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  1. <address>This marks my 30th year oddsmaking/handicapping/predicting the winners! Started with 1982 & did lousy the 1st 5yrs though. I was too GREEN I RECKON' Though within the past decade I was lucky enough to even win a couple online awards. TCM & Mr. 0sborne never even have a contest, where top winners-(NOTE: I'm only talking the top 8 majors too) Winners could get items from it's marvelous store & such?

    Well, here are my 2012 forecast-(not especially my favs.):


    ACTRESS: VIOLA DAVIS, "The Help"-(NOTE: Streep now holds a by far record of 17 noms.!)-toughest race) S, ACTROR: CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER, "The Beginners"-(will make him oldest winner!) S. ACTRESS: OCTAVIA SPENCER, "The Help" DIRECTOR: MICHEL HAZANAVICUS, "The Artist"" 0. SCRIPT: "Midnight in Paris" -(Woody Allen is already champ here with 16!)& A. SCRIPT: "THE DESCENDANTS" (PLEASE SAVE & COMPARE & PREDICT OWN!)</address> Biggest $B.O.$ hit of the BP-(9, which is asinine!) "The Help" ($l60m.)

    Tried to get fans to outguess the almost 6,000 members of the AMPAS in yrs past, but nothing?

    & Robert write "THE BOOK"


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  2. Also, read the June of 2010 "Pvt. Screenings" It was on the show though where Osborne spoke of him often feeling she really gave him his start.

    "Rebel..." "Splendor..." "Love With the Proper Stranger" "Daisy Clover"-(deserved her 4th nod.)

    & others. Her only Golden Globe was for the l979 tv mini-series "From Here to Eternity"

    Who does Baldwin think he is, Brando, Tracy or 0livier?

  3. & what in the you know what did Mr. 0sborne say? He's written & spoken of him literally owing

    a huge chunck of his career to NATALIE! She was his very first celeb interview at her pretty humble house & at the finale of every "Pvt. Screenings" he said he gives a silent "THANK YOU NATALIE!"

    True, she was no Garbo or Kate, but she was robbed of her role as deanie in "Splendor..." & shoulda' won! & for any questioning her ability check out the l979 tv movie "The Cracker Factory"

    Baldwin really hit a nerve with many of us!

  4. All on here know the legendary Peter 0'Toole has yet to win an Oscar & not even an honorary statuette! AFI also ignore's him for some reason His work in "Lion in Winter" is also magnificent, as is of course "Lawrene..." Nobody mentione s this & he;s 79! Please give me/us your thoughts & what a "Pvt. Screenings" that would be, huh. THANX

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