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  1. Can someone please let me know what movies are included?
  2. My favorite movie is All About Eve but are closely followed by other Bette Davis films because she was a damn good actress. She didn't play how people wanted the character played but how she felt it should be played and that is why her performances were great cause she played them how she though they were.
  3. Imitition Of Life the 1959 one with Lana Turner. Omg it was so sad. When the girl is running in the streets crying "that's my mother" And that part when she is in the club and her fellow dancer friend says " i didnt know you had a mammy" and she said " all my life" omg am crying!
  4. I think Marlene Dierietch( i know her name is hard?) she had a nice face, very beautiful i think it was her cheeckbones, just pretty
  5. My Fair Lady hands down. it was just a better picture than gigi? i actually didn't finish watching Gigi because it was too boring.
  6. I loved the opening scene in The Letter. I liked how Bette Dvis came out with that gun, shot and held to the stair rail and countinued firing till there were no more bullets. It was a powereful entrance.
  7. 1. All About Eve 2. Jezebel 3. All This And Heaven Too 4. Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
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