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  1. The Manchurian Candidate (Harvey, Sinatra and Landsbury) The Best Man Mr. Smith Goes To Washington Judgement at Nuremberg (does this qualify?)
  2. Saddest: Box of tissues and sobbing "My Foolish Heart" Runners Up: Crying: 60s movie when John Denver sings Sunshine on My Shoulders (Forgot the name of the movie), "Lassie" movies "The Good Earth" "Stella Dallas" "Madame X" "A Star Is Born" (Judy Garland) "Imitation of Life" (funeral scene)
  3. Anyone have their own theory as to who shot Superman?
  4. Just to name a very few............ The Woman In Black Ring/Ring 2/Ringu The Exorcist (old and new versions) The Uninvited Ghost Story The House of Usher The Seventh Sign Jeepers Creepers (1st) Pumpkinhead
  5. daddysprimadonna - you would love my art deco bedroom set which was used by Ginger in her publicity photos. I purchased it about 5 years ago and every time I sit in front of the vanity, I think of her and Astaire dancing their way up the stairs to heaven. My fav abodes: In "Rebecca" its Mandalay; In "The Bishop's Wife", its the little apartment the Professor lived in; In "The Uninivited" its the haunted house on a bluff that Ray Milland lived in with his sister; In "Suspicion" its the tiny cottage where the mystery writer lived; In "The Haunting" its that house (I forgot the name).
  6. Wuthering Heights (M. Oberon and L. Olivia) Jane Erye (J. Fontaine and O. Wells) The Uninvited (Ray Milland) My Foolish Heart (Susant Hayward) Mame (Merman, which is impossible I'm told) I've already given up one disk (spinal) but no cigar.
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