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  1. That's a nice way to introduce what I consider one of the best films ever made. I could watch Last Year at Marienbad a hundred times and not get tired of Sacha Vierney's camera elegantly gliding around the chateau and gardens of Marienbad or curiously gazing at Delphine Seyrig's face. Still, what fills me with awe is Resnais somehow managing to fully do justice to Alain Robbe-Grillet's metaphysical conceits. We've let the studios and their publicists define "fun" and "entertainment" for us in ways that are reductive and condescending. Last Year at Marienbad engages the whole of my being and i
  2. The list you posted is very useful. I've seen them all and each is a must-see for film lovers. The list is representative of what has been made available via theatrical release and home video in the USA. Thus, the list is relective of a cultural bias in favor of West European cinema, especially French. This bias is inherent to American culture. Why do you think our government put people born in America of Japanese parents in camps in the desert whereas immigrants born in Germany and Italy where allowed to be free during WWII? The same attitude prevails today and it permeates every aspect of th
  3. Surprised to hear you can't find german films to rent. Netflix has 219 on dvd. Any decent video store has many of the titles available only on vhs.
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