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  1. Already asked whom was going to this & thanx for replies. saw it 2 days ago & though the '69 version is a lot more fun, this is almost perfectly detailed.
  2. Well aware most love *Wayne's OSCAR winning role-(I agree) But who's goin' to remake???
  3. Lynn, miss ya' what happened? Stanwyck is his A #1 fav. actress though! & Cary Grant of men
  4. Thanx! "S. Network" definately it's top contender, but as far as winning goes it may be different?
  5. Think I know the reason-(legal rights) just in case, why TCM doesn't air the classic???
  6. It's early, but "King's Speech" seems a lock-(type of film) that will sweep 2010 OSCARS-(predix)
  7. The book is somewhat a companion pc to the docu
  8. People should check out the book "Genius of the System"
  9. Most of the people that made 1976's "The Front" also were blacklisted, as was Sterling Hayden among many. There was/is a great special issue of "Premiere mag" from the early '90's that touched a lot on this.-(even saved many of them, plus "NP Guide's" that go back years now) But, once *Bogie was told by Jack L. Warner,etc his pt in the protest may hurt his career, he rushed back to Tinsel-Town! On Dmytryk, there was a docu. on this entire mess & he was the chief interviewee in it. Where Garfield was raised, you simply didn't "Rat" It obviously cost him though. Menjou on testimony said "He
  10. Someone posted this in HOT TOPICS. I saw it on another site & a stunner!!!
  11. It's said they go in 3's-(Kevin McCarthy, P. Neal, G. Stuart & now Arthur Penn died at 88!) Thats more than 3 of course
  12. Some may already know of this ultra-exclusive/hard to find fan club, called>"THE SONS OF: LEE MARVIN" It's very few members-(*J. Bridges, Tom Waits, Gary Busey, Jim Jarmusch & only about 3 others, must somewhat resemble the late tough-guy.) For those interested in checking out this equally difficult to locate website, please drop me a line at (spencer1964@LIVE.com) Each member has a card, proving their membership. I'm a fan of Lee's-(actually dying, not only of a hard life, cigarettes, booze,etc As it turns out, it was also some medical screwups too! & always wanted to be interred
  13. & ironically, she was only 1yr younger than her *"Titanic" character! Look 4 her in "My Fav. Year"
  14. "The Duke" later apologized for his part in it. & it was actually Roy Cohn behind McCarthy, for the most part. Then they had the Hollywood contingent, that went to Washington to protest including Tracy, K. Hepburn, Bogey, Bacall, Danny Kaye & others
  15. She was always cited among most difficult, along with Beery, Bankhead, Donlevy & others
  16. "The Front" is the best film on it to date. & they seemed to target Liberal/Jewish/Writers the most?
  17. Many know this, but R. Taylor & Adolph Menjou ruined many lives when they Named Names during the HUAC Hearings! Where John Garfield refused to "Rat" & pd the price.
  18. GREAT SHOTS! "Lion in Winter" the most glaring OSCAR loss
  19. AFI also snubbed him! He only wears "Green Socks" & had 1/2 his stomach removed yrs ago!
  20. & great comedy never gets "dated" either. W.C., Chaplin, Keaton, Stan & 0llie,etc
  21. This goes back to NATALIE WOOD & same question I posed then-(plus in "M. Morlocks") But, with no answer? 1st, whom dubbed hr singing in "Daisy Clover" & a brief # in "The Great Race" I found out it was a singer named JACKIE HARRIS. But, cannot find out anymore on her, or him for that matter? Of course Marnie Nixon did the others, but this name is a puzzle someone here can hopefully fix! PLEASE HELP (P.S. was thinking about it again yesterday when "Daisy" was aired again.) THANX
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