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  1. I'd be lost without my Now Playing guide. Yes, it's true I can retrieve the program information online but having it come in the mail is almost like Christmas. Ok...maybe not like Christmas but I do enjoy sitting down in my comfy chair, highlighter in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, going through the selections for that month. My wish is that one day I will open the guide and find Hands Across the Table listed. (cough-cough) Are you listening TCM? 8^D

  2. No. The reason being I don't feel that most of today's films are worth the money you must pay to see them.


    kimpunkrock- Last year our local library initiated Film Noir Friday Nights. My husband and I go every week and the place is always packed. It is wonderful to view these films the way they were intended to be seen. On the big screen, surrounded by an audience. The feedback adds to the experience, believe me. Have a great time!

  3. Thelma,


    I felt much as you did last year at this time when, after eight years of waiting, my cable company finally added TCM to their channel lineup. My joy turned to fear when I read their schedule for February 07. Films from the 90's? I couldn't believe it.


    Thanks to TCMprogrammer and all the great people on this board, my fears where put to rest. It's all part of TCM's 31 Days of Oscar. Come the first week in March they will go back to their classic fare.


    Have no fear, Turner Classic Movies will continue to be THE channel for classic films.

  4. <

    the scene that was cut was a flashback to when she was in college and it showed her with long hair and on a date with Tony (Joseph Cotton) they were at a dance and she was dancing with Tony when the lights when out, and when they came on she was dancing with Tim..(George Reeves) and it was love at first sight....>>



    rainingviolets21, I remember this scene well. It was after Tim was reported missing in action. Ann looked through the album and found a dance card in which Tim crossed out every name and added his own. What a shame that David O. decided to leave the scene you describe on the cutting room floor. No wonder the Hilton women spoke so highly of Tim, he was Superman after all! 8^D


    Because of your info I FINALLY have a face for Tim! Thanks so much.

  5. <>


    rainingviolets, I had no idea! Throughout the film the audience was kept wondering what Tim looked like. His family loved him so and talked about him with such high regard that it would have been something to see Ann, Jane, and Brig welcoming home Clark Gable! (in a cameo of course)LOL


    I do wish that TCM would schedule an airing of this film in prime time. Would love to hear Robert Osborne tell about the making of it.




    I love this film as well. Enjoyed watching it last week.

  6. What I find most sad and pathetic is the circus atmosphere surrounding this poor soul's death.

    When his daughter is old enough, she could be looking through some clippings or magazine articles and come across the picture of her father's body bag being removed from his place of residence.


    The press should be extremely proud for, once again, proving what leeches they are.

  7. I have to disagree about Leo DiCaprio being "classic" material. Would he stand on his own if it weren't for Scorsese? As for future classic stars that will be long remembered...I don't know. It's difficult to follow the likes of Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Loretta Young, Cary Grant, etc.


    After being spoiled on the best, today's "stars" seem secondary. JMHO.

  8. My Dearest Santa,


    Having "the stars" was not what I expected. Please allow me to request the moon.



    Charlotte Vale


    P.S. Dr. Jaquith said that if I was good and did what I was told, you will leave a prescription for

    Chantix in my Christmas stocking. I would be so very grateful if you would.

  9. Having not seen this film in many years, I was eagerly awaiting last night's airing on TCM. I'm ashamed to say that I fell asleep toward the end and never saw the conclusion.


    The last scene I remember was Bogart and Bacall in a restuarant. Bacall was wearing what looked to be a gold lame gown and fox fur. Marlowe was telling Rutherford that he knew some information about her and she was shaken by it. If someone would be so kind as to fill me in on the ending I would most appreciative.

  10. To FredricMarchFan:


    Thank you for your informative reply. I'm sorry to have missed past seasons and hosts but, thankfully, I won't miss any in the future.


    I also enjoyed the banter between Robert Osborne and Molly Haskell while discussing TTOTSM. Thanks to TCM and Robert Osborne, each Saturday night...no, let me correct that, each introduction to a film is a learning experience about the genre that I hold so dear.



    To Kyle


    Thank you for those lists and the time it took to find the titles! I appreciate it very much. I'm happy to say that some of the films listed are in my personal library.


    BTW, MovieGal53: I highly recommend a subscription to TCM's Now Playing Guide. Great articles and other information. I've subscribed for years and have saved every issue.


    I subscribed to the Playing Guide in December. It starts with the March issue which should arrive at my home around February 23 (give or take a couple of days). Your recommendation is helpful in the fact that I now know the magazine will be well worth the wait.



    MovieGal53 8^)



  11. Having had TCM for only the past fourth and a half months, I had no idea that The Essentials will be going into it's seventh season on March 10. Carrie Fisher is joining Robert Osborne as host for what has become my Saturday night staple.


    Which brings me to my first question, not including Molly Haskell, who were the past co-hosts?


    Second question. Is there a link to where I might find a listing of all the films that have been aired since the first season?


    Thanks in advance. 8^)




  12. I remember it well! The Million Dollar Movie was a big a part of my childhood. It introduced me to Mighty Joe Young. Who I always thought was far superior to that big palooka King Kong. (wink)


    Saw The Bad Seed, The Next Voice You Hear, and Full of Life for the first time during what became my after school ritual. (Until my teens when I turned to Where the Action Is. Does anyone remember this music show?)


    Sadly, The Million Dollar Movie is not around anymore and hasn't been for years. I used to think that if WPIX channel 11 could bring back The Yule Log then channel 9 could certainly resurrect TMDM. I quickly changed my mind when I realized that The Million Dollar Movie of today would not be the same as days gone by. It can't. The innocence and wonder that we had as children of that era does not exist today.


    But it is nice to recall a very fond memory. 8^)

  13. > >Moviegal,

    I think the 31 Days of Oscar has been a part of TCM

    almost from the beginning and lord knows, it seems to

    always have been controversial.<<





    Thank you for explaining the reasoning behind the 90's films airing on TCM. As you know, TCM has been a part of my life for just a short time so I'm not familiar with annual programming and specials. The information is very helpful.


    To posters of my thread-


    It was not my intent to cause discord among you by stating my concerns over programming. For that, I apologize. Since we all have differing opinions can't we just agree to disagree and move on? The Tin Man is going to start crying in a minute and I'm without his oil can. 8^(

  14. >> I'm sorry, I wasn't really referring to you, I was

    referring to a couple of people on here who

    consistantly try to spread gloom and doom, and they

    know who they are.<<




    No apology necessary. I didn't mean that you were the man behind the curtain. Since my location is "over the rainbow" I was trying to be funny. In the short time that I have been part of the board, you have always been most kind to my postings. 8^)



  15. >> Though I'm afraid some of the doomsayers on the board will never be convinced<<


    Me, a doomsayer? Nonsense. Don't believe that man behind the curtain when he refers to me as "chicken little!" lol

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