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  1. Lori: Went I met Ms. Hunt I complemented her about her courage in standing up to HUAC. She was one of the actors who flew to Washington to make a statement for the government to back off. She was quite proud of her stance and it was clear that she was still very interested politcally. She remarked to me about the current times then (Bush Administration) that she saw some parallels there. I also told her how cool it must have been to stand tall when the ultimate tough guy Humphrey Bogart rolled over and played dead. He ran a full page ad backing off of his stance. Marsh didn't !!!
  2. Lori (and Ginnyfan): I was the person who met Marsh Hunt a few years back. She was a pure delight and I got several autographs as well as her book. After her onstage interview the audience was allowed to ask some questions and sad to say they didn't get to me but my question was going to be 'Miss Hunt; you worked with two of the best young actors in the business; Virginia Weidler and Mickey Rooney and could you please tell us what your experiences were working with them; Ginny was my favorite of the two. Thanks so much.' I keep hoping that we'll see an interview of her and Bob Osborne.
  3. I enjoyed the Dick Foran day. Lots of fun.Enjoyed *Off The Wall* the best. Tommy Bupp had a pretty good role in that one. He was W.C. Fields kid in It's a Gift. He was pretty busy like so many child actors and then just dropped off the screen not to be seen again. I think his brother was also in some movies back in the day.
  4. Lori: Yes it is funny how the tough guy rolled over. Don't get me wrong I love Bogie but boy did he do a flip. Marsha and Garfield fought all the way. She mentioned to me when we were discussing HUAC that our current situation with the Bush Administration at that time reminded her of McCarthy and she found it hard to believe that we were repeating the past. We also spoke of her role on Gunsmoke and I told her I was surprised that she never appeared on Bonanza and other westerns and she told me that many producers still held a grudge for her stance on HUAC. I also got a kick when spe
  5. I met Marsh Hunt a few years back at a movie / film convention in Hunt Valley Maryland. I was able to speak with her for a short time and she was sharp as a tack with a great memory. She was interviewed by a radio show host a bit later in a side room at the convention that all were able to attend. I almost missed her. I knew she was scheduled to speak at a given time and my wife got us our seats and I just walked around one of the rooms and saw a small, elderly women perfectly coiffed when I realized it was her. She was quite happy to talk with me and was absolutley delighted when
  6. I have a copy of Ace Drummond which is a really enjoyable serial though the print is actually pretty poor (it's by Alpha) and I know they are hit and miss.
  7. Love this film !!! So glad TCM showed it again as I didn't get to see it in January due to severe storms in my area. I sure wish we could see more of Universal, Fox, Paramount etc.
  8. Ah but I missed out. My DirectTv service went out about 6:15 pm and stayed that way until Phantom Lady was ending. I've been waiting for years for TCM to show it again (I saw it several years ago but didn't have a recorder at the time) so I guess my wait will have to go on. I'm so disappointed to say the least. I think this film is as good as it gets for noir. Oh well.....I guess my wait will continue...sigh...
  9. I know this is one of the great noir movies and have anxiously awaited it's showing. About 6pm my Direct Tv signal started going out and by 6:30 pm it was pretty much shot. I know we had a bad snowstorm here in Baltimore but last year with 3 blizzards it never even blinked. I stayed calm figuring I had 5 hours for it to come back. Well it did just as Phantom Lady was ending. I can't tell you how **** I am at Direct Tv. I've been with them for almost two years and am awaiting an answer but the bottom line is I didn't get a copy of this film. I saw it several years ago on TCM b
  10. I had the same problem with Comcast. Always wanting to send out a tech or me driving to their 'center' to transfer my equipment. I switched quite some time ago to Direct TV and it's been pretty much flawless. So much so that I've recorded movies that I already had again just because they look so much better. Living in Baltimore what you describe is pretty much common. Comcast is a huge company but I know in this area they are losing a bunch of customers. I'll never go back that's for sure.
  11. Last Friday September 24th 2010 I got to meet Marsha Hunt at a Nostalgia Convention at Hunt Valley Maryland. I got to spend about 10 minutes talking with her before she did an interview for the convention. Also purchased her book 'The Way We Wore' and got three autographs as well as a cd. She was absolutely amazing. Graceful, witty sharp as a tack and still stunning with a wonderful memory and a great story teller. Just like the interview I only wish it could have went on and on. The interview drew a pretty good crowd and she got a great ovation. An amazing actress and an even
  12. I too recorded Tampico with my dvr through my provider DirectTv with no problems.
  13. The Arbuckle case is just so sad along with Thelma Todd. Roscoe's career was wiped out overnight by a guy who had political aspirations as well as newspaper editors who wanted to sell more papers. In Thelma Todd's case it seems pretty clear that the Luciano influence may seem more likely than Roland West but either way the law looked the other way.
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