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  1. I like the public forums where everyone can express their ideas - we don't all have to be on the same page. Unfortunately some people search for significance on these message boards (hence they grandstand and foam at the mouth paragraph after paragraph after paragraph) attempting to squelch all other opinion and be the "bigger man". But enough of that....Have a good day everyone....glad to know that TCM appeals to a variety of people with a variety of views (but at the core) appreciate the genre of classic movies.
  2. Agreed....some marketing person is worried that all TCM viewers are of the elder generation and that as they die off (forgive me) that their viewership will suffer...so they are trying to appeal to a younger audience. The YOUNGER AUDIENCE says STAY PUT!!! We don't need modern / hip stuff on the classic channel. An earlier writer here said that the youngsters that they are atttempting to attract will only flip the channel as soon as the "hip" promo goess off the air and the classic movie begins. Leave well enough alone - we love all things classic!
  3. Just for the record - HAM36 is a female....I am in my 30's. My brother is in his 20's - we have both been avid TCM fans for years. There is a younger generation out there that loves the classic era. Everything these days is "conforming" and frankly - all starting to look and sound the same. PLEASE let's keep the "CLASSIC" in Turner Classic Movies.
  4. Glad to know this is already up for discussion...I was so ticked off by this promo on TCM this morning I made a note to email my complaint. I certainly didn't like the modern theme of the promo, the tatoos or the voyeurism but what I REALLY HATED was the music. I watch Turner Classic Movies for a reason....I like the good ole days. I like the music and the movies and the decency of that era. If I want modern rock music and modern themes, I will watch another channel - Lord knows there are plenty of options out there. Please keep TCM true to its genre. There aren't many great classic channels to choose from.
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