley!
  3. Snarfie, Your contributions to the pre-code gallery are nothing short of sensational! What a goldmine you have provided. Thanks
  4. I for one am just asking reasonably for a coherant, reliable short schedule, with short descriptions. MGMWBRKO and Laughing Gravy, please come back, It was beautiful!
  5. Was able to cover the 7:38 and 9:35 spots but I forgot the 9:22 p.m. because I got caught up in the Indians -Yankee's game I hope that wasn't the one! Appreciate the tip though.
  6. I would love to see TCM give us a full and accurate schedule of upcoming shorts. Anticipation of upcoming shorts is a major factor in the overall viewing experiance. The situation where there is 'potluck' in when the shorts appear should be a thing of the past.
  7. Mozilla browser, Excellent Idea, Thanks What I have been doing to avoid crashes on this old dial-up is bring up TCM's printable monthly schedule and peruse that with no problems. TCM is 'THE' Quality movie channel How about that Charley Chase short 'Sherman said it' 1933 where Charley gives us a couple of songs and a little dance! He was a triple threat man Cheers
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Charley Chase rules! If I spend a little too long on the TCM schedule, my old computer crashes from to much activity on the page. Luckily,Good people pass the word
  9. I missed all but the last minute of the Charley Chase short 'Something Simple' tonight as well. Why has the system broken down? I monitor Laughing Gravy's posts. But missed any schedule information.
  10. THANKS very much for the tip! Went right to it on Comcast. Great!
  11. I second that! Looking forward with much anticipation to seeing more Charley Chase sound shorts. Will be happily tided over by Thelma and Patsy's work for the time being. Anything pre-1935 is greatly appreciated.
  12. Three Cheers for these Great Pictorial Posts! Hip Hip,HOORAY Hip Hip,HOORAY Hip Hips,HOORAY!
  13. Agreed that Keg 'O My Heart wasn't the funniest short ever, but it had Billy Gilbert, a genuine funny man directing and starring and I guess it's a pretty obscure short rescued from oblivion for us to see and I'm thankful for it.Thanks to TCM we get to see them both great and not so great. I like a lot of scantily clad babes in the shorts as well, and Thelma Todd wrestleing someone to the ground but I'm not gonna see someting like that every time.
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