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  1. Mongo! Don't mean to backtrack this thread too far, but wanted to let all my fellow Carmen Miranda enthusiasts know that just this past weekend I received my DVD of the Busby Berkeley musical "The Gang's All Here", which features (of course) the divinely tropical CM as a nightclub performer (real stretch there, eh?) named "Dorita". Anyway, I can HIGHLY recommend both the movie itself and this DVD transfer job; a delightful romp just sparkling with loads of funny/funky/jaunty musical numbers, most of which involve the clever vocal hi-jinx of Carmen, and often the orchestration of Benny Goodman's band, and/or the bizarre and esoteric camera/set/prop/costume/choreography work of Busby Berkeley. Miranda's duet with Benny Goodman on "Paducah" is an absolute treasure! So . . rent it, buy it, borrow it, or at the very least, don't miss it next time it's run on TCM!
  2. Hey, couple of real doozies: Remember my mentioning my Mom's use of "gallavanting"? Well just t'other day I recalled the opposite: when you're trying to stall for time while going somewhere to do something, you're guilty of: "Lollygagging"! And just now, in my new DVD of the Busby Berkely musical "The Gang's All Here" (a real treat for all you Carmen Miranda fans!), I just heard Eugene Pallette caution Edward Everett Horton, upon barging into a NYC nightclub: "Don't be a square from Delaware!" That's just too cool for school!
  3. Personally, if I ever decided that TCM was no longer worth the cost to me of maintaining it on cable, or satellite, I certainly wouldn't go on treating myself to the hospitality of their free website.
  4. > "Thanks for the lead, but I don't think that's the movie. I remember V.O. being a consultant to the police due to his history of being mentally unstable and having some of the same psychological profiling as the perpetrator. I also think it was early in his carreer. " > "I'm curious as to where you got the information that Vincent D'Onofrio was "mentally unstable". I've never seen that information before. " I sure could be wrong, cinemafan, but my understanding was that our new poster was speaking about the character that D'Onofrio was playing in the film in question. And concerning that "film", I'm wondering if possibly it wasn't a misidentified episode of the TV series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", on which D'Onofrio regularly plays a NYC criminologist who specializes in profiling aberrant criminal behavior.
  5. Was just thinkin' tonight, with the amazing new CG epic "300" tearing up the theatres coast to coast, wouldn't this have been a topically good time to be airing the original film treatment of the Battle of Thermopylae, "300 Spartans" (featuring everyone's favorite B-list beefcaker, Richard Egan) ? Has TCM run this one anytime, so far, this year? Is it scheduled anytime in the next 3 weeks or so? Have I missed something on the schedules? I mean, even not knowing for sure this one would be doing big-time box office, it was no secret (since about late January) it was due for national release by the middle of March, right? Hmmmm . . .
  6. Best place to make that inquiry is on the "Information, Please" forum. This forum's pretty much reserved for techinical issues.
  7. You're exactly right, Bill. We should probably all get used to re-checking the "nuts 'n bolts" of a new thread before we start reacting to the language, especially on this forum!
  8. Hey, CVC! Welcome to the Boards! No big deal about the "double-posting", that happens to everybody at some time, especially when you're new on the Boards. It's just much more typical, and more generally acceptable, to post one new thread under one subject title, on one forum, in order to introduce a new topic, particularly on the "Information, Please" forum, where you're looking to get a question answered, as so many of us started out doing here, and often still do. You see, by posting the same exact question on 3 new threads, with 3 different subject titles, on 2 different forums, you netted a result of 3 different groups of messengers working to produce the same answer for you, with the same facts, in 3 different places. It just all struck me as an unnecessary duplication of time & energy by you, & from them. Like I said, no big deal, just something you might want to think about. And again, welcome! Klondike
  9. Yoo-Hoo, "Sir John", come-out, come-out, wherever you arrrrre! The SAME new thread, posted 3 times, on 3 different forums, within 3 minutes . . . challenging, volatile, singleminded, accusatory . . . and 2 days later, not one reply nor any new posts anywhere . . . Hmmmmm . . and looking at the member's name . . makes me almost want to "dash" off to a conclusion . . . But I won't .. cause I ain't going there today. But what I will say is that here's ANOTHER new breeze that smells like the underside of a BRIDGE!
  10. Now that this has been answered for you 3 different times, on 3 separate threads with three different subject titles, on 2 different forums, how about posting in on some of our very interesting topics of discussion, maybe even introduce yourself to the community?
  11. Moira; Many thanks for the lovely list, Accushla; some on it (like "This is My father") were news to me; others, like "Luck of Ginger Coffey", are lost little gems so VERY deserving of discovery. I particularly adored "Ginger Coffey", have long felt it might well have been Robert Shaw's "personal best"; granted, a small film, but so sweet, yet with never a moment cloying, and so introspectively edgy, without once jarring the nerves. In my book, just brilliant. Which is probably why I keep on trolling eBay for a copy of it, after all these years!
  12. Cinemascope, here's where you and I, FINALLY, are mui sympatico, like two straws in the same chocolate soda! Ava Gardner, besides being the original "cool breeze" where scripts & cameras were concerned, is just so F - I - N - E to look at, she absolutely makes my Pants Dance! And I don't mean as in the Blue Danube Waltz, neither! Ummm, that is, beggin' your pardon, to everybody else in the Virtual Room, here, not wantin' to sound rude at all, as it were. (Backs swiftly towards door, cap in hand.)
  13. Mongo, many thanks for the Miranda material! (We now ALL have the right to remain entertained!) It was just the tropical cooler I needed this a.m. to help reduce my GIANT Guinness head from last night. (I woke up at home, in bed, and the truck's in the driveway, so I guess nothing went HORRIBLY wrong!) Speaking of the alarmin' Carmen, did you ever happen to see the full-page photo of her being spun aloft, during a dance number, by Caeser Romero, from Kenneth Anger's "Hollywood Babylon II"? "South of the Border" takes on a whole new, shall we say, spin!
  14. EMERGENCY MEMO - 9 a.m., March 18 To: Pr. McHugh From: Pr. Klondike Frank, many thanks for blanketing me with your ancient houndstooth tweed overcoat, and for not leaving me to wake up entirely naked on the roof of the Pig & Whistle; as I was clad in your trousers, I assume that you are now wearing my kilt. Be forewarned, any smirch of any nature on the proud tartan of Clan Scott, and the wrath of my ancestors will be upon BOTH our heads! Need to talk to you ASAP; beyond a vague memory of challenging Jimmy Gleason to mumbledy-pegs, and doing shots with "Mo" O'Hara, I seem to have only the vaguest of swiss-cheese memories of last night, the last of which involved Vic McLaglen bellowing at somebody across the quad. And why has my handkerchief been replaced by one of Dance Instructor Lamour's sarongs? Wait, these are your britches, right? What in the name o' Mother Macree were YOU doing with - AAAghhhhh, me head is huge!
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