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  1. Forgot to add something that may be of interest. I saw real life footage of Oskar Schindler several yrs after WW11. He rarely if ever wanted any glory or even his photo taken. Not due to possibly being a war criminal just after "The War" It's just that he didn't want any of the credit he was later-(posthumously) given. The man did make some $ back, but never in the same fashion he once had. The ending of the film is also accurate, with them visiting & paying homage to him at is grave site. He was shorter & heavier than Neeson. & looked quite a bit older. & I've also seen actual
  2. Wow, I am simply stunned at some of the folks on this one BIG-TIME! I've been reviewing new releases since 1982-(the yr of course the wondrous "E.T.' was released) & *Spielberg's magnificent achievement from 1993 is in my view the greatest new film I went to since that movie year. True, it was given even more signifigence due to it's subject matter. However, it is so brilliantly executed, yet of course depressing altogether. Everything works here, at the highest levels possible-(performances, direction, writing, cinematography, art-direction & per usual>*John Williams scoring). Tru
  3. This is terrific. Is it for the most pt like that game college kids started on Kevin Bacon but with Classic Stars 6 or 7 degrees of K. Bacon?
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