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  1. What we need is all these Private Screenings on dvd in a set. That is a GREAT idea, hope WHV will consider it!
  2. I wish they would have shown "You Were Never Lovelier" as well, but I think that's in rotation on the Encore Love Stories channel. Perhaps TCM will have it soon, as a lot of the Columbia movies from pay cable seem to be showing up on TCM in the future ("All the King's Men" and "The Big Heat" are two examples of this) Here's hoping to that!
  3. The story has been filmed three times that I know of, including the 1933 and 1948 versions of One Sunday Afternoon, and as good as those movies are, this one is still my very favorite!! :x Interestingly, Rita Hayworth wasn't originally going to be in the picture - that part was originally intended for Ann Sheridan... according to the TCM article, Warner's Ann Sheridan, the "Oomph Girl", was initially meant to play the Virginia role, but balked at the script. As a replacement, Hayworth was loaned to Warners by Columbia and brought her typical enigmatic, frosty perfection to the role. Her fortuitous securing of the role in The Strawberry Blonde helped establish her sex queen status as the "Love Goddess." Though a confident mantrap on camera, Hayworth was just a shy, reserved girl off, causing Cagney to marvel at how, after her scenes, she would just "go back to her chair and sit there and not communicate."
  4. Heh, I'd forgotten about the sing-a-long at the end of the movie (before the cast listing). Casey would waltz with a STRAWBERRY BLONDE And the band played on He'd glide cross the floor With the girl he a-dored And the band played on But his brain was so loaded, it nearly exploded The poor girl would shake with a-larm He'd ne'er leave the girl with the straw-ber-ry curls, And the band played on Biff Grimes would waltz with a STRAWBERRY BLONDE And the band played on He'd glide cross the floor With the girl he a-dored And the band played on
  5. You're welcome - and don't forget the Castro Theater also usually hosts the Noir City festival each January, which includes the screenings of many film noirs that have never been available on video.
  6. jdb1, as the TCM article explained, it *is* a remake, and it illustrates the differences that were brought about by the Code as well as the success of screwball comedies: Taking over the roles played in the original by Ginger Rogers and Norman Foster are Whitney Bourne, whose career as an RKO actress was limited to the mid- to late-1930s; and James Dunn, who enjoyed a 40-year film and TV career and won an Oscar? for 1945's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Other changes include the fact that the apartment is in a basement, not an attic, and the young woman's day job is selling electric shavers rather than refrigerators. The general tone reflects the influence of screwball comedy, which had become dominant in the four years separating the films. And the fact that the film industry began enforcing its self-imposed Production Code in 1934 meant that the later film lacks some of the more free-wheeling qualities of the original. Otherwise, Living on Love is quite faithful as a remake.
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you TCM for showing this movie as part of Rita Hayworth - SOTM.... I don't know what issues may have held up the DVD release but this one is definitely a treat -- who wouldn't love it? Cagney fans, Hayworth fans, de Havilland fans -- and I'm all three! :x Even better, you showed One Sunday Afternoon (1948) on Monday, and thanks to the magic of TiVo we can set up a double-feature at home with both movies back-to-back. Thank you, TCM! :x
  8. And you'll be better off watching/recording when it plays on FMC, the DVD has absolutely no extras
  9. Heh, CineSage just having some fun at the fact that someone called you "mongol" by mistake!
  10. From the classics - Topper and The Ghost Breakers From contemporary movies - the first Ghostbusters B-)
  11. Thank you for that link and the photos, MissG, you're awesome!!! B-)
  12. Here's a section of their website with the theater's history. It opened in 1922 and the exterior was modeled after a Mexican cathedral! B-) http://www.castrotheatre.com/history.html
  13. That recommendation sure makes it sound like a winner B-) Kudos again to TCM's very fine programmers, for bringing these wonderful movies to our homes.
  14. Awwwww :x Thank you so very much MissG!
  15. You could hardly hope for a better theater to watch silent movies in than San Francisco's Castro Theater, an old-style theater palace with an old-California style facade and luxurious interior (complete with an organ). I think it opened in the early 20's. It's a real beauty! :x
  16. John Wayne will be sharing "Star of the Month" status in May with Katherine Hepburn. If you look under the schedule section of the website, you'll find the schedule for May, and the many Hepburn/Wayne movies they'll be showing.
  17. > Now what's going on? I got some of my posts BACK! They probably restored some of the posts that got deleted by mistake
  18. Awww and such lovely poster, too! :x Thank you for sharing, MissG!
  19. As Chris said, her untimely death was due to heart failure brought about by acute alcoholism.
  20. Left wing Susan Hayward or Susan and God?
  21. They are good names, although I wonder if their lack of popularity might work against them. But there's no doubt they would be good interviews!
  22. Stingaree, since the other 2 are remakes of last weeks' films I've allready seen. I'll probably record those to view some other time. I'm glad Stingaree is on first. Yes, I also thought that it would be less rewarding to watch the 2 remakes since we just saw the originals last week... :|
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