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  1. Amen, Stella! And, besides, thats what the remote is for! Long live TCM!!!
  2. To say that "Chariots of Fire" is anything but an amazing film, with a screen full of wonderful performances, and a compelling, wonderfully realized story of courage and redemption, is to not have seen the same film I saw. Yes, there was a lot of running in the film...running toward something...running away from something...and each character able to exult in the final, sweet victory over indifference, intolerance, racial bigotry, and questions of faithlessness. This film is a masterpiece, and one of the most "right" decisions ever made by the Academy for Best Picture, certainly better in ever
  3. Oh, but there are so many others...when you are dealing with Bette Davis, there is so much quality viewing to choose from. You named many from her period when she was the "Queen", but there are many others, both before and after that should not be missed..."Of Human Bondage"(1935), where Life magazine stated she gave "probably the greatest performance yet given on the screen by a U.S. actress"..."Its Love Im After"(1937), a hilarious comedy with Leslie Howard..."Dangerous"(1935) her first Academy Award-winning performance..."The Star"(1952), a hard-hitting portrait of what happens when fame go
  4. I guess I'll be a lone voice in the wilderness, and vote for Lee Remick, Gina Lollabridgeda, Ingrid Bergman, Anne Baxter, and Raquel Welch as tops...I like to throw some new names in the mix, some I dont ever see.
  5. I love to get things stirred up, and I think this may do it superbly...who really is "The Greatest", and why do you feel that way? My vote goes to Bette Davis, for many reasons. She could play any part she was physically suited for, be it comedy, drama, whatever. She could break your heart, then five minutes later tear it out of you, usually in the same film. She was able to play in some of the greatest films of the Golden Era of Hollywood, and usually did so without a male co-star of her stature, and carry the movie on her formidable shoulders perfectly. She was the "star" of whatever vehicle
  6. Bad grammar?! Puhleeeze!! Some people have too much time on their hands. I love TCM, and I wouldnt care who did the talking, or what they said, as long as I could still view these wonderful films and revel in the glory that was the Golden Age of Hollywood. Give me more Bette, and Cary, and Audrey, and Marlene, and Fred, among many others!!
  7. I thought "As Good As It Gets" was terrible, and actually wasted money to see it in the theatre when it came out. The only way I would watch it again would be with a gun to my head.
  8. I think the special features this month are wonderful, and I can hardly wait till Bette's day. As rabid as a Davis fan as I am, there are some of the films on her days schedule I have never seen, and am looking forward to finally seeing them. I actually have the day off from work on "Bette Day", so it will be twice as sweet. Fasten your seatbelts!!!
  9. Ain't that the truth!! Theres not a one out there that can hold a candle to Bette, and I will tell you why...VERSATILITY!!! Bette was always someone different, in every role, from **** to madonna, frump to fashion plate, innocent to guilty-as-hell!! There was not one role, in any piece you can name, that if she was physically suited for, she could not play. Joseph Mankiweicz said "Baring Grand Opera, there is nothing she can't do", and he should know! And, beyond all the artistry, all the awards and honors, and the signifigance she will always carry, she always seemed to be one hell of a dame,
  10. As far as Im concerned, they are two different things. The reality of their life offscreen never really had any bearing on the fantasy created onscreen, as the examples of Joan Crawford, Bing Crosby, etc. indicate. No matter what may have transpired, these were professional actors, and the really good ones let their personalities show through anyway.
  11. This also reminds me of a funny story, contained in one of the many books about Dietrich, that there was only once in her entire life she was jealous of another women's beauty. Supposedly she was at some Tinseltown club one evening, full of stars, but seemingly everyone noticed when Hedy Lamarr descended the stairs that evening. Marlene said she actually took her breath away to look at her, as stunning as she was at that moment. Further, according again to this book, Marlene had to leave because there was no way she was going to be the second most-beautiful woman there that night!
  12. The most handsome men would have to include Guy Madison, Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Ronald Colman, and Paul Newman. Lots of differences in their styles, but all had charm and "male beauty" to spare.
  13. I would say Gregory Peck, as scum-bag Lewt Macandless, in "Duel In The Sun" must rank as mis-casting of the highest order. Maybe it didnt seem so at the time, and I do realize that an actor is supposed to be able to play most parts they are physically suited for, but come on! His tongue was stuck so far in his cheek the whole film, and he seemed about the only person in the film that realized what trash it was. He just was never convincing as an evil, conniving, SOB, as this part required him to be. Must be why he seldom ventured there, and left that sort of character to others.
  14. Im going to go with Bette Davis, Garbo, Dietrich, and Mae West on the actress side (Mae ought to shake things up!)..The gentleman would include Chaplin, Bogart, Gable, and Cary Grant....South Dakota would never be the same!!
  15. She was wonderful, and the film is superb! I bet I have watched "Auntie Mame" at least 50 times myself, and I will gladly watch it 50 more times, as it brings an immense amount of pleasure to me. I have always thought that Roz Russell must have been a little like Mame herself, as she captured this woman beautifully. The dinner party toward the end of the film is a comic riot as well!!! Life is a banquet!!
  16. Ive looked at lots of pictures, stills, press photos, etc. of lots of ladies in my life, and I can actually recall only twice actually going "WOW!!". Just seeing the pic just took my breath away, and just riveted me to that spot for what seemed like an eternity. The first was a picture of Marlene Dietrich, sitting in a chair, cigarette in hand, legs crossed, just looking at the camera. The second was a picture of Ann-Margaret, just a face shot looking at the camera, shimmering curtain behind her (maybe in Vegas?). These two pictures of these two stars certainly made an impression on me that I
  17. I also think Burt Lancaster was an excellent actor, and when he was given the right material, he really kept the viewers rapt attention, no matter what else was going on. I think "Come Back, Little Sheba" was a fine portrait of a man driven down by life, and the smothering but well-meaning love of a devoted wife. "Atlantic City" was another stand-out Lancaster performance, and I cry everytime he steps into the corn for the last time in "Field of Dreams", knowing he has missed his chance to become a ball player, but destined to accomplish even more.
  18. These boards are for all that want to get involved, not merely the witty and sardonic among us. Save the droll sarcasm for the Dorothy Parker set, and let's all stick to what we are here for, and thats the appreciation of Hollywood's bounty. Not making ourselves feel more important at the expense of others.
  19. Favorite Actress, hands down, Bette Davis...Fave Actor, Cary Grant...Fave Director, William Wyler...Fave Film, "All About Eve"...did I mention I looooove Bette?
  20. I would like to see, cause I have never seen it, "Its Love I'm After" with Bette Davis and Leslie Howard, with support from Olivia deHavilland. I've heard it is a riot in places, and I'd love to laugh with Bette, for a change. Ive seen "The Bride Came C.O.D", which wasnt too hot, and I really enjoyed "June Bride", and since she didnt make too many comedies to begin with, I'd like to see all the ones I can.
  21. But, he couldnt sing or dance, and he certainly couldnt save a dull movie either, so I dont think that qualifies it as an "Essential". I think Marlon Brando, Sinatra and Co. are terrific, in other pictures and at other points in their careers, but "Dolls" was not a high point for anyone involved. Stubby Kaye was pretty funny, and would have walked off with the pic if given more to do, and Jean Simmons also seemed as if she was aware of what her characters motivations were, but Brando and Sinatra were just slumming. Didnt know they despised each other though, not really that hard to believe.
  22. Yes, yes, Angela Lansbury in "The Manchurian Candidate"...now there was pure evil incarnate! She almost seethed at everyone in her path to destruction and political opportunism, but didnt you just want to slap her sometime, and tell her just to shut up! She really played this monster mother with a blazing intensity that was a sight to behold, and to say that it was a real joy to see her get hers in the end is an understatement. I really feel this was one of the many instances where the Academy really dropped the ball; if she did not deserve the Oscar for this performance, I would dare so no on
  23. Yes, Bette was always roughest on herself (and thats saying a lot!), but "Dangerous" was certainly no consolation prize. She was superb from start to finish, and even though the ending was lame, she had no reason to feel cheated for having not won, or even been nominated for "Bondage". It would have been impossible to reach the heights she achieved in "Bondage" anyway, as "Dangerous" did not lend itself to big scenes, especially where she lets Leslie Howard have it, and tells him she used to wipe her mouth off when he kissed her. That scene, after all the times Ive seen it, is still rather har
  24. I dont think Bette Davis was mean, or vicious in "Of Human Bondage", she was just completely self-absorbed to the point that no one or nothing meant anything at all, it was ALL about her. She wheeled and dealed, cajoled and batted those eyes, until Philip, who was far too weak to resist and didnt know what he had gotten into until it was too late, gave her exactly what she wanted. Maybe to a third person she would appear mean and vicious, but to Mildred, it was self-preservation taken to its zenith. Having said that, I think Leslie Howard handed the film to Bette on a silver platter, so profou
  25. I must admit I have never seen a Deanna Durbin pic, maybe it is time to change that. I guess I always resisted the spun-sugar image, but she did have a lovely singing voice. I will try to catch one, and get back to you guys with my impressions.
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