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  1. This sounds familiar. I'm going to guess it's from Madame X. Did John Van Dreelen say it to Lana?
  2. That sounds like something John Barrymore would say. I'll guess he said it in Dinner at Eight, and that he said it to that cute little blonde, Madge Evans?
  3. Brad, Peter Fonda played Dracula in a film called Nadja (1994). I haven't seen it, and Netflix doesn't have it. There's a bunch of other people who've played Dracula too, but I just listed ones I thought were interesting/fun. Stooge
  4. Correct on both counts! You're up Aftermath.
  5. What did John Carradine, David Carradine, Charlie Callas, Lon Chaney, Peter Fonda, Christopher Lee, David Niven, Leslie Nielsen, Gary Oldman and Bela Lugosi have in common?
  6. There was a TV show in the early 50's called Four Star Playhouse. The "Four Stars" were Charles Boyer, David Niven, Ida Lupino and Dick Powell.
  7. Hmmm. I'm pretty sure 44 was Hank Aaron's number, and of course Daryl Strawberry. But I don't think they were in any classic films.
  8. Judith is correct. It is Timothy Hutton. And Dan is correct about him playing Daniel. He won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for Ordinary People when he was 20. I believe he is still the youngest winner. You're up, Judith.
  9. Aftermath, I don't know of any film where Martin Sheen played Julius Rosenberg, so I'm not sure what role you're thinking of, but it's not him. And the role played was not Julius Rosenberg, but in an interesting twist, this actor did play the son of Julius Rosenberg in a third film, although it was a fictionalized version of the Rosenberg story, so the characters' names were not the Rosenbergs. Does that help?
  10. Ok, here's another hint: He won an Oscar at age 20. At the time, he was the youngest ever winner in his category.
  11. Aftermath, did Martin Sheen play a second real-life person convicted of selling secrets to the Soviets? I'm not aware of one, and he's not the person I'm thinking of.
  12. Ok, what actor played two real-life men who were convicted of selling secrets to the Soviets? The second was a TV movie, but since there really aren't a jillion movies made about real-life people selling secrets to the Soviets, I'm including this TV movie to make it a little more interesting. This is two separate films in which he starred.
  13. How about African Queen? Don't Bogey and Hepburn share a kiss when they are launching their attack on the German warship? That would be a famous film and a famous pair, but I don't know if it qualifies as tanks rolling.
  14. I'm going to guess Ricardo Montalban. He is Mexican, but I recall him playing Native Americans in several Westerns (I think he was Cochise in one, but I don't remember which one).
  15. I'm with the Lana lovers. She was so darn cute when she was 19ish in Ziegfeld Girl, and really stole the show in that one IMO, and then at around age 39 or so in Imitation of Life, she was so glamorous and stunning. I think Nort(?) captured it perfectly in that she represented perfectly the glamour of the Golden Age. She is one of my all-time favorites, and this is one of her best films. I do think the part itself, and the dialogue, did not give her the opportunity to give a great dramatic performance, but I thought she did a great job with the scenes as they were written. And John Gavin
  16. I also read Cast of Killers when it came out in the late 80's (I'm remembering it that way anyway) and recommend it as a better-than-average mystery and first-rate Hollywood history.
  17. On the Shirley Temple question, I'm going to guess that Eugene Butler maybe kissed her in Glad Rags to Riches (1932), which was one of those diaper movies she was in. I'm not a big ST fan and have never seen anything she did before Little Miss Marker, but she was kind of cute in that one.
  18. Okay, I've got the brothers one. Tough one, but I?ve got it. Jeff Bridges played an infant at a train station, and Beau Bridges a little boy in the train station, in The Company She Keeps (1951). Jeff was held by Jane Greer (a companion of Howard Hughes and wife of Rudy Vallee), who also was in Against All Odds (1984). Jeff and Beau were reunited on the screen in The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989).
  19. Yes, Ayres, it was Hepburn and Holliday. I believe you now have the honors.
  20. Who am I? I was famous for my overbite. My best-known role was as a murder victim. I was married to a famous costume designer. My final film role was a remake of Three Coins in a Fountain.
  21. I'm 99% certain this is Charlton Heston. His son Frasier Clarke Heston played the infant Moses in The Greatest Story Ever Told (1956). He was President of SAG and the NRA.
  22. "Please don't apologize to that jerk. He has no business setting himself up as Mr. Allmighty Perfect Speller." Almighty. (CineSage is on his break and I'm covering for him.)
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