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  1. I'm glad to see Cotten appreciated -- he's always enough for me to make sure I watch or record a movie. I also think he's great in *Love Letters.* Julie
  2. Thank you, Kinokima. I love it -- it has everything, doesn't it? Julie
  3. Hi -- I believe the movie you're looking for is *Kisses for Breakfast* with the completely charming Dennis Morgan. Try this link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0033792/ Good luck! Julie
  4. I love a good swashbuckler, and was wondering how *The Princess Bride* would fit in the genre? Julie
  5. Yes, he's great, isn't he? He always adds to a movie. He was also in *Destination Tokyo*, which was also on last night. Julie
  6. Hi -- This is one of my favorite shorts, *I Won't Play*, featuring Dane Clark as Joe Fingers, and Janis Paige as Kim Karol (Sally). http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0036939/ Hope this is what you wanted! Julie
  7. Yes, I agree that it was a great combination of script, direction, and acting. . . thought provoking -- I think I'd like to see Dr. Rutledge experience first hand the cost of experiencing the project. RE: the director -- David Bowie's son -- did great! (I always find the familial connections interesting ) Julie
  8. Hi Joefilmone -- I just saw this movie on Saturday and was quite impressed. I don't watch too many current movies, but thought this one brought up some interesting things to think about. Thought the cast was very good -- thought I caught a bit of Orson Welles channelling by Dr. Rutledge? Also really liked Vera Farmiga, as well as Jake Gylllenhall. I'd almost like to see a sequel, but how would it be done? How could the paradigm be changed? Julie
  9. Their singing styles are similar, too. I thought that yesterday when "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" was on. Julie
  10. Yes, definately a Melvyn fan -- I love his range, all the way up to, and past, the grandfather in HUD. He's one I try to catch any time I see one of his movies on the schedule. And that catch/hitch/whatever(?) he has in his voice? Definately sexay Julie
  11. I just took a closer read of the wiki article, and it appears that Dorothy and Marion became friends in New York.
  12. Here's another one that I found listed as a reference on Dorothy's wikipedia page: http://www.fanpix.net/picture-gallery/marion-davies-picture-12189237.htm I think you're right about the hair, makeup, etc. It's not just the posed picture, it was also the way they look on film that we noticed. It's pretty well documented that Mr. Hearst liked to have a fair amount of control over Marion Davies, but hadn't heard about a connection with Dorothy. And yes, what was he smiling about?
  13. Yes, I agree with you about "Living In A Big Way" -- I thought it was a waste of Gene Kelly, and the rest of the cast seemed to act into the air -not really acting with anyone else. Except Phyllis Thaxter, who I think is generally quite wonderful and understated. There were several that were new to me in this lineup, so I'm glad I had a chance to watch them. I keep on hoping that Melvyn Douglas will be SOTM, but I'm glad that more of his early pictures are showing up in the schedule. Julie
  14. That's great! How did you track that down? They actually don't look that much alike, I guess, unless it's the basic shape of the face and cheekbones? Julie
  15. I thought I had replied to this earlier today, but my post is gone I think it is "The Happy Years" -- on the imdb page there is some indication of the a fight. I was wondering if the OP remembers anything about a pancake eating contest? Julie
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