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  1. Didn't Katherine Hepburn own the screen rights for this film? If I remember, she played the role of Tracy Lord on broadway and in order to ensure her being the star of the original, she bought the rights to it. Now here comes my question...


    If she did indeed own the rights, then WHY did she allow it to be remade into a musical?

  2. <>


    The dress you speak about was worn at the end of the film when Catherine took revenge on Morris. Finally standing up for herself and becoming self reliant. The contrast in wardrobe indicates an acceptance of self. She had become comfortable in her skin and womanhood which, to me, is what the dress conveys.

  3. Great thread Kim! I have more Cary Grant films in my film library then any other actor. He has always been my favorite. If I had to pick one scene out of all of his films that has touched me the most it would be the scene from Penny Senerade when he is trying desperately to convince the judge to allow Trina to remain with him and his wife. It never fails to make me cry. It is played with such sincerity. I get goosebumps talking about it.


    I also love Bringing Up Baby, Holiday, The Awful Truth, People Will Talk, and Monkey Business, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House..I could go on and on.


    The only film of his, I am ashamed to say, that I haven't seen is Father Goose. My plan is to watch or record it the next time it is on TCM.


    If I had to pick just one film of his to watch over and over again it would have to be The Bishop's Wife. I never tire of this gem no matter what time of year it is.

  4. I'm not sure if this film made The Essentials list but The Birds. After many viewings over the years I still can't figure out what made those birds attack. Was it Melanie Daniels or the love birds?!


    Maybe it was the shine emitting off of Tippi Hedren's golden, lacquerd hair? 8^0


    I just don't get it...

  5. <>



    Swing music is near and dear to my heart! Nothing chases the blues away faster then Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman and his orchestra. Or Duke Ellington's smooth Take the A Train. My all time favorite swing band is Glen Miller's. My wish would be to go back in time and hear his music first hand.


    I can see it now...Sitting in a canteen , the lights dimmed, the dance floor crowed, and Mr. Miller's orchestra playing Tuxedo Junction. It would be bliss.

  6. I love classic films because they remind me of simpler times and they had substance. A story could be told without special effects, gratuitous sex, or vulgarity. The plot was everything and so was the dialog. The actors brought it all to life. It was then up to the audience to follow the story that was unfolding before them. Today's films are mostly visual, yesterday's films relied on the mind.


    I hope that made sense.

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