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  1. I think the biggest aspect is the backwards storytelling. It was utilized time and time again in order to make the viewer think and piece things together. No more could you sit back and take it all in, you as the viewer became a part of the story as you had to solve it as the protagonist had to as well.
  2. As a guy....I only noticed her.....and sometimes that is alright. Noir can be layered, or sometimes stripped bare, wither way things get put out there sort a say, and the viewers react accordingly.
  3. I think the way he acts....almost worse than the "bad guys", was a new way of creating the hero. It was not a traditional black and white story, but a black in white story in technicolor. The colors and lines were blurred between both sides of the law, very mush as it is today. Sometimes the bad guys are the good guys, and sometimes the good guys are really the bad guys.
  4. In what ways can the opening of Laura be considered as an important contribution to the film noir style? In the basis of darkness, the darkness of the script, the darkness of the material, the darkness of the circumstance and the darkness of the human soul. Before "monsters" were only a part of horror films, but with noir, they became a part of everyday life. There is nothing more foreboding than encountering "monsters", especially when they are within. For me, for the first time, life was filmed in this genre, not aligning feelings one way or another, but in both directions simultaneous
  5. The sound is the most underrated aspect of film, the train sound sets the tone to keep the audience on the edge of their seat, in any good noir, that I feel is always part of the story, in a way breaking the third wall indirectly.
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