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  1. I'm not gone GM just navigating...perhaps DE will post an image ... it is nothing compared to all the others.
  2. Cylor is ROF hickuping -- ACM is Cox 57 -- TCM is Cox 58 channel ... OK my favorite TCM guru Osborne was talking about Gregory Peck -- And I, perchance, floated out of a lucid dream state, and heard Bob comment about the Oscar transaction with Sophia, and the quote (Peck) wished he had worked with Sophia ... Bob then stated, "He never did have a chance to work with Sophia". Arabesque 1966 afirms Osborne's humanity...and my own ablity to juxtupose reality. I thank you filmlover for snapbacking me to a mo bettah re-membrance. BTW merci por monsieur David English connection.
  3. CorelDraw used Hedy's image for CorelDraw 8's box and CD's
  4. It was the day TCM showed "It Started In Naples" ..could have been July ... Bob Osborne's segway was about 4-6 hourss later.... please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. In the Clark Gable 24 hr. event, Bob Osborne, stated ... Sophia Loren announced Gable's Academy award. Osborne contiuned with a statement that Clark regreted not having worked with Sophia. Four hours earlier TCM had showed "It Started In Naples", 1960. Question: What year did Gable win the Oscar, When did Gable say he had not worked with Sophia, Bob is TCM's film Guru. I tune-in to glean movie trivia before films start. Many more times than not Bob's trivia promts me to re-visit a classic. That day I heard Bob describe all the leading ladies Gable worked with, except Sophia. IF I CO
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