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  1. Though a new 1, this is marvelous stuff & the overused 3-D thesedays at it's finest!
  2. To CKid, very, very, bizarre huh! Often wish TCM would air a couple tv flix per month
  3. Hope this logs!? & hope all still of course reply as before, not only to this month's "Star of -the- Month" in NATASHA GURDIN-(Natalie Wood) & I THANK YOU. BUT TO THE BELOW ITEMS AS WELL> Her "Mud" renamed her of course (NATALIE WOOD) thinking it more American sounding. Although on her grave at "Westwood, cem" she herself-(NATALIE THAT IS, PERHAPS HAVING ANOTHER "PREMENITION" OF SORTS OF AN EARLY "DEATH?" Had (NATALIE WOOD WAGNER) on it. Or, (AMONG FEW THINGS I'VE PERSONALLY FOUND-OUT, YET ANYWAY) maybe it was (R.J. Wagner?)-(NOTE: & many may not also want to hear /see this, b
  4. According to another source now, he actually chose to be cremated & spread in the ocean
  5. Posted this once before & strangely the same ting occured NADA? Time for "STOTM" Steve "King of Movie Cool McQueen!
  6. Finally now that "America's Littlle Valentine" has had her 2nd turn, it's time for Steve McQueen!!!
  7. & 'TR" only made $12m. It's *Tarentino's script too. He chose small cem in New Mexico by the way
  8. But they botched the job with the good "K. Elder" & "True Grit" He's barely in 'em? Check out EW
  9. THANX TO BOTH. Not all of his were bad though? & checke'd my "NP'S" & Widmark was yet "STOTM?"
  10. Most are aware of Dennis Hopper just dying. but TCM need a day in his honor. He did (72 flix)
  11. Of course it's *CLINT's birthdate, but did many forget *John "Duke" Wayne's-(l907-l979)-(May 26th)too? Reckon' that may be why TCM re-aired his earliest Westerns yesterday, not exactly his finest efforts though? THANK YOU
  12. Cool someone recalled the underrated "Beguiled" & he was annual $BO$ champ for l972, 73, 83, 84 & l992
  13. A role he declined is "Harmonica" in 1969's "0nce Upon a Time in the West"
  14. Hope this takes! Happy 80th Birthday to 4 time *OSCAR winner: Clint Eastwood!!! Most know his films, but which would one call as his masterpiece? (TRIVIA: & what are those 4 statuettes for?) His 30th as director was last yrs "Invictus" But his biggest hit to date is 2008's "Gran Torino"-(ROBBED of a 3rd nod.) Of which made $l55m. My own candidateas his ultimate is *"Unforgiven" Though 2004's *OSCAR sweeper: *"Million Dollar Baby" is not far behind, at least in my own opinion. He stated he'll never appear on screen after the forementioned> "Gran Torino" However, when asked he st
  15. This 1 is a few yrs ago, but he always wanted to do a Dino bio instead. See HBO's "The Rat Pack"
  16. Very curious when & if TCM's superb docu is hitting dvd? Please let me/us know THANX
  17. Current "Robin Hood" star *R. Crowe recieved a "Star" last month on it's Walk-of-Fame
  18. Someone pd at auction $4.6m to be interred just above MM in Westwood, cem. Moving out current
  19. Not to defend this choice, he also did "Silkwood" "Closer" & others. O'TOOLE SNUBBED AGAIN!
  20. Almost forgot, they are re-airing "Penelope" Not sure about "Meteor" possibly her worst Edited by: myidolspencer on May 19, 2010 12:31 AM
  21. WOW, this 1 popped up "Draft"' So maybe I can jot down a few things-(AGAIN) like in the good ol' days? For any further info as I said there are even-(though she's not as popular as a Marilyn, ironically laid to rest only a few feet away too in tiny 3 & 1/2 acre "Westwood, cem"-(P.S. The day I finally got to visit it was neat she actually had a lot more flowers than the legendary Monroe) Also saw her rather humble home. Back to other sites & sch though I had a difficult time with it-(logging in) for any fans go to (thenataliewoodnetwork.net) There's a couple Russian titled one's &
  22. The "NP Guide" for '98/it's cover not 1 of her best shots' though. They should do 1 just about "Gypsy"
  23. TRIVIA: Her Idol was: *V. Leigh & Deanie in "Splendor" her fav. role. The white hat her idea too
  24. Thanx to her fans! i got the June "NP" but as 1 said check the schedule. I know of a few site's on her
  25. *OSCAR victor: Mike Nichols-(l931-) will be the American Film Institute's-(est 1967-) next recipient
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