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  1. WOW!! Great movie! I am so completely shocked. Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is actually a good movie! This is unreal. Freud would have a field day. Aggressive women punished for their dominance, an old impotent man using his son as a proxy to rape a virgin, a lesbian using a car as a **** to kill men... it just goes on! This is sexual expressionism with a beat motif. It's like all the actors graduated the Emil Jannings school of acting with a major in sex. I'm still really shocked and THANK YOU TCM! It's a hell of a risk showing these films, but WoW! I've discovered a whole
  2. This is the most critical period for film preservation. If we're careful we can preserve (and restore) pretty much everything that exists and is still in one piece. The key is to be able to digitize all of it so there's no risk of future loss Off film, it's as safe as safe will ever get. Once digitized, they can be restored later on when time and money permit. Archiving is the priority and it's a race against time. We've already lost most of the silents and many Technicolor and Eastmancolor films are fading into oblivion. It's exceptionally important that we stop this process now, while we sti
  3. > It's "Orpheus," directed by Jean Cocteu. Careful: > it's a foreign picture. Ah excellent! It looked an awful lot like BeB but I would have remembered that shot. I can't wait to see it! Thank you!
  4. I loved Zsa Zsa in Queen of Outer Space. Few things are so completely outrageous as a Gabor. They'd be celebrities in any time period; like tail fins on Cadillacs. You can't help but smile.
  5. I think I have a recording of it. I have to look at the DVR stuff I recorded while I was at work. I might be able to burn a copy of it. I don't know how big it will be. I'm happy to help you out (if I don't get banned for my last post in the, 'baloney' thread). Hehe.
  6. I'm embarrassed for TCM. By bothering to understand and learn from this shorts festival we will be able to gain greater appreciation for the films some here so narrowly define as, "classic." Many, many, of the films on show today are seminal to cinema as we know it. Just now I'm watching two very rare Hitchcock propaganda shorts produced for distribution to the French underground in World War II. Think maybe these might enlighten us not just about film, but in how the British distributed propaganda favorable to the allies, about things the British wanted the French resistance to know a
  7. They're called bugs and they're just as annoying. I wish all stations would drop them entirely. Some stations are, however, much worse than TCM and either leave the bug on at all times or accompany the bug with scrolling pop-up windows and data. I will not watch channels that do that no matter what they play.
  8. >Well, that?s my point. No one remembers the movies shown in the promo. >Everyone remembers the blonde lady with the tattoo, but they don?t remember >the films being promoted. I don?t need a promo of a blonde lady with a tattoo to >remember TCM. I remember the movies, Seventh Seal, La Belle et Le Bete, something with what appeard to be HedyLamarr, San Francisco, Sunset Boulevard, a Chaplin film, Yojimbo (can't tell), and what I later discovered to be Aleksandr Nevskiy, plus some shorts and a few films I didn't recognize I saw these images and the ones I knew of I was happy
  9. It does indeed follow with a vowel, "Herm?s and TCM present..." She heavily syllabalizes her, "s" sounds leading me to think she's trying very hard not to change, "s" into "th." The sound of the music seems to hit a note exactly in the same range as her voice the second she says it but I'm all but certain she's saying, "airmeth."
  10. I think this is a great idea. We can discuss the DVDs, what's good, what's bad, what's newly released, what needs remastering, and a whole host of things. It would be great feedback on the DVD releases themselves and help marketing target demand.
  11. MovieGal53 - What 50s and 60s did you grow-up in?? Korea, Vietnam, Cuban Missile Crisis, Assassinations, Civil Rights, McCarthyism and the Red Scare, Cold War, Youth Movement, Drug Culture, Women's Rights, Housing Slump, DDT, The Great Society, Agent Orange, Environmentalism, Rock and Roll, and the near ruin of Hollywood. I think seeing these films because they give you a feeling of nostalgia is great. Really. Everyone likes to be remembered of the happier times in their lives and every generation, alive or dead, has cursed the ones that follow, positive the world will end when they take o
  12. This is driving me nuts, sorry if it's trivial. Does the announcer mispronounce, "Herm?s", the first time she says it? It sounds as though she has a lisp and is saying, "airmeth". I know how 'Hermes' is pronounced en fran?ais, but the "th" at the end is just plain wrong. I'm kind of shocked by it. If I were Herm?s, I'd demand a re-take with a different announcer. It's a beautiful promo, however. No other complaints. Message was edited by: Jason_Els
  13. I second Fail Safe! The most chilling of political thrillers ever. It has given me nightmares with its starkly cold and realistic scenario. The ending leaves me shell shocked. Superb cast and masterful cinematography. I have to keep my answer narrow, I think, because politics is such a broad subject and includes so many variations, from spy, war, homefront, quasi-historical, clash of classes, allegories, etc. I could include everything from The Birth of a Nation to The Thing from Another World to Mrs. Miniver to Network to The Grapes of Wrath to The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie!
  14. Thank You! I'm so happy to find who does these. Interesting site, there's nothing else on it. However something odd is going on there. I clicked on, and watched, "Tear Jerkers" on that site but when I looked at the site again it was gone. This is very odd. Others I watched didn't disappear.
  15. I have loved, absolutely loved, nearly every montage TCM has come-up with. I even write them and tell them to pay whomever does them a LOT more money so that person won't leave. The promos are direct, astonishing, lush, stunning. They are unlike anything else done and they break the original narratives in which these films were constructed and reconstructs them around a theme, allowing us to view them as fresh and brilliant all over again. Beck's "Lonesome Tears" trailer just blew me away. It was just unbelievably beautiful. These films aren't some celluloid memory closets, they're vit
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