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  1. > Okay, The Awful Truth is not a musical. Didn't say it was....
  2. > Not really, you've made 4 posts on this thread all > attacking me or arguing with me. > The one time you even mentioned Hedy Lamarr > you spelled her name wrong. > Thanks for your contributions. > Now go put your head back up your ****. > > Message was edited by: > Snarfie You have way too much time on your hands, you strange, hostile little person. Your over the top fascination with Hedy Lamarrrr profiles you as textbook stalker material. Keep your posts on topic, buddy!
  3. My, my - you're a bossy one! I shall attempt to "keep it on topic" lest I suffer the wrath of your offense. *shivering/boots*
  4. Yes, Gable and Franchot Tone - that was the one with the song you like, "Everything I Have is Yours", right? OK, you've convinced me, she was a hoofer and not a dancer. Thank you Master. ~Grass Hoppa ...and I'm missing Love in the Afternoon (not my own unfortunately, but Billy Wilder's) lol
  5. Last I looked, this forum belonged to TCM, not Snarfie - and my thoughts/posts will continue to reflect that fact - I do apologize if you find this disgruntling - not a hearfelt apology, but an apology all the same.
  6. I disagree Jack - I think the controversial Ms Crawford was a good dancer - that's how she got her start, 900 yrs ago.[/b][/i][/i][/i][/b][/b]
  7. No intentional eschewment (lol) just a random thought, of which I have far too many. When Dunne sang her flapper/burlesque number in The Awful Truth (pretending to be Grant's sister, barging in on the engagement announcement)....now that showed her complete range of abilities, although she sang purposefully baaaaaad. Thanks for mentioning her musicals - I've yet to see them. Now I have to get back to "Love in the Afternoon" - have a swell day.
  8. A wonderful 1957 Billy Wilder classic that's often overlooked "Love in the Afternoon.' Although I'm not a big fan of Gary Cooper (I honestly think he couldn't act) - but Hepburn & Chevalier more than make up for any of Cooper's shortcomings (plus Cooper was waaaaaaay too old to cast opposite Hepburn in this film - Wilder did everthing possible with light/shading/logistics to mask his true age.
  9. The concession stand, corndogs, mono poor quality speakers and the mysterious hump that I found curious until I finally figured out what it was for. Oh, and the occasional glimpse of strangers necking (hey, I was just a kid....)
  10. I'm not sure, but I would assume, that no one would care if you responded or not..... *personally speaking, I don't*
  11. What does Hedy Lamar have to do with George Bush? I?m not wasting time to read this entire thread to see where the conversation went awry. However, in response to the last entry, I would imagine the majority of people who support classic movies are Democrats. Republicans don?t tend to support cultural agendas - y?all be too busy conquering the world by killing-off those who don?t conform to the American way of life. LOL
  12. I could do without musicals altogether on TCM (oh, I may have just stepped on a lot of ppl's toes - sorry) - maybe the award winners only - there are so many really, really bad Nelson/Jeanette films. I enjoy the 30s-50s comedies (isn't Irene Dunne simply the best?! - a true comedic genius often overlooked) - and technicolor - if I'm feeling blue, a technicolor comedy classic is the cure. Doris Day - gotta love Send Me No Flowers, Pillow Talk, etc. Oh- we're supposed to be talking about bad musicals - sorry. LOL
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