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  1. > {quote:title=MontyC wrote:}{quote} A talented actor, on the other hand, is someone who is adept at pretending to be someone other than who they really are. > Since I am going by the above definition it would be Barbara Stanwyck. She adapted to drama or comedy with great ease. Stanwyck was effortless. Second would be Claude Rains...again, effortless.
  2. Astaire and Kelly each had their definative styles. Fred was all about sophistication while Gene was more street if that makes any sense. Each brought their own innovations to the world of cinematic dance. Astaire's 'dancing on the ceiling" in *Royal Wedding* is iconic while Kelly's *Cover Girl* solo "dancing alter ego" broke ground. Since purchasing a good amount of Astaire/Rogers films over the last few months my appreciation for Mr. Astaire's dance style has grown but Mr. Kelly will always be my favorite.
  3. It's interesting that this film would come under the "comedy" definition. Mankiewicz could have made it a dour production given the subject matter of a supposedly devoted husband running off with another woman. Instead he went with witty repartee which worked very much to the films advantage. Comedy or drama *Letter To Three Wives* remains one of the best "sophisticated" films of the classic era. Of course, the burning question for me has always been Paul Douglas confession at the end of the film. Was he doing a good turn or freeing his soul? Yes, I know this subject has made the rounds here on the board numerous times but I had to put it out there again. I will duck from all the cyber tomato's being thrown my way! lol
  4. Since I was unable to attend the cruise your post was a sight for sore eyes! Please keep the entry's coming!
  5. Since I was unable to attend the cruise your post was a sight for sore eyes! Please keep the entry's coming!
  6. *Bachelor Mother (1939)* starring Ginger Rogers and David Niven was remade as *Bundle of Joy (1956)* starring Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. *The Bishops WIfe (1947)* was remade as *The Preachers WIfe (1996)* **The Heiress (1949*)* was remade as *Washington Square (1997)*
  7. *Swithin,* thank you! The suggestion of "character" actors being honored as SOTM is a good one. Maybe TCM will read this thread and pick up on it. How grand to have worked with Ms. Wright! She always seemed so refined and elegant. Another "thank you" for sharing your memory with me.
  8. > *{quote:title=Bolesroor wrote:}{quote}Movie Gal... no, I have not seen "Manchurian Candidate."* > > > > *For you I will watch it.* Thanks Bolesroor. All I ask is that you watch the film with an open mind. You might be surprised at Ms. Landsbury's perfomance. Also, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that. If everyone liked the same things in life this world would be extremely dull. Heck, I will even go so far as to admit that I never cared for John Wayne... no offense to his fans. We like who we like. The great thing about TCM is that there is something for everyone. *AndyM108:* Thanks for listing seventeen years of SOTM. I noticed that neither Teresa Wright or Beulah Bondi were ever honored with a month of their own. It's long over due TCM. Edited by: MovieGal53 on Jan 4, 2012 5:53 PM
  9. *What was Lansbury's biggest movie role?* I take it you've never seen The Manchurian Candidate because if you had then the question above would never have been asked. Ms. Landsbury took the term of overbearing mother to the next level. Her performance was chilling. The film airs January 18th at 10pm. My suggestion is that you watch it and then perhaps your question will be answered.
  10. For me the answer is plural. 1. The Braugham's Christmas tree in THE BISHOP'S WIFE. It always reminds me of the tree in my Grandmother's home when my brother and I were little. 2. This was mentioned at the beginning of the thread but I have to agree that the little tree purchased by the Professer from Magentti the florist is by far the sweetest tree. 3. The tree that is waiting for Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray in REMEMBER THE NIGHT when they arrive at his mother's home in Indiana. The scene where Barbara's character watches as the family gather's to decorate it is most touching. 4. The tree in HOLIDAY AFFAIR. 5. The tree that's decorated in IT HAPPENED ON FIFTH AVENUE.
  11. Thank you TCM for airing this film uncut and without commercial interruptions. It's perfection! Takes me back to my own childhood of the late 50's early 60's. Please allow it to be an annual event.
  12. clore, Many thanks for your response. I'll be able to find it now. 8^D
  13. She is spoofing the life a movie star in dark wig and ends up dancing a great jive toward the end of it. I have seen it a couple of times on TCM so I thought I would be able to find it in the Media Room but to no avail. Any info would be appreciated.
  14. James, I'm so glad that you mentioned Monty Woolly. My appreciation for him has grown over the last few years. He was wonderful and very under rated IMO. Playing the curmudgeon was his forte but he took it to the next level. By that I mean there were layers of his performance that were peeled back so that by the end of the film one almost saw into the soul of the character and thus had a better understanding of the persona on film.
  15. For this day just apent with family and friends, for the haven that is Turner Classic Movies. for this board and the wonderful people who post here...you have enlighted me on the films I love so much and gave a laugh or two along the way. We are all tender comrades. casablanalover your words were very touching...thank you.
  16. Eugina, It's a testiment to the actress's ability in order to pull off genuine friendship. I'm always wondering what each was thinking in certain scenes where they had to hug or console or laugh. I picture those comic strip bubble's over their heads with captions such as, "I'd like to sock you in the kisser!" Or, "You'd look good wearing that champagne!" lol Bette, How wonderful to know that you and Miss Davis are relatives! Your excitment comes through your post! I'm sure you are doing her proud with your loving thread devoted to her. I am very happy for you. 8^)
  17. TikiSoo, You're right, Fanny married Skeffingtion primarily because of Trippy. ( I chuckle typing the name ) This movie has always been a prime example of "beauty isn't everything." It may open doors but it's a person's character that will endure long after the external beauty fades. You sum up the film best with what the film quote should have been. I applaud you. 8^)
  18. markfp2 - No need to apologize, I took no offense. 8^) finance - You could be on to something for Thanksgiving 2012. Have Ben and Tom tape the intro's and exits from Musso and Frank's! MontyC - I'm sure you would do a fine job.
  19. markfp2, I'm aware that the intro's are taped in advance. 8^)
  20. Will they fall to Ben Mankiewicz for both afternoon and primetime?
  21. Skeffington couldn't see Fanny's stupidity and shallowness because of her beauty. Although it's true that Fanny could have married any one of her wealthy stuitors none of them had the prestige or sophistocation that Skeffington had. By becoming Skeffingtion's wife Fanny believed that she would have an elevated status within the community not to mention being able to bail out her family financially. Both Skeffingtion and Fanny married each other for the wrong reasons. In the end none of the trivialities mattered.
  22. Lovely photograph! Do you have a favorite film of Miss Arthur's? Mine would be THE MORE THE MERRIER followed very closely by THE DEVIL AND MISS JONES and MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTION. Jean Arthur had such a uniqueness about her. Eventhough I did not mention SHANE I do believe it was her finest performance.
  23. Bette, Hope you had a nice weekend! Thanks for the information about the new releases. I purchased THE SISTER which I haven't seen in ages. Last night I watched OLD ACQUAINTANCE starring Miss Davis and Miriam Hopkins. Everytime I view this film I find it interesting that both actresses hated each other. I always chuckle at the scene when Davis wrings Hopkins neck! The delight she must have taken in that. lol
  24. Eugenia, I echo your sentiments in regard to MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE and add... Singing In The Rain Since You Went Away Remember The Night The Awful Truth The Man Who Came To Dinner Hands Across The Table Bringing Up Baby Made For Each Other Now, Voyager The Bride Came C. O. D. Meet John Doe The Bishop's Wife The Thin Man Strike Up The Band Summer Stock Harvey A Tree Grows In Brooklyn An American In Paris Miracle In The Rain On The Town My Man Godfrey Nothing Sacred The More The Merrier The Music Box Mildred Pierce The Women Our Vines Have Tender Grapes Bachelor Mother The More The Merrier Kitty Foyle The Band Wagon The Egg And I A Christmas Story The Pajama Game On Moonlight Bay Double Indemnity Stella Dallas My Foolish Heart Swing Time And I will stop now otherwise my list will take up the entire website. lol
  25. jamesjazzguiter, Thanks for the heads up about IT'S LOVE I'M AFTER. I haven't seen this film in a long while and it's one of my favorites. Is it scheduled for New Years Eve or New Years Day?
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