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  1. . I have to agree with you about the Colonel Thursday speech, and his glorification. I hated him also, and really thought the end should have been when they talked about the 'famous' painting (if you look closely and quickly, you'll see John Waynes' very, very fast frown), and instead of going into the speech, he should have just put his hat on, and walked out, then introduced the family. It wasn't necessary for him to say anything about the Colonel, although his speech was about the common foot soldier and cavalry, not the leaders. Anne
  2. . Are you thinking of *The Piano*? That's the movie where Holly Hunter never utters a word because she wants her piano. _______________________________ *Anne*
  3. *Hi to Rohanaka, Jack F., and Miss G:* Here I am sticking my nose and it's two cents in, but. . . . I think Miss G is the only one who knows I adore Randolph Scott, I've seen a lot of his movies 3 and 4 times if not more, and I love to talk about him whenever I can, especially to a new fan. My absolute favorite of his movies is *Ride Lonesome*, for a couple of reasons. Just as he is kind and gentle with Mrs. Mims, he is equally so with Karen Steele, not at first, but after a while you see what a fine, warm, and good gentleman he is. Talk about an expressive face!!! Another rea
  4. Wow, you guys really have me confused between *Wake of the Red Witch* and *Reap the Wild Wind.* I keep reminding myself that *Reap* is in color with the Duke, Ray Milland, Susan Hayward, and Paulette Goddard, and *Wake* is the Duke, Gail Russell, and Raymond Massey, in B&W. Then somehow *Wuthering Heights* got into the mix, and completely threw me for a loop. Actually I'm kidding, although I think *Reap* is the better picture, but lousy ending. I agree with whoever it is that likes to know as much as they can about the individual characters. To me it helps understand the plot of the
  5. Hey Miss Goddess: I'll take the guy who's doing the talking if you don't mind. What is the horse on the far left doing, is he playing hide and seek with the camera with that blanket? Cute. _______ Anne
  6. You guys may not be as crazy as you thought. For a short time there, there was a rash of coloring of B&W movies. They colored *Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life,* and countless others. Someone thought it would interest more people if they cold see the oldies in color, so that's what they did. You may all have seen one of these colored versions previously on TV. The reverse was fun for me for a while, and others like me who have been watching TV since it was a little 10" round screen in black and white. I saw a lot of movies on TV in the afternoons and on the weekend when I was
  7. Tossed in with all the great photos on this page is the movie ad for The Best of Everything which happens to be one of my favorite bad movies. Although it is so soap opera-y, there is something about it that draws me to it whenever its on. One of her last films, this one made me like Joan Crawford (in this film only - most of her career I couldn't stand her), but this part just seemed so natural for her - the top businesswoman looking for a real life. Diane Baker so sweet, Suzy Parker so gullible. As suave as Stephen Boyd is in this (a rarity for him), I would find it hard to resist him al
  8. Hi Miss Goddess: I looked for a set of Jimmy Stewart/Mann westerns too but only came up with the set from _Movies Unlimited._ When I clicked on his name on Amazon, it sent me to MU so I quit there. The Western set they have is on sale right now for $31.99 which is of course cheaper than the one mentioned earlier, but the condition may be better. *Thunder Bay* is on his 'Legend" collection, with two other movies for $21.59, but I couldn't find even a single copy for *The Man from Laramie*. I'll keep watching for a discussion on Jimmy, you know me, I'm ready to talk about him anytim
  9. In regard to that Marx Brothers photo, what in the world is the cleaning lady who is bent over supposed to be doing? I know what it looks like, but then I have a dirty mind, but what is she really supposed to be doing? What was the purpose of the photo? Not being a Marx fan, the photo makes no sense to me at all, except my normal reaction to the Marx family which is unprintable in mixed company, especially where Graucho is concerned. Anne
  10. Although I love the Duke in all of his Western roles, and he shines best in most of them, I feel his best acting role of all was as Frank W. 'Spig' Wead, in *Wings of Eagles*. For that one he played a real person who was still alive. He had to learn different mannerisms, ways of speech, how to walk with those canes/crutches, and it probably drove him nuts to do half of the movie lying in bed staring at his toe. With all of his Ford productions, he played basically the same man, whether western or military, and you can include *Hondo, Rio Bravo, El Dorado*, and *Chisum*. *. . . Eagles* was
  11. Rohanaka: I don't know of any cable or dish company that doesn't have a 'reminder' type of setup on their system. Look it up in your book, or call the cable/dish company, they will usually walk you through the details of the timer. Also, your TV doesn't need to be on in order to tape or DVR. I do a lot of my taping during the night and catch it the next day. Good luck Anne
  12. I did it again, didn't put Charlies' name in, of course I meant 'It Happens Every Spring' and not 'The Gunfighter'.
  13. 'Really'! ! ! I love that movie, I always thought it was the forebear to Disney's Flubber movies, or at least furnished the idea.
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