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  1. Ack ~ I saw that movie, too! I can't remember the name of it, darn this Alzheimer's! Unfortunately, it seems to be a common practice with authors to "lift" portions of other books, movies, myths, etc., expand on them and incorporate them into their publications. While not actually plagiarism, it comes pretty close. When I was younger, I was enthralled by Stephen King. Not so much, now. I've come across many instances in reading other books and watching films that I'm sure he must also have seen! If only my memory would kick into gear to give credence to this statement! I have come to the concl
  2. Teresa Wright ~ what an actress! She could make you laugh, make you cry. She was wonderful. Geraldine Fitzgerald was also great ~ very independent ~ a precursor to today's woman. Both of them (I think) won awards, but didn't get enough work in film, if you ask me!
  3. Lady ~ There are so many wonderful movies out there, I don't know where to start. If I knew your age group and your friends' interests, I might be of more help. One good movie is Mrs. Miniver (WWII) ~ an award winner. Has everything, love story, war, woman alone, etc. Touches a lot of soft spots. Also good (though very old) is Frank Capra's It Happened One Night with Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable. For musicals, many to pick from. I especially like Judy Garland's films. However, an interesting contrast might be to pick a James Cagney gangster film (Roaring 20s is a good one), p
  4. Mine was also a Disney ~ Peter Pan (1953). I must have been really small, 3 or 4 years old. I still smile when I think about it. My dad took me to see the film, but before we left, mom and dad had to tell my younger sister that dad was taking me to the dentist! She was such a crybaby then and is to this day, they had to make up something so she wouldn't want to tag along! Whew ~ what a relief when I found out that I was going to the movies and not the dentist!
  5. I really enjoyed this movie, mostly because of Tim Hovey. What a little doll-baby! I just wanted to hug him to pieces. I almost skipped this film because I'm no big fan of Mr. Heston (too stiff and righteous for me), but I'm sure glad I didn't. What a shame ~ It's so sad that Tim Hovey came to the end that he did. I was curious about him too, but Songbird2, you saved me some research. I haven't had time with work today and trying to get some sleep last night to start looking around for info on him. Thanks for the mini-update (too bad it's such a sad ending).
  6. Hi, Danny ~ I just happened to see this thread ~ I have the exact same DVD as a single, also called The Amazing Adventure. I looked it up in the Leonard Maltin guide and he has it listed as The Amazing Adventure of Ernest Bliss (1936). So I guess you can take your pick of titles. Anyway, that 1 and Penny Serenade were at Walmart for $1 and being the Grant fan that I am, I had to get them. I pretty much agree with your choice of Grant titles, although believe it or not, I haven't seen some of them. I'm renting Only Angles Have Wings later in the month, so I will finally get to see it. Of co
  7. > Two part question -- and please keep responses fairly > short > > 1. Do you plan on watching the Oscars? No, but I may sneak a peak at the red carpet, just for the fashions. > 2. If not, was there a time in your life when you > did watch them? I always watched them ~ but now it's gotten to the point where I say to myself "Who ARE these people?" I guess I'm just getting old.
  8. It's unfortunate for some of us that this wonderful film is on so late...I won't be able to watch it tonight, but luckily, I purchased the DVD last week. This has to be one of the most touching movies I have ever seen. As soon as I hear the theme music, it reduces me to tears. My dad recommended this film many years ago. Thanks, Dad. I hope you'll be watching tonight.
  9. Yes, and that is why I really think that was what was in that hatbox. She had it with her when they went out to John Wayne's burned out home where the cacti were in bloom.
  10. For me, it would have to be Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear. I cannot watch that film to this day. He scares me to death. Lee Marvin comes a close second after watching Liberty Valance last night (good performance ~ boy did I absolutely detest his character and would have shot him myself). I haven't seen the Manchurian Candidate but I will have to catch it. Angela Lansbury looks like my mother in law, and from the sound of her character, my MIL could play it easily. It won't be a stretch for me to imagine her in the role!
  11. Notorious ~ After the wine cellar scene, outside in the garden. It's a Wonderful Life ~ The famous "telephone scene". I love the fact that her mother is highly offended by the whole thing! Witness ~ a more modern movie and not actually a love scene, but a flirting scene. In the barn, when Harrison Ford is trying to start the car and the radio is playing "Wonderful World"
  12. There are no movies about my profession. If there were, they would be boring as h***. However, I just finished work and I think a good candidate would be "I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang!" I can't take it!
  13. Anne ~ I was puzzled about the hatbox, too, also puzzled by where that blooming cactus came from that was on the coffin. Maybe the cactus was in that hatbox, you think?
  14. Thank you, Holly! What a memory....There's no way I would ever have remembered the actors in that episode... I was too busy being terrified! Who played the serial killer, do you know? I can't see it being Kerr, he was much too small in stature.
  15. I have heard everything from alcoholism, lisping, and loosing his false teeth regarding Mr. Osborne's sometimes hesitant speech pattern. Didn't anyone ever consider he may be having TIAs (small strokes) which are affecting his speech? Considering his age, this is entirely possible. I would hate to see him replaced, as he is a very knowledgeable host. However, I think Leonard Malton would be a good choice. He has an affable personality and he knows film. His Video guide is my bible for information regarding anything up to 1993 (I need to get an updated version).
  16. Gummy ~ You're perfectly welcome. I had asked on the boards a couple of months ago if anyone had seen this, but I used the title, which no one seemed to recognize. I am glad that I am not the only one who remembers this horrible but fascinating show. It was chilling from beginning to end. I wish I could remember who played the younger nurse. All I can remember is that she reminded me of Joan Fontaine. Anyone know who she was?
  17. By the way, Ricky1 and Norbell have the plot right. The title comes from a cellar window banging in the storm throughout the story.
  18. I remember this well ~ It was an Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled "An Unlocked Window" I saw this as an adolescent and it shocked me to death. My father was watching it with me and when he saw my reaction to the "nurse" being what s/he was, he roared with laughter. I never suspected that ending and it scared me so that I will never forget it or the title. I bought the 1st season of AF Presents about a month ago hoping (or maybe fearing) that this episode would be included. It wasn't.
  19. Anne ~ After reading through this thread, all I can add to your last 2 posts is "AMEN"!!!!
  20. I never minded Peter Lorre, and actually kind of liked him until I saw him in Hitchock's Secret Agent. I am so used to seeing him without hair and in that film he had a ton of curly locks. For some reason, that, and his creepiness in the film really turned me off! Ugh!
  21. Just a thought ~ I used to spend a lot of summers in Canada and have some very good friends there ~ in the course of my visits there, I learned that there is some kind of a code or law that states a certain percentage of entertainment has to be "Canadian based" and feature Canadian entertainers. I don't know if this is still in effect, but if it is, it might have something to do with your programming changes. Just guessing.
  22. Otterhere ~ Sorry, I just get mixed up sometimes! Just to let you know, I like your idea of how to celebrate the day ~ I may be joining you. We had a snow and ice storm and I have a bottle of wine in the fridge!
  23. Bronxgirl Hi ~ I can't find your original post and I know it wasn't directed at me, but you've got to be talking about Rick Lenz from Cactus Flower, right? I watched that last night and I couldn't get over how much he was like Jimmy Stewart - even his mannerisms! It made me wonder if he was related somehow! By the way, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!
  24. Funny, Scarlett, very funny. Can you imagine her saying "Fiddle dee dee!"
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