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    king kong

    Well now you do have me very curious about this movie you mentioned, which happens to be a silent movie entitled The Lost World from back in (1925) I have just placed a suggestion to TCM to perhaps consider showing this movie sometime in the not to far future. I do hope this is a possibility because I would like to see it. Thanks for this title I would have never known otherwise. Now we will all have to simply wait and see what happens? ~Angel~
  2. SouthParkFan8000 This information is for you and for any one else in the mood to see another horror movie entitled "The Hills Have Eyes." Well I do have some great news to tip you off with today. It appears there will very soon be a new release of this movie entitled "The Hills Have Eyes." Many of you horror fans might already know there was a 2006 TV showing of this movie. Which was done quite well as far as horror movies go. Yes, it too had a far out, but still a bit believable story line. The extreme make up on these mutants was really done well, by the way! This latest number 2 mo
  3. A big "THANK YOU" to everyone that has helped to add to this fabulous collection of photographs here in the Gallery of Characters! Keep them coming they are great!
  4. I can't honestly say which was my most favorite "Alien" character in the movies gone by at this time? I can say, the one of a kind movie called Plan 9 was indeed a low budget movie and grossed very little cash at the box office. But I find it a great horror movie to watch, because of its continuous mistakes and hilarious unfortunate events throughout the entire movie. It's a classic because it was so very BAD! I truthfully enjoy seeing it each time it makes a return to TV. I find myself laughing a lot and feeling very silly as I watch this strange, but FUN and comically entertaining fil
  5. This is an excellent idea folks! But this has to happen soon, since Roger Moore isn't getting any younger or healthier. He is a very impressive actor. ~Angel~
  6. It appears there will soon be a new release of the movie entitled "The Hills Have Eyes." As many of you horror fans might already know there was a 2006 TV showing of this movie. Which was done quite well as far as horror movies go with a far out, but still a bit believable story line. The make up on these mutants was really done well, by the way! This latest number 2 movie, "The Hills Have Eyes II " is promising to be a continued story where the last version left us hang. It should be arriving at your local movie theaters early in February 2007. So if you are a fan of this interesting h
  7. Showing on January 14th - You have to check this one out! "I Want To Live!" Coming soon on TCM! Originally released in the year (1958) This story is based on a tue story. It is about a lady from a small town that decides to turn bad! Who later on has the price to pay...with a desperate fight to escape her sentence to the gas chamber. This is an extremely well acted and directed true story and I suggest if you have never seen this one to make it a point to do so. This film is well worth your time. The cast includes a dynamic performance by: Susan Hayward, Simon Oakland, Theodore Bike
  8. Angelx

    king kong

    That was a wonderful response to the post I just placed Bill, thanks for that! If I recall correctly the best scene with this wind blown effect would be while King Kong was on top of the highest point of the Empire Stare Building. I would think that was a direct attempt to hypnotize us audiences. This movie is such a fun film to remember for us all, it seems! It's such a classic! Angelx
  9. Angelx

    king kong

    That's a great notable statement! Yes, I also think the added touch of the wind blowing King Kong's fur was really an awesome effect. In its time this was a creative effort to make this creature more alive and real to the mesmerized viewing audiences. I can't say this is my favorite movie of all time, but it is by far my favorite version of this storyline and movie all time. The credits are due where they rest. About the 1977 film, it was an all time waste of time and money for both the movie makers and the audience that paid to see it. (Like myself!) I think many of us were there out
  10. Angelx

    king kong

    I must say, I couldn't have said it better! The 1933 version of King Kong is without a question an absolute true CLASSIC! We can't help but to respect this original version of this movie. After all there was very little to work with in the way of creating those great special effects in those days. No computerization, which is commonly used in about every film today. Making a movie back then was a real challenge. This alone is reason enough to appreciate and admire the hard efforts behind making this type of movie and the presentation it delivered to the silver screen. The story line at th
  11. Good news: Sci-Fi month starts on TCM! - Look at the January 2007 Movie Schedule - Please notice the date of the 9th. There will be some great classic horror/Sci-Fi movie showings on this date. So check them out & set up those recorders, because these are some real winners folks. Here are some examples on the schedule. Look for "Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" (1964) An unearthed mummy returns to life to claim the reincarnation of his lost love. Cast: Teremce Morgan, Jeanne Roland, Fred Clark. Dir: Michael Carreras. C-81 mins. At 7:30 AM "Curse of the Cat People" (1944) A lonel
  12. movielover11: Yes, I too agree films with Vic Morrow are always done well. He is one fine actor! I am hoping TCM will treat us all someday to a day of his films. That is a great idea thanks. ~Angel~
  13. Hi SWfan: Yes, Vic Morrow was indeed the star in this most unusual and made for TV movie entitled "The Night That Panicked America." He played the main role character of Hank Muldoon. Here are some more added details about the stars found in this film and its writers and director. I mentioned in a past post that this movie was made in the year 1973. I must add that there has been two versions on the exact year 1973 and 1975. So until this movie is located again...we can take our own pick? Thanks SWfan! I sure hope this helps you out my friend. Directed by Joseph Sargent Wr
  14. dennis214: I did some quick searching and found the movie you were asking about! This movie that got into those fun details on how "War of the Worlds" was put together was made in the year 1973 and entitled "Night That Panicked America." I understand it has not been put on DVD or up for rental. It was featured only on TV. Maybe we can talk TCM to someday show this informative and interesting movie? This movie was indeed considered a true gem and well worth seeing. So we need to put in a serious request in the suggestion box, for TCM to please try to present this movie to all of us curio
  15. dennis214: Thanks for the note! Sorry, I don't have the answer to this one? But perhaps, someone that does know will read this and follow up with their post? It sounds like something I might have seen many years ago? It was mostly a movie about the making of the original radio show that was entitled "War of the Worlds" in all its detail. Interesting stuff! I hope this happens to ring a bell with someone out there that can help us out here with the exact title? I would like to see it myself. Hey, does anyone out there have any feedback about this one? Thanks for any information you ca
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