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  1. Most know this by now that N. Wood-(Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko) is June's "STOTM" The last time was actually the summer of 1998! THANX SPORTS FANS
  2. Please post this! Looks like I hit a bullseye & "Avatar" landed the most noms-(9) However, look for Kathryn Bigalow's powerhouse Iraq war Drama "Hurt Locker' to likely take the majors come Sunday March 6th, 2010 at "The Kodak-Theatre"-(Hollywood, Blvd) & it will also make a couple new records. Lowest grosser to date at just $12m. & the 1st woman to have also captured the pivotal DGA Award win: K. Bigalow seems poised to be the first woman to also capture "The Golden Boy' for BD. It's certainly an acquired taste, but my runner-up own fav. is "Inglourious Basterds"-(of which feature
  3. Who has seen this **** by the way? Though "Hurt Locker" will likely captue "The Biggie"
  4. Also, I've always predicted the noms on here, but only will forecast his "Avatar" will lead, but not win BP GOLD!
  5. Posing this for obvious reason of his birthday. I'm a *Sinatra fan & like Elvis, but how many fans are there on here?
  6. was wondering how people on here would take this bizarre yet brilliantly executed film by David Lynch? It was voted #3 by AFI as well of the 1980's & is tame by comparison with some
  7. Some may know this, but *OSCAR winning filmmaker: *James Cameron got a "Star" on WOF
  8. Thanx to those that wrote. Yeah, a sample of 'em could have Bogie, MM, Gable, K. Hepburn,etc
  9. I know TCM did a superb job May of 08 in honoring *Sinatra, but not 1 film on for his birthday???
  10. Please cast your vote either way on this 1. they could have it's icon & each w/a classic star,etc
  11. They have "3 Stooges" "Disney" "Looney Tunes-WB's" & this 1 should have it's own classic checks
  12. I can't believe I missed this!!! & even posted something about it too. Just too-busy I reckon
  13. A new story! S. Martin & A. Baldwin-(an OSCAR contender) will host the 2009 OSCARS
  14. This is a great 1 & on goldderby/latimes.com Mr. 0sborne has joined us pundits in BP predix!
  15. THANX TO ALL! "Shadow of a Doubt" was Hitchcock's own fav! & know a guy that lived in S. Rosa
  16. Thought more would pick 1 here? & wonder why "K. Kong" ('33) is never included?
  17. Posed this question for obvious reason of TCM covering this genre this month. & I'll throw-in my 2 cents for what it's worth & my #1 thriller ever made is 1 not many may think of within the film genre. 1955's brilliantly made "Night of the Hunter"-(remade for tv around 1991, but mediocre) It doesn't scare me-(very few films do) It's just superbly done THANX
  18. I know it was awhile ago, but just repeated again. & what site is this girl talking about?
  19. Just curious as to who is this Kim that B. Mankiewicz interviewed & is shown on TCM?
  20. Tried posting this the other day, but was BLOCKED, AGAIN!? This was now last weeks issue of "Entertainment Weekly" However for any interested-(it was only a couple pages) you can still find it. Entire issue is of shots off the silver-screen & had "Mr. Smith..." "Wizard of 0z" "Dark Victory" *"GWTW" & a couple more. (P.S. To WebAdmin. Is that long overdue fans poll still in the works???) Thank you
  21. Thanx for replies. She also did a 1979 tv mini-series of "From Here to Eternity"
  22. Guess either most agreed here or didn't care either way? Anyway, for tcmwebadmin please forward THANK YOU
  23. Hope this logs! Anyway, as most know TCM will devote Sunday the 27th to Natalie Wood-(Natalia Nikolaevnia Zakharenko) & it reminded me the last time she was "STOTM" was the summer of 1998? please consider her turn, again THANX
  24. Thanx to lynn & never heard of that site or person actually. & I just don't have the time as well, though this is thee greatest!
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