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  1. I've only seen it once. I'm taping it next time its on.
  2. I thought it was an outstanding show this year. It moved well, it hads some great surprises and some nice moments. All the focus on Nickolsen was a little odd, since he wasn't nominated. Somenthing I still don't understand. The pinicle of the show for me was Micheal Mann's edit on America, a la TCM style, which had several clever moments of depth and commentary in what is usual a shallow predictable production. And yes, Jennifer Lopez's dress was paradoxically entertaining to say that least, studded with diamonds, on a night when one of the top movies, Blood Diamond, is about how the diamond mines of africa are so damaging to its populous. Jenny from the block I presume.
  3. I just saw the new TCM ad for detective movies, and its made to one of my favorite Elvis Costello songs! How fun to bring this back from the 80's,in the antique style of the 40's sleuth film. I feel like I've seen the actors before on TV but I'm not sure who they are.
  4. thanks for the thread...and merry christmas fellow bloggers!!!!
  5. great info kyle. You've spurred my memory. Mrsl to me, the xmas ad has a magical feeling, more than any other xmas spot this year. Most of the xmas ads are flashy where this one seems to be trying for more soul while still being flashy. I also agree its nice to see a pitbull eating snow, not mauling a child like the news always shows.
  6. what holiday movie are the two people falling down in the snow laughing from? I think I figured out most of the rest of the films.
  7. I love the new spot. All my favorite movies put me in the mood for the holidays. I love the storyline at the front. Very pretty and fun.
  8. thanks sugarpuss!! He has another song on the radio I think. At least it sounds like the same person. I think the song is "crazy" or something like that. Its another great song too.
  9. I wish TCM would post the name of the song in the corner like a music video. This song is fantastic!!! or at least on the website. Anyone know the song?
  10. I completely agree. It doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to recognize we are about to vote in another election that could easily be swayed by program design.
  11. it sounds like Tom Petty to me... or Bob Dylan
  12. It isnt the first time HBO has ripped off TCM. Ads copy each other all the time. But I haven't seen it either...
  13. first time Ive seen an ad better than an original video.
  14. I was flipping channels and just saw the video for "Time is Running out" by Muse on FUSE tv!! Apparently it is the #5 most requested video on the f-list. Isn't this from an old Muse album??? Anyone know?? I like the TCM ad better than the actual video. I think you can see it on Youtube.com too.
  15. new venom for a new thread, huh sweetbabykmd?
  16. Beauty and the Beast is amazing as well. Nothing like Disney, much more phantasmic (if thats a word). Definately worth the watch.
  17. great point all. It appears that TCM is reaching out to the younger viewer in concept as well as programming. I never thought about it in terms of the telescope. neat.
  18. but you do remember its a TCM's promo, exactly what you saw and what network did it.. FredCDobbs, there's no cigarette lighting in the promo by the woman holding the telescope. What promo are looking at? For something with so much response, as a promo creator, I'm surprised you don't see this promo as, very successful. Its gotten your attention.
  19. Genius? maybe not maybe so. But very effective and thought provoking... and I see a definitive story within. Its seems too deliberate. Commercial art is still art. Bravo TCM.
  20. yeah tear jerkers is amazing. I love that promo. This one is just edited to a harder sound. I still think its just as emotional in a different way.
  21. I love when the TCM programmer replies. Clearity in the hell storm.
  22. satan? Is that you?oh no its just sweetbabykmd...
  23. I still love this spot. I see everybody commenting on the tatoos but not on what the spot is about. Its easy to sluff off the eye candy for youth marketing, but are the "this month" spots ever just eye candy? I like that it can be watched many times over. I think the spot is about what the girl is looking at, and we are looking at her...
  24. dolores- you can see the spot on the videos section on this website. Go to the middle and click on the This Month September. It takes awhile to load. http://www.tcm.com/multimedia/featuredmovieclips/
  25. I think there is an honest attempt at creating new art on TCM's part. If all you can see in the latest' This month is tatoos, than I think your missing the point. Don't forget how so many of TCM's library was initially rejected by the masses. Art is not always pleasent.
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