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  1. Although I can't say I have been displeased with TCM's programming, because it does include so many classics I have never seen before, the original poster does have a point. The programming does seem slightly different than it used to--for example if you look at the upcoming schedule you will not find any Norma Shearer or Greta Garbo titles. That, to me, is a little unsettling in itself, and indicative that other majors are also missing from the lineup. I remember when it used to be that you'd type in one of those stars in the search box and get 10 schedule results..
  2. Am I the only one who doesn't care for this movie? I've always found it to be slow and rather boring. I'd rather watch The Letter.
  3. <<" Pretty immune to *depressing* since I find life to be such???">> lol. I couldn't agree with you more!!
  4. I saw this film once in a film class, and disliked it enourmously. I thought it would never end.
  5. I am a social worker, and I love the Greer Garson film Blossoms in the Dust because in it she portrays a social worker.
  6. I think longevity as a "star." Bette Davis also had a long career, but she transitioned into supporting roles. Joan was always the star, with just a few exceptions (Best of Everything and The Caretakers come to mind).
  7. <<"The thick, black "Crawford" eyebrows with the blonde hair. Yipes!">> You must not have been watching too closely if you thought Joan was a blonde in this film! Personally, I always liked Joan's high, arched eyebrows. They were a tremendous beauty asset in her early days. Ask any beauty artist and they will tell you thicker eyebrows make you look younger. Up until around 1957, I'd say Joan's eyebrows suited her face, but after that she let them grow a little too thick.
  8. Here are my votes for most beautiful films: The Scarlet Empress (the baroque sets and photography) Duel in the Sun (those gorgeous closeups of Jennifer Jones in the desert!) Gone with the Wind (the old south in color) Johnny Guitar (beautiful scenery) Queen Christina Camille
  9. 1. Marilyn Monroe -- can't act. 2. early Elizabeth Taylor -- I can never watch GIANT because her acting is just so irritating in it, and her other films from the '40s and '50s. I don't mind later Taylor. 3. Bette Davis -- I have kind of a love/hate reaction towards her. Sometimes I think she is incredibly annoying and hammy, other times I think she's wonderful. 4. Miriam Hopkins (too stagey) 5. John Wayne (too masculine) 6. Ann Blyth (I like her, but her performances always annoy me) 7. Ingrid Bergman (such a bland actress; she is like sugar-free vanilla ice cream) 8. Charles Boyer 9.
  10. Who is the most forgotten classic actress? Can you think of any huge movie stars from yesteryear who are barely remembered today, and who have many films which haven't been seen since their heyday? My vote goes to Theda Bara; someday I hope I am able to see her lost films such as The Lure of Ambition or Kathleen Mavourneen (not to mention the holy grail of silent film, Cleopatra). But my other choices would be Pola Negri and Marion Davies. Happily, TCM is scheduling more Marion Davies films lately. I look forward to seeing The Red Mill, The Patsy (directed by my favorite director, Ki
  11. "I wouldn't have you if you were hung with diamonds upside down!" --:Lynn Markham (Joan Crawford) in Female on the Beach.
  12. In her early movies Joan was prettier and more natural, but in her later films she was more mature, glamorous, and tough. Her acting abilities continued to improve as she aged, but she was always a good actress. Humoresque is probably Crawford at the height of her career--just after an Oscar win, an experienced and mature actress, at the height of her powers as a seductress and still relatively young and beautiful, yet there are also shades of the tougher Joan yet to come. It's my favorite Joan performance.
  13. <<"Think she should've hung it up around 1948 shortly after Mildred Pierce, imho.">> But then we would have missed her great, Oscar-nominated performance in the classic noir SUDDEN FEAR (1952), a film she was absolutely gorgeous and glamorous in. Check it out. Not to mention FLAMINGO ROAD, probably Joan at her most relaxed and prettiest.
  14. Joan looked great in QUEEN BEE. Show me a better-looking 50 year-old actress in 1955 who was still working and a big star.
  15. <<"This is not meant as a criticism of her, but back then, and now for that matter, I don't like to see women smoke. Call it snobbery or whatever you will, I just find it a very distasteful habit. That men do distasteful things just goes with territory">> I could never imagine Bette Davis without a cigarette. Remember when she was interviewed by Barbara Walters and she commented on her smoking? Bette said something like, "I think I will have one NOW." LOL. I love her.
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