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  1. I am deeply saddened to hear of Robert Osborne's death.  My sympathies go out to his family, friends, and everyone at Turner Classic Movies. 



    TCM has given me great solace over the past few years.  Not just because of the timeless films but because of Robert Osborne.  Tuning in each night was like visiting with an old friend who welcomed you with a hearty smile and warmed the room with his insurmountable knowledge of classic films.  What a time it was.



    Thank you, Robert.  You will be missed.

  2. fxreyman, Mrs. Capuchin



    Thank you for your posts.  You have made me feel optimistic as to the outcome of the budget cuts.  Management has to know how much TCM means to all of its fans.  I am now of the hope that whatever cuts Turner Broadcasting chooses to make will help to preserve the channel and not speed up its demise. 



     I do not mind the end of original programming if it helps keep the classics on the air commercial free, uncut with Robert Osborne and Ben Mankiewicz as hosts.










  3. I think these kinds of changes are significant. It says that instead of new original productions, they can just show what they've already produced (which will mean more 'reruns' on TCM). They could actually get rid of hosting for Essentials-- and just show the 'Best of Essentials' with Osborne and the previous hosts. Also, getting rid of a PR department means there is nothing to publicize anymore. Doesn't that seem like the channel (as we know it) is starting to fade away...?




    I don't post anymore but after reading this thread and the news in regard to the budget cuts that are occurring at TCM I'm filled with questions. None can be answered until Turner Broadcasting announces their plans for the channel but it all makes me terribly sad.

    My cable company did not add Turner Classic Movies to their lineup until the fall of 2006. I was not able to view the channel in it's infancy like most of you but, nonetheless, for the past eight years it has been an oasis for me. I truly would be lost without it.



    As far as fading away I hope not, TopBilled.  Hopefully some of our questions will be answered during the Classic Cruise this year.

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  4. The first film stars Ginger Rogers and Joel McCrea. They grew up and live in a small town. He works at a gas station and she brings him lunch every day. She's in love with him but he marries someone else.



    I can't recall the names of the actors in the second film but it's about a wife going to live on an army or air force base while her husband is in the service. She's either a famous actress or writer.




    Would like to purchase these two films so any information in regard to the titles would be greatly appreciated.

  5. *White Banners* starring Faye Bainter and Claude Rains. Without giving away too much of the plot, Faye Bainter plays the role of Hannah who by pure chance comes to the unselfish aid of the Ward family. Through her kind heart she is able to find what is most valuable to her.



    TCM aired it a few years ago during a tribute to Claude Rains and I have never forgotten it. That was the first time I had ever seen or heard of this sweet gem of a film and would love to see it shown in the future if possible.

  6. misswonderly,




    I am not Canadian but did receive the email about the contest. The drop down box clearly states "state or provience" so whoever designed the form made a huge mistake.




    Have you tried calling or emailing TCM about this issue?





    Thank you for taking the time to post Mr. Osborne's letter. It's good to have him back even if it is six nights a week.




    However I am disappointed that Ben M.'s Friday night hosting duties will come to an end at the beginning of the New Year. He has done a fine job in prime time and I , for one, would like to see him continue in the future.




    Which brings me to my question. Mr. Osborne stated that he will continue to host The Essentials series on Saturday nights in 2013 with Drew Barrymoore. He did not mention anything about the 10pm hour and beyond. Will Ben be hosting the remainder of Saturday night/Sunday mornings?



  8. > {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote}

    > > So I don't think it was the actress but rather the way in which the director wanted the scene to play out.

    > I think we may be trying to justify a lackluster performance. Of course anything can be played any way an actor chooses. I did think about the director, but I have a feeling Negulesco was focusing on the composition of each shot over the performances, and he probably let Bacall take the little actress under her wing. I am not going to argue the point, because I can see this heading into a series of posts where I will see it one way and you will see it another way. I do feel I am entitled to my opinion that the girl was under-directed and did not give a strong enough performance. Moving on...



    TopBilled, my sincere apologies if you took offense in my post or if any of my responses to you in the past seemed argumentitive. That was not my intent. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion which I respect very much. I was merely stating mine.




    All of the posters on the boad, including yourself, bring such insight to each film. My knowledge is small in comparison.

  9. Here is a present day photo.









    Evelyn Rudie is a playwright, director, songwriter, film and television actress and teacher. Since 1973, she has been the co-artistic director of the Santa Monica Playhouse. As an award-winning costume designer, she uses the pseudonym Ashley Hayes. [Wikipedia|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evelyn_Rudie]


    [born|http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&biw=1241&bih=584&q=evelynrudieborn&sa=X&ei=3vBkUPjgLq3W0gGMk4CQBw&ved=0CHoQ6BM]: March 28, 1949 (age 63)


  10. >

    > And I did not think the little girl was good enough to handle such a huge part. She was no Natalie Wood. The last thirty minutes where the narrative relies on her and Robert Stack was difficult to watch, because he was trying to get her to bring some depth to the role, especially in those dramatic scenes but her line deliveries were so monotone and emotionless that all the hard work Bacall had done earlier in the picture was compromised. The scene where she calls the orphanage and tells them to come back and get her was painful, no feeling to it at all. She should have been borderline hysterical, or at least very bereft, at that point.




    When Hettie made the phone call to the orphange she WAS without emotion. That was self preservation for her. Withdrawing from the reality of the situation was the only way the child could cope. So I don't think it was the actress but rather the way in which the director wanted the scene to play out.

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