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  1. Kudos! I guess the definition of classic is not the issue but rather what I, or each individual considers a classic movie. Some would consider the definition as the barometer while others would consider it a distinct time period. I do appreciate TCM for their restoration projects, showcasing a particular artist for the month, and day, etc. Turner Classic does so much right that the little that I don't like is miniscule in comparison. In my opinion I would love to see a channel dedicated to film from the silent era to the 1950's (big wish) but it would nice. I do understand that TCM has evo
  2. Ditto. I don't watch TCM in Feb mainly because they show even more recent movies. There was a time when classic movies were shown on local t.v.. Now, in many instances TCM is the only place that will show classic movies 24hours a day. TCM is slowly incorporating more and more recent movies. I would rather see Oscar winning and nominated movies in Feb from the beginning of the awards ceremony until the 1950's. I would love to see more pre-code movies, British movies, westerns, film noir, gangster movies, musicals. I have even noticed that there are alot of repeats of Mr. Deeds, Shop Around the
  3. Yessss, I agree with all of you nostage-heads. I began watching TCM with my Dad and I am in my late twenties. Though I agree that there are good newer movies - there are also many places for me to satisfy my new movie needs. There is only one TCM. I enjoyed the between movie commericials, scenery and sets that created fantastic segways into the classic movies shown years ago.
  4. I agree. I have found that they are showing alot of 2000, 1990's, 1980's and 1970's movies. It would be nice see more George Raft, Cagney, Greer Garson, etc. Instead, they are showing more current movies each month. The guest programmers are suggesting alot of newer movies and they are slowing getting away from their niche. I have become very disaapointed and I will begin looking for other outlets. The newer movies they show are readily available on every network. I thought the reason for this station was to satisfy the classic movie viewers needs. What a shame.
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