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  1. The Kim interview was just Amazing..she is such a wonderful and beautiful lady..so honest and candid about everything..i have always been a fan..so thankful this happened..thanks to Robert for his perfect interview skills.. *. also to those of you that have to make rude comments about Kim's looks or think you have the right to say what you believe didn't look quite right..i say to you all..Get A Real Life! go look in your mirror and judge yourself and not another.* Kim Novak, your Beautiful and Amazing!
  2. I agree Michael Jackson does NOT belong On TCM or the message boards! FG
  3. As a kid, the first time i ever saw Ingrid Bergman, was at Christmas time, snd she was a nun on tv!lol Yes the wonderful Bells Of St. Mary's! I have watched that movie every year since i was about 10 years old, i never get tired of it and never tire of watching Ingrid in anything she has done, she was a remarkable woman and actress. It is so nice to see a thread on here about her, she is one of my all time favorites! FG
  4. Lana is another big favorite of mine, she was beautiful young, and even more as she got older. I love her in the rarely seen Green Dolphin Street. FG
  5. I had never really seen any Jeanette movies,my mother has always been a fan of hers,so when TCM aired Three Daring Daughters, i thought i'd watch, i was shocked to see how totally beautiful Jeanette was in color, and the movie was really good, i hope TCM will show it again, and i hope they start putting all of Jeanette's movies out on DVD ,now i am a new fan of hers!
  6. How exciting, To actually see a screen legend in person, i'd love to see Kim, she is a real favorite..lucky you! F.G. Message was edited by: ForeverGarland
  7. Kim Novak has been a longtime favorite of mine,i think she has been very overlooked as a great Hollywood actress and beauty, and deserves better..Thanks to TCM for a special day of the wonderful Kim Novak!! F.G.
  8. I did see a few of the movies TCM had on Roz, she is also a favorite of mine, hopefully they will air again soon, i did miss quite a few but the ones i did see i really enjoyed,Roz was a superb actress, and the likes of which we will never see again! F.G.
  9. Cashette, that is great news, i'll have to look for that release dvd..sounds great! F.G.
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