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  1. This is a very interesting topic...and there were several "event" movies that are probably lost to time because they were made for TV..


    Here's one.."Love Among the Ruins"..a total delight..probably as good as anything in the theater at the time..it starred Olivier and Hepburn in their first pairing and was directed by Cuckor..I have a "store bought" video..but wish it was on DVD..


    And how about these?


    "Seven in Darkness"


    "Dr. Cook's Garden"


    "The Over the Hill Gang"

  2. I am in the entertainment media..have to see pretty much every picture that comes out..most of them an endurance test..but have finally landed on a gem.."The Astronaut Farmer."


    Truly one of those that they "don't make 'em like they used to.." It is a very 70s movie, with lots of character and a terrific "lump in your throat" script. It is not mean spirited or crude or sardonic. There are no bad words or burps or other bodily emissions


    Now, it's a very low budget picture..I think someone told me around $12-$13 million..so it might make its money back..but the people who belly ache all the time about there not being true family picture to see should storm the theater..

  3. I had the great privilege of having dinner with him in 2002..he was failing somewhat but a very articulate and gracious man..who allowed me to wear him out with questions..wanna hear a bit of trivia about him..he is married to a Hammerstein..as in Rodgers and..That was the ocassion that caused our interaction, the opening of the latest version of "Oklahoma!" on broadway

  4. Probably looked forward to this picture more than any other this year..I had read the book and the movie package of Soderburgh and Clooney made it look like a gem..


    I watched an Oscar screener of the picture and it is a total, unequivocal dud. Warner's didn't even screen it for local media in this market.


    Major league disappointment.

  5. One of my all time favorites.."Green For Danger" is out this week on a Criterion DVD..I would LOVE to see "The Green Man" again..that is a jewel that the old USA network used to run all the time..wish that St. Trinian's was on DVD..


    How about this great Alistair Cook picture.."The Ruling Class?"

  6. Thought this was a Jim Thompson thread..but I've got a great Sterling Hayden story too..


    The movie that comes closest to the spirit of Thompson is "The Kill Off"..a little indie that's as down and dirty as it gets..


    Now, to Sterling..a friend of mine was the producer of all the "Godfather" pictures and went to Sterling's boat to try to persuade him to take the part..the holdout? Hayden didn't want to cut off his ponytail!


    Another great Hayden performance in a drab movie..."King of the Gypsies"

  7. The remake is atmospheric, has terrific performances and features more of the book than is in the original..and fyi, I am a film reviewer - the studio people they hire to pump up message boards would never deign to be on this one - I see most of the movies long before they are released and just thought folks here would appreciate hearing..jeez

  8. I too had the great honor to meet Mr. Grant..in the mid 80s he brought his traveling road show to Oklahoma City University and I, as I press member, got to break bread with him..The great part of the evening though was that I was able to take my dad, a sort of big shot around town, as my guest..It was the only time I was able to do something like that for him and it was a magical experience. Mr. Grant was humble, articulate and employed every single atttribute you would hope to see from him.

  9. Frank Sinatra was the greatest interpretive musical artist of the 20th Century. I saw him three times in three different parts of the country, including, of course, Vegas, and, even when his age marred his performing abilities, he was the most magnetic, creative and humble performer I have ever seen.


    Just listen to "Frank's Place" the standards channel on XM Radio..while the programmers continuously play great singers like Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Crosby, Ella and the like, whenever I hear a standard performed by anyone else, I know that Frank did it better.


    I also saw Elvis twice, the last time in March before he died, and he was reading the song lyrics off a page he held in his hand.

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