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  1. Their singing styles are similar, too. I thought that yesterday when "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" was on. Julie
  2. I just took a closer read of the wiki article, and it appears that Dorothy and Marion became friends in New York.
  3. Here's another one that I found listed as a reference on Dorothy's wikipedia page: http://www.fanpix.net/picture-gallery/marion-davies-picture-12189237.htm I think you're right about the hair, makeup, etc. It's not just the posed picture, it was also the way they look on film that we noticed. It's pretty well documented that Mr. Hearst liked to have a fair amount of control over Marion Davies, but hadn't heard about a connection with Dorothy. And yes, what was he smiling about?
  4. That's great! How did you track that down? They actually don't look that much alike, I guess, unless it's the basic shape of the face and cheekbones? Julie
  5. Fred - I thought the same thing last night when I saw Dorothy MacKaill - that she looked like Marion Davies. Thanks for showing both together. Julie
  6. I think both of these are my favorite pre-code musicals. I love The Forgotten Man number - and Joan Blondell is probably my favorite - but I like the story better in 42nd Street, the price that characters were willing to pay for the play. And success. However it's defined. Julie Message was edited by: me JulieAH
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