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  1. <address>This marks my 30th year oddsmaking/handicapping/predicting the winners! Started with 1982 & did lousy the 1st 5yrs though. I was too GREEN I RECKON' Though within the past decade I was lucky enough to even win a couple online awards. TCM & Mr. 0sborne never even have a contest, where top winners-(NOTE: I'm only talking the top 8 majors too) Winners could get items from it's marvelous store & such? Well, here are my 2012 forecast-(not especially my favs.): BEST PICTURE: "THE ARTIST"-(my fav.), BEST ACTOR: GEORGE CLOONEY, "The Descendants" ACTRESS: VIOLA DAVIS, "The
  2. This was a few days ago & a bit surprised nobody else touched on it yet TCM let Winona Ryder host, in Osborne's absense THANK YOU
  3. & my picks for Essential John Wayne: "The Searchers" "The Quiet Man" "Red River" "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" & Eastwood: "Unforgiven" "Million Dollar baby" "Letters from Iwo Jima" & "Flags of 0ur Fathers"
  4. Mr. Schwab is the artist that not only did last summers' (SUTS) photos, but is also nowelling his TCM art for the upcoming Film Fest. Check out his site at (michael schwab.com)
  5. For fans a must is (soitenly stooges.com) & it's free catalog!!!
  6. Can you believe a number of years back, I ran into several people that only knew of Clint & rarely if ever heard of "The Duke!" But who is the Ultimate Western Hero? My vote goes to John Wayne, all though Clint is still cool!
  7. Also, read the June of 2010 "Pvt. Screenings" It was on the show though where Osborne spoke of him often feeling she really gave him his start. "Rebel..." "Splendor..." "Love With the Proper Stranger" "Daisy Clover"-(deserved her 4th nod.) & others. Her only Golden Globe was for the l979 tv mini-series "From Here to Eternity" Who does Baldwin think he is, Brando, Tracy or 0livier?
  8. & what in the you know what did Mr. 0sborne say? He's written & spoken of him literally owing a huge chunck of his career to NATALIE! She was his very first celeb interview at her pretty humble house & at the finale of every "Pvt. Screenings" he said he gives a silent "THANK YOU NATALIE!" True, she was no Garbo or Kate, but she was robbed of her role as deanie in "Splendor..." & shoulda' won! & for any questioning her ability check out the l979 tv movie "The Cracker Factory" Baldwin really hit a nerve with many of us!
  9. Again, 0'Toole gets "SNUBBED!?" Freeman's a powerful actor, but others are still around that deserve it before him, most notably Peter 0'Toole, S. MacLaine, Hopkins, Duvall,etc
  10. Well, once again, 0'Toole gets "snubbed!?" Freeman's a good choice, but there are still others around that deserve it before him, most notably 0"Toole, Hopkins, Duvall,etc
  11. I'm no fan of remakes, but this time they got it right. Winslet is easily among the best!
  12. Taylor surprisingly chose "F. Lawn" in Glendale, Calif & it's famed "Great Maus." as opposed to tiny "Westwood, cem." Her relatives are interred in the latter though.
  13. Last of the Golden Age Heavyweights! But, think your correct in tiny (31/2 acre) "Westwood, park" Have not confirmed it yet, but all media says so too. Since I was there in '99 most seem to chose it for some reason.
  14. Watching him in "Lion..." it's hard to believe he didn't also win, along w/Kate! & "PREMIERE Mag." just before it folded, voted his "Lawrence..." as the greatest performance of all-time!!!
  15. TCM has been airing a lotta' newer flix, but never hear of the legendary "Godfather" or "Godfather, Part 11?" (PLEASE ASSIST) THANK YOU [spencer1964@live.com]
  16. Tried postingthis & couldn't for some reason-(PLEASE ASSIST) Peter 0'Toole has of course yetto win an Oscar & not even an honorary statuette! AFI also ignored him too?
  17. Tried postingthis & couldn't for some reason-(PLEASE ASSIST) Peter 0'Toole has of course yetto win an Oscar & not even an honorary statuette! AFI also ignored him too?
  18. All on here know the legendary Peter 0'Toole has yet to win an Oscar & not even an honorary statuette! AFI also ignore's him for some reason His work in "Lion in Winter" is also magnificent, as is of course "Lawrene..." Nobody mentione s this & he;s 79! Please give me/us your thoughts & what a "Pvt. Screenings" that would be, huh. THANX
  19. Thanx to all that replied! Grand finale was awful in my view, plus overall a pretty dull show-(it's the movies nommed that make a stronger show The yr of "TITANIC" still highest rated. THANKS
  20. Also, ORIGINAL-SCREENPLAY: "King's Speech" A. SCREENPLAY: "Social Network"
  21. Please join in. BEST PICTURE: "King's Speech" ACTOR: Colin Firth, "King's Speech" ACTRESS: Natalie Portman, "The Black Swan" S. ACTOR: Christian Bale, "The Fighter" S. ACTRESS: Melissa Leo, "The Fighter" DIRECTOR: Tom Hooper, "King's Speech" Hit 18 for 24 last year. Please give 2 cents THANX
  22. No legal rights to "The Godfather" So "Kane" "C. Courageous" "Splendor in the Grass" & "Some Came Running"
  23. Already wrote of this, I predicted "K. Speech" to lead the field w/most OSCAR noms & did indeed with 12 OSCARS will be presented Sunday February 27th, 2011 on ABC-TV
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