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  1. Greta Garbo was once voted "The Most Beautiful Woman" to have ever lived by "Guinness World Records" & not limited to cinema either!
  2. Now that Lauren Bacall-(l924-) is scheduled to be given an honorary *OSCAR & even despite this, TCM should really push hard to get the living-legend on a new "Pvt. Screenings!" I know she already does some voice-over work for the network, so maybe it may be easy? Despite only that rather famous or infamous-(due to the upset that year by an *"English Patient' sweep & *Juliette Binoche) most are aware her sole shot at "The Golden Boy' was for 1996's "Mirror Has Two Faces"-(s. actress & typically of the *ACADEMY, *Juliette's actual role in that epic was it's actual leading-lady as
  3. Also check out huge book by Samantha Hart, plus HCOC will send superb FREE pamphlet!
  4. All facts thought say it was '58 that she was given a "Star?" Likely due to just winning her *OSCAR
  5. Fillover, 4 stars! Already knew of many, but still marvelous to keep us fans up to date!
  6. *J. Woodward was for some reason very 1st to be given a star on Walk-of-Fame in '58. But, the initial 1,558 were not installed until June of 1961-(many posthumously)
  7. Was curious as to which of the 3 stars' are now still the most popular, at least within these forums? THANK YOU
  8. In my own view though, WB's is the finest left "tour-wise" & I wanted to see MGM almost 30yrs, though intact!
  9. Looks like this 1 keeps going. I stayed all 3 times about 5 blocks from Paramount/RKO & on that tour they try & pretend as though the latter never even existed?
  10. Thank 4 reply! I knew all info you cited, but just think it time they (REVISE-IT) a bit,etc
  11. Didn't get this 1 from Internet though, but from a couple interviews I saw with the actor
  12. Don't as yet know full title, but *OSCAR winner: Russell Crowe-(l964-) will next appear on the Silver-Screen in the legendary role of "Robin Hood" THANK YOU
  13. Taking nothing away from the above montage-(SUPERB STUFF!) But it end's with 1993 & needs an update of sorts, PLEASE CHIM-IN & CONSIDER
  14. I had chance to visit whats sadly left in 05-(44 acres from over 200) *Thalberg bldg. is still-standing 4-now!?
  15. Most on here know of the '38 fans poll (over 20m) that voted him "The King of Hollywood" & given this era's stars' it still-stands! Message was edited by: myidolspencer
  16. To Gagman, thanx for reply. It woulda' had to be longer though, which woulda' also been OK!
  17. Doubt this will post, but TCM's super 1939 docu is among it's finest! & should be turned into a book
  18. Saw this & *Lange was great as usual, but Barrymore seemed out of her league-(accent,etc)
  19. Edward G. only got more famous than *Cagney due to "L. Caesar" coming out before "P. Enemy"
  20. At least Dillinger was up frt with his....where politician's are obviously not-(see photo)
  21. Tried posting this yesterday, BUT? Anyway, *0liver Stone has already either started, or will anytime now on a follow-up to his 1987 "Wall Street" As for now it's working title is just "Wall Street 11" & YEP, *OSCAR winner: *Michael Douglas is back as Gordon Ghekko, in his famous *ACADEMY AWARD WINNING ROLE! Taking place exactly 23 years later as well. Though Charlie Sheen will not be on hand this time, but young actor Shia LeBauf-(hope I spelled t ok? Of "Transformers, 1 & 2 & other roles) is already slated to co-star. Already told our very own (lzcutter) about this & to her &a
  22. Doubt this will log. Tried to reply to lzcutter of whom scooped me a bit on this story. Given the state quailty-wise of current cinema, especially compared to "The Studio-System" Should there even be 10 BEST PICTURE CONTENDERS? Thank You
  23. Although it's true *Chaplin was mostly superb as only helming himself though. & failed with '67's "A Countess from Hong Kong"
  24. Posted item on D.W. Griffith & was then curious about *Charles Chaplin as well, among it's "Great Directors' coverage?
  25. Don't even know if this will log or not? Basically have given up myself Though it's been on & a few times over 15yrs!
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