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  1. TCM's gotta' get him for a "Pvt. Screenings" "R. Class" among strangest ever!
  2. & whom else loved "THE STUNTMAN?" Another of his 8 *OSCAR losses
  3. Even though hisday is over, praise is not enoughfor this IRISH HEAVYWEIGHT!!!
  4. Hope this takes, tried before. When/is "l939: Hollywoods Greatest Year" coming to dvd
  5. Not to belaber the point,etc However & I may have also touched on this one as well A few years before the superb & groundbreaking "Bonnie and Clyde" (l967) *Beatty had really nagged NATALIE to play Bonnie Parker. Though she kept declining it because during the '60's Gangster Flix were not doing well Not of course to take away from *Faye Dunaway of whom was also perfecto & a likely better actress(there I admit it) & of course he really blew it with "West Side Story" as Tony!!! It took Richard Beymer yrs to not have bad feelings towards her, because she somewh
  6. It really wasn;t A HUGE mystery. Though Garbo was voted as "MOST BEAUTIFUL EVER?"
  7. C. Benett-(not her sis Joan) was said to be among the biggest sob's in the industry!
  9. Agree with it or disagree, TCM should make time to mark the 40th anniversary of the legendary "Walk-of-Fame" They did somewhat when 84 yr old *Mel Brooks finally got his. Established in l960, when for some reason HCOC chose *J. Woodward as it's debut entertainer to get a "Star?" Hollywood Blvd is 2 & 1/2 miles long. Though it was in June of 1961 they established the initial (l,558) Many posthumously>*Gable, *Cooper, *Bogie, Valentino, Harlow, Lombard, Fairbanks, Sr., Chaney, Sr., W.C. Fields, Will Rogers,*Marie Dressler & *Wally Beery & others. Many tourists' actuall
  10. Also "50 Most Unforgettable Actors/Actresses of the Studio Era"-(2 different books) & who has "Scene-It?"
  11. Gotta' try "l00 Collectible Classics" By Frank Miller though! & please any others lert me know
  12. Please chime in either way, curious as to whom has "INSIDE MOVIE MAGS" BOOK???
  13. To Filmlover, found out (Jackie Warren) did her dubbing & ("G. Race") foor these.
  14. Although Bob likes Grable, his all-timers are>Stanwyck & *Ginger Rogers
  15. Some may have already posted this & he's no Cary Grant,etc However, tragic Italian Singer: Louis Prima-(l924-1978) finally was given a "Star"-(#2,420 to date) on Hollywood's legendary "Walk-of-Fame"-(est: l960-) Obviously posthumously & 32yrs after his awful demise. He had a choice of a spinal operation, which may render him paralyzed, so he went for-it & was "PARALYZED" rest of his life! AWFUL, AWFUL, WAY TO GO. I reckon' his friends/family were present for the celebration. & he's obviously no>Elvis or *"The Chairman of the Board" but rang the bell. THANX
  16. & yrs after she stopped hanging around with him & "The Rat Pack" he still had her followed!
  17. To Ckid, thanx for posting the pix! She won a Globe for "Eternity" & to Movieprofessor, terrific stuff you touched on & thanx as well! Though it's over, for now anyway. What did most think of "Brainstorm?"
  18. *Spence was last "STOTM" in 2000, who thinks it's also finally his turn? Thank You
  19. To CKid, I'm fortunate enough to have taped "From Here to..." a few yrs ago. ever see "The Cracker Factory?"
  20. To CKid, big split on "Daisy" & though silly, wonder when the will repeat "Sex & Single Girl?:
  21. Older topic, but again to lzcutter, please drop your ol' pal a line!!! Was on your huge site too
  22. Tried this before but noone seems to know. When is "1939: Hollywoods Greatest Yr" coming to dvd?
  23. Bad pick by TCM huh. & she used to have fun mocking her accent in "Burning Hills"
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