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  1. Have to agree here. With all the resources TCM has, you would think it might show March's superb "Death of A Salesman." Certainly one of his most moving portrayals. Happy to see "Middle of the Night", however, one of Chayevsky's patented love-overcomes-obstacles movies---sort of like "Marty" turned upside down. And it's one of the few movies in which an older man loves (yes, really loves) a younger woman and doesn't get punished for it!
  2. Same thing with me. It used to be on Ch. 5 in LA, hosted (interrupted, but in a nice way, with little tidbits about the movie) by Patrick McNee. Now it is gone. It is infinitely better than the one available on TCM---it's not their fault, they obviously can't get it. Still, one would think that they could somehow show it.....oh well......
  3. Let's see...any four? 1. The Lacemaker, a French film by Claude Goretta. Heartbreaking--- about a not too bright but very sweet woman who finds love and then loses it. 2. Treasure of Sierra Madre---a great movie about human nature and the randomness of life. 3. Duck Soup---the Marx Bros at their best. The bit with the mirror is literally hilarious. Great theme of the absurdity of war. 4. City Lights---Chaplin was a genius, of course, but this movie touches my heart and makes me laught at the same time. Message was edited by: Buck18
  4. Yes, I know that movie. But the original (seen on TMC) is something else!
  5. Well, it looks like I'll have to reply to my own query. I think the movie I've been searching for is "The Silver Cord." Joel McCrae is in it and Laura Hope Crews plays the uncomfortably sexy and flirtatious mom. I saw it on TCM. Anyone else seen this movie? Does anyone agree that it has a wierd incest subtext?
  6. Hawkeye: I enjoyed my time in Iowa City. And I'm still loyal to the University. I agree that it is always fun to see an Iowa alumni t-shirt or cap far away from Iowa. As for my pre-code faves, "The Greeks", of course, and "Baby Face"---and I also love "42nd Street", which is nominally pre-code, with some very racy dialogue.
  7. Gypsy: on your other matter. I certianly agree that "My Forgotten Man" is one of the most powerful pieces of music ever put on screen. The only other movie music that can move me to tears is "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?" The Depression tapped into the deepest of emotions and both songs reveal them. The lines from "Brother"...."once in khaki suits....and "oh, don't you remember they called me Al..." break me up. and Joan Blondell, radiating sexuality and youth is the most excellent visual counterpoint for "My Forgotten Man." I really loved Joan Blondell. Wottababe!
  8. Absolutely! Thanks for letting us see the lobby card. Pre-code films are fun to watch even if they are, in my view, a bit tepid when it comes to the sexy stuff. Some are very lurid (The Black Cat and Night Nurse), but I agree that none that I've even seen comes close to that one scene in The Greeks Had a Word for Them for the almost-depiction of real sex. Another interesting aspect of this whole discussion is the fetishistic "baby burlesque" movies that starred people like Shirley Temple. Disguised as being cute, these movies are really bizarre, and, from what I gather, were very popular.
  9. I don't come from Iowa---went there to get my MA. Come from NYC, live now in LA (Culver City, near the LA airport). Excuse me for saying this but---GO HAWKS!
  10. Yes, it's a pretty good pre-code film. Certainly the raciest one I ever saw (and that includes "Skyscraper Souls!") BTW, I, too, am an Iowa Hawkeye!
  11. I've never seen this documentary, but it is supposed to be superb. It's about the people who worked in watch factories who painted radium on the hands of the watches to make them glow in the dark (the hands, not the people). Predictably and sadly, most of these factory workers got cancer. This is supposed to be a great documentary. Has anyone seen it?
  12. Stupid Buck18---I can say this because I'm calling myself a dolt----David Lean's "Great Expectations," of course!
  13. One of my favorite Pre-Code movies is "Three Broadway Girls"AKA "The Greeks Had a Word for Them." It's the usual gold-digger story with a lot of shots of pretty girls in underwear, but it also contains, if I remember correctly, a rather steamy scene featuring Joan Blondell. Blondell is making out with one of her suitors and there is a close-up of her face---and I swear she gives every indication of penetration and/or ****. Has anyone ever seen this scene? Certainly one of the hottest from pre-code WB.
  14. Where to Begin......Well, certainly with "The Rocking Horse Winner," a heartbreaking movie that is spooky at the same time, with some great insights into middle-class British society. Based, of course, on the DH Lawrence story. With John Mills "Seven Days to Noon", the ancestor of all the deserted-city movies, except with the atom bomb standing in for zombies. Barry Jones is the mad scientist, I believe. "An Inspector Calls", one of the great chamber pieces of British film. Carol Reed's "Great Expectations", certainly the best movie version of a Dickens novel. Enough!
  15. I posted this on the Hot Topics forum, but have not gotten a reply. It may be that I was barking up the wrong forum, so to speak. So---how about a little help here. A while back, I caught a movie on TCM from the thirties about a mother who was jealous of her son's girlfriend. The girlfriend, while attractive, was portrayed as mousy and prim. The mother was youthful, wore revealing clothes, was heavily made-up and virtually flirted with her son. So, the incest subext was not hidden at all. This certainly sounds like Forbidden Hollywood to me. Anybody know the name of the movie?
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